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Gallery Wall for your Bedrooms: A Focal Point that is So Very Personal!

We all love a good gallery wall that steals spotlight and ends up becoming the showstopper of any room it sits in. It is easy to turn it into the focal point of an interior and creating your gallery wall is not demanding on resources as well. The best part about this cool new addition is that you can tap into all the vertical room that is on offer and do so without ever seeming out of place. The best gallery walls reflect the style of the room along with your own personal style and even combine different eclectic elements beautifully. Generally, a part of the entry or the living room, today we take a look at gallery walls in the bedroom.

Headboard gallery wall steals the spotlight in this modest modern eclectic bedroom in blue [From: L. Weatherbee Design Studio]

Bedroom gallery walls are far more personal in nature than those in the hallway or the living room. Most homeowners tend to use family photographs and framed memories of past trips to create these gorgeous backdrops. Of course, if you love modern art and feel that you would be more at peace with a collection of wall art pieces, then that is also an option on the table. From the enigmatic to the exquisite, this is a look at the best gallery walls in the bedrooms –

Pick Your Style of Display

Start off by ensuring that you have a fixed style for the gallery wall and it remains the same even as you add new pieces down the line. The style of the gallery wall can either be one that embraces that of the bedroom or you can introduce a whole new style element using just the gallery wall. It is important to remember that no matter how diverse the pieces that go up on the wall are, there is always a common element that links them all. This could be theme of selected photographs or art work, the color and style of the frames or a color palette that the display pieces reflect. A creative and crated gallery wall in the bedroom can instantly uplift it, giving it a unique personality.

Luxurious master bedroom of Malibu beach house in white and blue with an elegant gallery wall
Small gallery wall in the large bedroom still makes plenty of impact [From: Richard Harp Homes, Inc]
Transitional bedroom with gray and beige walls along with a beautiful gallery wall filled with personal photographs [From: Salcito Custom Homes]
Create your own unique gallery wall with framed shopping bags! [From: Studio Peck]
Gallery wall in this cabin style bedroom seems to take you down a trip in memory lane [From: JLF & Associates]

An Object of Attention

How do you want use the gallery wall in the bedroom? Will it be just a part of larger scheme of things where art work shapes and defines the space or would you prefer it to provide that ‘it factor’ in the bedroom? This is a decision that will dramatically alter both the placement and the design of the gallery wall. Headboard gallery walls inevitably make a bigger visual impact than those around the room.

Fabulous teen boys’ bedroom with lovely framed diagrams that accentuate the black and white color scheme of the room [From: Design Shop Interiors]
Gorgeous black and white gallery wall in this bedroom leaves its white monochromatic backdrop largely unaltered [From: Morgan Ione Photography]
Green makes plenty of impact in this colorful and eclectic bedroom [From: Lucy Interior Design]
Relaxing bedroom in pastel green and white with a gallery wall that adds to its charming appeal [From: Phoebe Howard]
Stunning gallery wall in the bedroom created using just botanical prints [From: JCD Custom Home Design]

Small Gallery Walls Make an Impact

Even in the small bedroom, a gallery wall can find space because you really do not have to spare any square footage for it. Of course, in a small room, the gallery wall needs to proportional to everything else inside it. This means you cut back on the number of pieces that make up the feature wall and also keep other walls in the room as unassuming and plain as possible. White is the color of choice in here as it adds to the sense of spaciousness while styles like modern and Scandinavian tend to reduce visual fragmentation of space.

Simple and dashing gallery wall in the small, white eclectic bedroom [From: Loloi Rugs]
Tiny bedroom of Manhattan apartment with dark gray walls that act like a lovely gallery display [From: Linda Jaquez Architectural Photography]
Adding color to the tiny white bedroom with a creative gallery wall [From: Resolution: 4 Architecture]
Minimal gallery wall is just perfect for this modern bedroom with pastel green wall [From: Megan Grehl]

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