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20 Trendy Teen Bedrooms for Boys and Girls

Decorating the kids’ room is a hard task. But that pales in comparison to getting the teen bedroom right. And that is if the teen in your home actually wants a neatly decorated room and cares for things like style and theme! In most cases, no matter what you start with, the end result is a room filled with junk and one that needs constant cleaning yet is actually never cleaned. But we still soldier on and think about what works best in the teen bedroom. The perfect teen bedroom demands a variety of things. You want enough input from your kid, the right spatial arrangement, a proper color scheme and finally a makeover that fits your budget. It is a tightrope walk from which you can fall off all too easily!

Music and Britain are the main themes of this cool teen boys’ bedroom [From: Urbanology Designs]

To help you with decorating the teen bedroom, turning that kids’ or ween bedroom into a teen bedroom and to help you with the bumpy transition overall, we have a collection of 20 best teen bedrooms from the first half of this year. These trendy spaces embrace color, creativity and adaptable ease and there is something in here for everyone. Whether you are looking for an edgy teen boys’ bedroom or a chic teen girls’ room, you will find plenty of ideas in here. Step in and discover them all –

Boys’ Teen Bedroom Ideas

We have generally observed as a rule that decorating the boys’ bedroom is a far less fussy affair than the girls’ room. It demands much less in terms of color and creative pattern and you will need a lot less in terms of the overall fabric variety as well. Most popular themes in the boys’ bedroom for 2020 include modern industrial, contemporary, minimal and those with a modern style and musical theme. It is surprising to see that sports-related themes are far less popular this year than usual while colors like deep blue, black, and orange ae most popular along with a neutral white backdrop.

Dashing platform bed in red for urban boys’ bedroom with streetscape in the backdrop [From: Hunter & Belle Interiors]
Maps on the walls is a popular choice in the modern teen bedroom [From: Cara Woodhouse Interiors LLC]
Polished teen bedroom in white with dazzling splashes of red brought in by bed sheets [From: Hodgson Design Associates]
Teen boys’ bedroom with modern industrial style
Blue and white teen bedroom that is gender neutral features pattern-filled walls [From: Barker Associates Architecture Office]
Contemporary teen bedroom of New York home where music takes center-stage [From: Marie Burgos Design]
Dark gray accent wall, stylish side table with storage and pops of orange for the modern kids’ room [From: Greenwood’s Home]

Lovely Girls’ Teen Bedrooms

The girls’ bedroom is almost always visually far richer than boys’ rooms and even in case of the teen bedroom this is no different. Brilliant turquoise, aqua and pastel blue and yellows are the preferred colors in here. You might be tempted to go with the may pinks around, but do not fill the teen bedroom with too much of bright pink. This gives the room a far too ‘childish’ look and you tend to lose a bit of that edginess. You want a room that is a bit more sophisticated than the kids’ room but far less serious than an adult space. Custom wall murals and whimsical decorative pieces and chic prints get this done in a cost-effective manner.

Combining an air of luxury with space-savvy design inside the glamorous teen room [From: InDesign – Lori Ludwick]
Placing one of the beds in the corner creates more space in the shared teen bedroom [From: Bella Designs Studio]
Sparkling lights and dry braches create a gorgeous lighting fixture inspired by trees in India [From: Jen Talbot Design]
Teen girls’ bedroom feature a lot more extravagant accent walls than boys’ bedrooms
Umbrellas hanging from the ceiling add color and whimsical charm to this cool teen bedroom [From: Susan Corry Design]
Bright pink accent wall for the eye-catching teen girls’ bedroom that has an air sophistication

A Room that Grows and Adapts

One thing you need to understand with the teen bedroom is that it is bound to be outgrown within just a year or two. You want a basic template that fits with the adult bedroom style in here so that the transition is easy and seamless down the line. This makes redecorating budget-friendly and you will not have to redo the entire room. A neutral color scheme, wooden finishes and curated wall art pieces coupled with quirky bedding, accessories and maybe few framed posters is the best mix that accomplishes this.

Custom wooden box inside the bedroom niche with ample storage and shelving units also houses the bed [From: INT2architecture]
Fabulous teen girls’ bedroom with neutral backdrop and lovely pops of pink and green
Finding a blend of color and pattern that is perfect for the teen boys’ bedroom
Lovely wooden accent wall for teen boys’ bedroom with skylight and ample space [From: Creative Arch]
You have greater freedom to use ingenious pattern and bright colors in the girls’ room rather than in the boys’ room [From: Dwell by Cheryl Interiors]
Colorful girls’ bedroom with light blue for-poster queen size bed and a rug with chevron pattern [From: Lucy and Company]

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