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Teen Bedroom Ideas Featuring Top Decor Trends

We at Decoist have been spending time showcasing the top design trends for 2016, and today we take a look at how these trends have filtered into the teen decor arena. It’s been fun watching retailers that cater to teens pick up on these trends and ensure that their decor reflects the latest in modern style. That’s good news for teenagers who love interior design! And it’s great news for design-loving parents who want to share their interests with their kids. Get ready for a collection of teen bedroom ideas featuring trendy motifs, plenty of geo style, and lots of texture…

Teen Bedding

Subdued patterns for boys and candy-colored patterns for girls seem to be the norm in teen bedding, but every now and then, a pattern emerges that is perfectly of-the-moment. And truly interesting! This Washed Chambray & Plus Sign Bedding Collection from RH Teen celebrates the popular plus sign and gives it understated style through rust and gray tones:

Plus sign bedding from RH Teen

At first glance, the Boxter Plaid Duvet Cover + Sham set from PB Teen is a typical plaid, but soon you realize that it’s a subtle take on the grid, which has made a big comeback in recent years! One great quality of PB Teen bedding: its twin-sized duvet cover fits both standard twin and twin XL dorm mattresses!

Grid bedding from PB Teen

The Zara Duvet Cover in Pewter from District 17 is available in twin or queen sizes. And the geometric pattern is sleek, modern, and perfect for girls’ rooms and boys’ rooms alike:

Geometric duvet cover from District 17

In case you hadn’t noticed, food motifs are making a big impact in fashion and decor. From purses in the shape of your favorite edibles to donut pillows (with sprinkles!), there are a lot of sweet designs to enjoy. Which is why this Sweet Treats Duvet Cover + Sham from PB Teen is a true favorite!

Dessert-themed bedding from PB Teen

Tassels, tassels everywhere! They’re on pillows. They’re on necklaces. And now they’re on sheets. This Tassel Sheet Set from PB Teen is the perfect blend of crisp cotton and vivid embellishments.

Tasseled sheets from PB Teen

Pillow Covers

We now shift gears and zone in on pillow covers that bring trendy style to the teen bedroom. Pineapples are definitely having a moment. And these Tutti Fruity Pillow Covers from PB Teen are definitely celebrating that moment! With a vivid sparkle that looks good enough to eat, these vibrant accents are true conversation pieces:

Fruit-themed pillow covers from PB Teen

The shaggy, furry look is in! Think warm, cozy and textured. These Kashmir Faux Fur Pillow Covers from RH Teen come in a range of hues, and the faux fur is a comfy combination of acrylic, modacrylic and polyester.

Faux fur pillow covers from RH Teen

Metallics are going strong, and combining silver and gold tones has never been more popular! Which is why these Metallic Jagged Edge Pillow Covers are so on trend. Especially if you display both of them together!

Metallic pillow covers from RH Teen

Trendy Rugs

Let’s take a moment to focus on the floor, especially when it comes to softening the space with a rug. Shag rugs featuring intersecting lines are all the rage, as they boast a hand-drawn look that is geometric and earthy at the same time. And who doesn’t love that texture?! Say hello to the Sotto Shag Rug from RH Teen:

Shag rugs from RH Teen

And then there’s the allure of sheepskin. And this Luxe Sheepskin Rug, also from RH Teen, is the ultimate in plush comfort. Inspired by Midcentury shag rugs, this piece features 100% natural sheepskin and is available in a range of color options.

Sheepskin rugs from RH Teen

Hanging Decor

Let’s have fun decorating! When it comes to hanging decor, the sky is the limit. Make it rain geometric forms with Geo Paper Lanterns from PB Teen, which are crafted from iron and laminated paper:

Geo paper lanterns from PB Teen

Hanging planters are a modern design favorite, and the earthy look of this Sienna Beaded Plant Hanger from Urban Outfitters is created by combining wood, cotton and string. Planter sold separately.

Beaded plant hanger from Urban Outfitters

Hang a shelf for a practical touch, but don’t forget to make it stylish! Geo style is alive and well in the Oak Wall Wonder Mirror with Shelves from ferm LIVING (available via District 17). Smoked oak veneer is the material of choice. This item works well in modern teen bedrooms:

Geo wall shelving from District 17

Geo forms are going strong, so it’s no wonder RH Teen took notice and designed these fabulous curio shelves. Available in white and natural wood, they make a big statement with forms such as the triangle and the hexagon.

Geo wall shelving from RH Teen

Displaying jewelry and small decor on the wall is a popular bedroom trend, and this Diamond Wood Curio Shelf from RH Teen gets the job done with a Boho modern twist:

Diamond curio shelf from RH Teen

Playful wall lighting/signage makes a bold statement, and this “Beautiful” Starry Light Wall Decor from RH Teen uses LED lights to convey a one-word message in stylish cursive:

LED light wall decor from RH Teen

Storage Ideas

As we end today’s post, let’s take a look at two popular storage items, starting with the Ombre Storage Bin from PB Teen. Yes, ombre is still going strong. But it might not be around forever, so if you’re a fan of the trend, better stock up now!

Ombre storage basket from PB Teen

Last but not least, we have the copper shine of the Wire Basket from Urban Outfitters, which will keep clutter at bay in the closet. Or you can leave it on display since it’s a wonderfully sculptural statement in metal.

Wire basket from Urban Outfitters

Did you notice that many of the teen bedroom trends featured today are stylish enough to shine in any room of the house?! Which are your favorites? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below…

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