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Turquoise Kitchens at their Refreshing Best: Welcome Home Breezy Summer Charm

With a change of season, we are all tempted to give both our home and our wardrobe a quick and apt revamp. This is a task that often involves both a change in our preferred color and even style statement that we choose. In case of decorating your home, spring and summer demand a more effervescent and cheerful approach to colors and accessories. And few colors come close to the sheer vibrant brilliance and sunny delight of turquoise with its tropical zest and unending charm! Turquoise is a blue-green color that has a wide range of shades and hues and can be used across styles without much fuss. So why not embrace it in the kitchen this summer!

Make an impact with turquoise in the kitchen this summer

Turquoise kitchens feel modern, inviting and bright; bringing with them a certain tropical, summer appeal that you just cannot miss. You can use the color either sporadically as an accent hue or commit to it more fully by painting the walls and cabinets turquoise. Irrespective of the approach you take, this is a color that definitely does not disappoint. From the modern to the beach style, eclectic to traditional, here are the best turquoise kitchens to inspire you as you plan for a quick kitchen makeover in the next few weeks –

Many Shades of Turquoise in the Kitchen

In the smart modern kitchen, the many shades of turquoise always seem welcome. There are several different reasons for this starting with the way in which most modern kitchens tend to embrace a backdrop in white. This makes it easier for you to add accents like turquoise and aqua without having to drastically alter functional aspects of the kitchen. You can start off small with tiny accents in the color along with rugs, window coverings or other removable features before painting the backdrop turquoise.

Brilliant pops of yellow enliven the already colorful kitchen in blue and turquoise [From: August Interiors]
Delightful beach style kitchen in light shade of turquoise connected with the outdoors [From: Paul K Porter Photography]
Find the shade of turquoise that works for you in the small kitchen [From: Emmanuelle Cohendet]
Light turquoise cabinets coupled with a pattern-filled backdrop in the small kitchen [From: Sheila Bridges Design]
Space-savvy and contemporary kitchen in turquoise and gray feels just classy! [From: Korina Balanovskaya]
Traditional kitchen from the 1920’s revamped with beautiful turquoise cabinets [From: The Cousins]

Combine it with White

The most obvious and easiest choice in the kitchen is to combine turquoise with white – a combination that is bound to serve you well for seasons and years to come. This color duo can be used with a large number of styles ranging from modern and Scandinavian to beach, coastal and tropical. It creates a soothing and cheerful atmosphere that is perfect for the engaging social kitchen where the entire family can come together each evening. This also lets you decorate the living area and dining space next to the kitchen in the open plan living without trying too hard.

Large glass dome above brings ample natural light into the breezy kitchen in white and turquoise [From: Koivu Ltd]
Unique design of the ceiling delineates kitchen and also adds turquoise to the white space [From: Bulles & Taille-crayon]
Bright turquoise that is more blue than green adds color to this striking modern kitchen [From: CROSS]
Eat-in kitchen with island and dining area in turquoise that borders on navy [From: Bob Meyer Communities]

Balance Between Color and Ambiance

So you have picked the shade of turquoise that you want to use in the kitchen. The next step is to determine where exactly you want to use it and in a finish that is appropriate. If you are using plenty of turquoise in the kitchen, then make sure it has a matte finish that tones down on the brightness. Painting the kitchen cabinets turquoise means the backdrop needs to be as neutral as possible while walls in turquoise can easily be coupled with wooden shelves and smart countertops. Find that perfect balance between an upbeat, colorful presence and sense of ease for a fabulous and timeless kitchen. Ready to embrace this refreshing blue?

Dark turquoise shapes polished contemporary kitchen next to spacious dining room [From: Lorna Lambrecht Interiors]
Give your kitchen an upgrade with striking turquoise kitchen island and marble countertops [From: Catherine de Meur Interiors]
Link the dining room with the kitchen using a cool turquoise backdrop
Snazzy beach style kitchen in different shades of blue is both cheerful and modern [From: The Norwich Architectural Lighting Company Limited]

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