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Transformable Murphy Bed Over Sofa Systems That Save Up On Ample Space

Decorating a small space can indeed be challenging, and if you are not disciplined with your purchases, it can quickly turn into a nightmare! But smart and space-conscious decor that multitasks promises to solve this conundrum with elegance and ease. And the ingenious Murphy bed undoubtedly leads this pack of versatile furniture. For anyone who has spent some time in the college dorms, the Murphy bed is obviously no stranger. Yet, contemporary Murphy beds offer a lot more than just ‘a bed that folds away’ thanks to clever designers across the planet.

Today, we shine the spotlight on three amazing Murphy bed and sofa systems that bring both the convenience of a full-sized bed and a plush couch. Coming from the elite stable of Anima Domus, these are not some raggedly designed Murphy beds with a couch at the front. Uber-convenient, luxurious and adaptable, here is a trio of the very best –

Exclusive and Expansive Swing!

Modern Murphy beds are no longer relegated to the small bedroom. The Swing is a perfect example of a state-of-the-art Murphy bed design that brings home much more than the bare minimum. Crafted to become an integral part of any contemporary living space by R&S Clei and Pierluigi Colombo, this Murphy bed and couch system floors you with its style and resourcefulness. The sofa at the front is composed of one or two lateral armrests and an L-shape piece that can be adjusted in three different positions.

A reclining back rest, a living wall with floating shelves and ample storage space underneath the sofa make it an ideal addition for the elegant bachelor pad or the cool guest room. The double bed with an innovative slatted base is obviously the icing on the cake. A perfect space-saving solution that blends aesthetics and ergonomics!

Shelves, Storage and a Sofa

Are you really short on space and living in a tiny apartment that requires you to combine the couch, bed and even the home work space into one compact and savvy unit? Worry not, since the Nuovoliola is here! This cool Murphy bed unit has a built-in bookshelf, a desk that can be tucked away when not in use and a two-seater sofa. The bed with its aluminum frame can easily be put in place and removed without any hassle. With additional storage space and a sleek silhouette, this unit is for those looking to tap into every inch of possible foot space.

Doubling the Comfort

While most Murphy beds fold up in a vertical fashion, the Circe offers a horizontally folding double bed along with a posh front sofa. This is another Murphy bed unit that comes with additional space for your books and accessories and seems like a perfect fit for the small guest room that can also be used as a study. The wall unit in grey and the couch in white offer wonderful visual contrast and fit into most interiors that use a neutral color scheme. Designed by Giulio Manzoni, Circe makes a chic style statement.

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