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Hand-painted Ceiling Murals That Mimic The Clouds

Appearances can be deceiving, but in the case of interior decor, they can be a good thing. We’ve all seen what can be done to walls and ceilings to remedy a mundane atmosphere – but do you really know the cure to such a decor ailment? If you don’t, here is one style option you can’t say no to!

Enchanted with puffs of white clouds, sky-inspired ceilings feature mesmerizing elements that put other ceiling options to shame. While this style of ceiling is not something many homes have the fortune to adopt, it is a creation that can quickly turn your current home into your dream home. Don’t believe me? Well, check out the rooms below and then we’ll talk!

Go Big or Go Home!

Don’t you wish you could use Photoshop to adjust the color saturation or hue of your decor, or at least have the option to drag that little button on your photo-editing app to increase the light or shadow intensity of your home? But unless developers whip out some revolutionary decor app this instant, we must, unfortunately, take matters into our own hands.

Instead of staying on the safe side of design, why not explore the realm of mystical artwork and surreal beauty? When we think of clouds ceilings, we generally gravitate towards pastel colors, soothing atmospheres and all things related to a delicate demeanor. While there is nothing wrong with that, don’t you think it’s time to get out of your decor comfort zone?

by A Sound Decision Interior Inc. 

by Bliss Home Theater Automation Inc. 

Don’t you think the high-saturated color of the cloud ceiling in the room above looks like something ripped right out of Da Vinci’s private portfolio? The fantastical contrast between the midnight-blue sky and the gold accents of the home theater is astounding.

Kuda Photography

How about a panoramic wall mural that features sky vistas from a different perspective? The gradient sky above definitely commands the foyer with a powerful force…let’s just hope it doesn’t rain indoors.

Soft and Delicate

Back when Romans and Greeks indulged in the Renaissance spirit, their homes probably took on similar appearances such as the homes below. Soft colors, warm atmospheres and regal architectures make these neoclassical-inspired homes beautiful and divine. But if you really want to hit a home-run with this decor, paint a cloud ceiling for show!

by Creative Design Creation

by Dahlia Design

Though the sky color of the room above has been toned down, it is still a smart choice, especially for expecting parents who are trying to decorate a new nursery.

by EMC 2 Interiors

by Platinum Pool Care

Exploring Dreamland Through Design

Alright, I know you can’t say no to an indoor treehouse, especially when the secret hideout looks as good as the one below. Not only does this adventure room feature an indoor treehouse, but it also sports an ultra-realistic sky ceiling that is far more creative than anything you have probably ever seen. Kids would love to enjoy playtime in a room like this! Heck, I would love to kick back in a room like this myself!

by Simple Home

by Smith Firestone Associates

by Tamara Bickley Design

Not sure if you have a private bowling alley in your home, but if you do, brighten up the atmosphere with orbs of cloud paintings instead of disco balls!

by Visbeen Architects

The cloud-painted room above is what I imagine Peter Pan’s room to look like. Paired with all the right features and an antique rocking chair, this room is where dreams come to life! Because there is no visible distinction between the walls and the ceiling, the room naturally looks bigger than its actual size.

by Amy Skylar Design Inc. 

Serena Chu

I write for decoist.

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