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Trendy Interiors and a Fashionable Lifestyle Await at Art Shoppe Lofts + Condos

A sales center for high-end condominium suites, a venue for top-notch art exhibits and a perfect setting to showcase original and inspired artwork and décor, the Art Shoppe Lofts + Condos in Toronto is many things rolled into one. Designed by Cecconi Simone, the fabulous sales center serves as a breathtaking contemporary gallery while offering a glimpse into the futuristic condominiums that are set to take shape on the same lot. The sophisticated model suite and model loft inside the center instantly captivate you with their stunning aesthetics, a wonderful blend of high-end finishes and an ambiance that oozes opulence wrapped in minimalism.

Condominium in Toronto showcases contemporary urban living

But it is much more than a sneak peek into the future for prospective condominium purchasers, as its gallery-style backdrop presents a perfect canvas for sculptural art pieces and colorful modern wall art, turning it into a visual delight. The sophisticated vibe inside the sparkling hub is enhanced by the two-story-high contemporary fireplace in white, around which one finds the perfect template for a hip and happening social/party zone. A long bar coupled with cozy nooks, daybeds, sofas and relaxed loungers creates an air of both comfort and luxury.

Gorgeous white backdrop presents perfect canvas for contemporary decor and art work

Two story fireplace with contemporary charm in pristine white

Shape a stunning social and party zone around the contemporary kitchen

Sleek kitchen design with a breakfast counter for urban minimal lovers

Model condominium highlights the materials, style and finishes of full fledged lofts and apartments

Modern minimal bedroom design in white with large modern wall art piece above the headboard

Stylish and space-saving besdide table idea

Every room is carefully curated, and the décor choices also reflect the cultured, elegant look that the designers are shooting for. Sections that feature the dramatic dining space in black and the versatile home office that doubles as guest room will leave you entranced, and the sculptural art pieces only enrich the mood further. A splendid display of posh urban panache!

Minimal wooden table, black oversized pendants and brilliant artwork shape lovely dining area

Oversized pendants for the dining room in black

Home work space and guest room design in black, white and gray

Modern minimal home office draped in neutral hues

Wall art brings color to the posh, contemporary bathroom

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