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20 Small TV Room Ideas: Living With TVs in Small Spaces

There was a time when the television was the focal point of the living room, with every piece of furniture being arranged around it! Many of us TV buffs still tend to do the same, but the modern trend has been to take the TV away from the living room or to hide it completely. While some have taken it to the bedroom and the family room, others have opted for gorgeous and at times stunning media rooms and home theaters that blow you away. It is either an over-the-top home theater, media room or the hidden TV nook that grace most contemporary interiors. So, when did the good ol’ TV room start becoming unnecessary? Either way, we’d love to share some of our top small TV room decorating ideas.

Part of the issue with dedicated TV rooms is technology and how ‘media centers’ complete with loads of electronic goodies have replaced the lone TV with cable. Then there is the reduction in costs, which has made the idea of a dedicated home theater or a cool man cave far more accessible for everyone.

Multifunctional TV Rooms

Anytime we talk about a dedicated room that only serves a single purpose, we can hear many of our readers cringe in the distance. It is indeed an era of multitasking, and people expect their home to do pretty much the same. Since most of us spend barely an hour or two on weekdays hooked to our favorite shows, it does make sense to utilize it fully by turning it into a home workspace, library, reading nook or even the children’s playroom.

Brilliant monochromatic TV room in purple [Design: Tobi Fairley Interior Design]
Versatile space can also serve as a guest room and kids’ study [Design: PVA Developments]

Just put in a stylish sofa bed or even a Murphy bed unit, and it will also serve as a great guest room when you have friends and family over for the weekend. This approach takes the TV out of the living room and bedroom, even while fully utilizing the small additional room.

Combine your love for TV and books [Design: EJ Interior Design]
Tiny nook off of the hallway turned into kids’ play zone and TV viewing space [Design: Inspired Interiors]
Turn the sunroom into a relaxing TV viewing space [Design: Ben Ganje + Partners]
Home office and TV room combo is a practical and ergonomic choice [Design: Michael Abrams Limited]

Choosing the Right Décor For TV Rooms

We are talking about small rooms with limited space here, which means that the décor choices you make will be absolutely vital. A small TV room with a modest television set, maybe a Blu-ray player and additional gadgets requires very little in terms of actual square footage. With contemporary wall-mounted sets and sleek entertainment units, even the tiniest nooks can be turned into a cozy room that serves you well. Add a cool sectional or a plush couch to maximize seating in the room, and you can even throw in a couple of ottomans for kids.

Beautiful use of small attic space [Design: Naomi Astley Clarke]
Bright L-shaped couch in blue with colorful accent pillows for the TV room [Design: InnerSpace Electronics]

Built-in, custom banquette seating saves space and also offers additional storage options, while an iconic piece like the Eames Lounger or the Bubble chair will bring both style and finesse to the room. The choices you make depend on the number of members in your family, the purpose of the room (obviously multipurpose rooms will need additional décor) and the size of the room itself. The neutral backdrop paired with bright and colorful furnishings leaves you with a playful vibe.

Small TV room with custom built-in banquette and storage [Design: Sortun-Vos Architects]
Perfect design template for a smaller room. [Design: Sennikoff Architects]
Clean and cozy eclectic family room [Design: thea home inc]

TV Rooms That Play with Space & Dynamics

Taking the television away from the living room actually helps not just improve the aesthetics of the room, but also saves you plenty of time. Most of us spend countless hours lazing in front of the TV just because it is there, and often it is left running in the background for no reason. Having a dedicated TV room solves this problem, and this is precisely the reason why even homes with lavish living spaces and ample square footage now consider this layout for smaller TV rooms.

Contemporary dedicated TV room with wooden windows [Design: Matt Elkan Architect]
Colorful TV room in Brazilian home is part of a larger living space [Design: Suite Arquitetos]

Once you have decided on the space for the TV room, pick décor that is visually proportional to the size of the room and complements its style. Basements and attics benefit from low-slung décor with a smaller footprint, while larger rooms can accommodate bigger pieces.

Small basement escape with a lovely rug and a small sofa [Design: Simply Baths & Kitchens]
Beach style TV room with a comfy sectional [Design: Jeremy Harnish Designer Finishes]
Smart compromise between the grand home theater and a more simple room [Design: Gordana Car Interior Design Studio]

Lighting and Color Inspiration for TV rooms

Lighting is an essential component of any entertainment room, and getting it right in the small room can be a challenge at times. Dedicated TV rooms can have a darker, moodier ambiance that gives the impression of a more luxurious home theater. Colors such as black, dark gray and deep violet on the walls along with smart ambient lighting work best in such rooms. If the TV room is a part of the larger living space or is utilized as a home office, laundry, guest space or playroom, then pick a lighter backdrop and a more cheerful ambiance. Style is another consideration, and with a small TV room you can try out fun themes and styles that move away from the one used in the rest of the home.

Perfect shade of gray for the dark and moody TV room [Design: FLO Design Studio]
Plastered walls add texture [Design: Terra Firma Custom Homes]
Silk effect textured wallpaper adds modern charm [Design: The Couture Rooms]
Elegant TV room with modern Scandinavian style [Design: Bismut & Bismut Architectes]

If your TV sits in the living room or bedroom, then opting for a separate TV room is a smart idea, no matter how small it is. The change in lifestyle that it brings is something you will notice almost instantly!

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