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Chic San Francisco Rental Turns to Multi-Use Spaces that Save Space

The requirements of a rental apartment are often different from your regular home where more space is devoted to rooms with specific tasks. This chic and modern San Francisco rental designed by Lynn Kloythanomsup of Landed Interior & Homes is one that embraces the idea of multi-tasking spaces and inventive design to make the most of the limited available room. The Castro Urban Flat has a living room that can also serves as a functional home office when needed and it is such versatile spaces that define the atmosphere inside this lovely home.

Home office and living room of modern rental in San Francisco with modern chic style

The living has a neutral backdrop in white with drapes and sheer curtains adding to the monochromatic nature of the background. A luxurious sectional in white occupies one of the corners of the room with a lovely work desk on the other end. The wall behind the desk is filled with framed images that have a theme borrowed from astronomy and this wall also adds a bright blue focal point to the sophisticated space. A large indoor plant brings greenery to this room with a small kitchen and dining space next to it.

Fabulous framed pieces with astronomy as its theme make a statement in the home office and living room even while adding color
Decorating the living room wall in the corner with framed art work and photographs
Finding the right luxurious chair in dark blue for the modern living room in neutral hues
Decorating the small side table in the living room with books

In the bedroom, the neutral theme continues with walls in white, wooden nightstands and bedding that adds color to the room without being far too dramatic. An abundance of natural light, lovely bookshelves, curated art collection and comfy décor complete this exquisite rental where you are not strictly committed to the chosen style. [Photography: Lauren Andersen, Maria del Rio]

Use books and vases to decorate the series of open bookshelves in the lovely living room
Main bedroom of the apartment in white with a slim and stylish wooden side table
Modern bedroom in neutral hues inside the San Francisco rental
Custom cabinetry and heirloom furniture used to decorate the bedroom of the house in style

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