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Best Kitchen Color Combinations with White: 45 Trendy Ideas, Inspirations

The kitchen is undoubtedly the heart of every home and it is the engine that keeps the home running smoothly. In the contemporary home, the kitchen is much more than the heart of it all as open plan living spaces have turned it into a social zone that does it all. There are times when the kitchen acts as an interface between the living space and the rear yard. Then there are occasions when it combines the dining area with the home office next to it. And picking the right color scheme for the kitchen becomes absolutely essential.

Lighting fixture adds metallic charm to the small kitchen in blue and white

White is a color that is an automatic choice in the modern kitchen. It also makes sense to use a white backdrop in the kitchen where it sits close to the living area and feels like an extension of it. This is why we bring to you the best kitchen color combinations using white – from sophisticated gray thrown into mix to brick walls and a whole lot of wood. Each of the kitchen color palette is trendy, stylish and works with a variety of styles. Delve in and discover the 45 best inspirations as you plan for your smart kitchen makeover –

Classy Wood Coupled with White

If there is just one kitchen color palette that we were allowed to share with our readers as the best of 2019, then we would undoubtedly go with white and wood as our choice. Yes, there are many other options that run it close. But nothing matches the popularity and universal acceptance that this combination has garnered in the last 12 months. White keeps things modern, tidy and flexible while wood adds warmth, elegance and at times timeless appeal to the kitchen space. Best part of it all is how you can add color to this kitchen in tiny parts without altering the overall style.

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Giving the old kitchen a new lease of life with wood and white color scheme [From: Hello Kitchen]
Gorgeous farmhouse style kitchen in wood and white with bar stools that match the setting
Kitchen here feels like an extension of the living area in white and wood
Metallics and bar stools alter the appeal of the wood and white kitchen
Reclaimed wood wall is the showstopper in this kitchen
Weathered wooden finishes have a charm of their own in the white kitchen
Wooden cabinets add warmth and charm to the kitchen in white with wooden floor
A bit of brick adds something different to the wood and white farmhouse style kitchen
Contemporary wood and white kitchen keeps things simple
Functional kitchen in white with wooden warmth thrown into the mix

Sophistication of Gray and White Kitchens

From wood and white, we move in an entirely different direction with the gray and white color duo. This is a color scheme that has been on top of the trends chart for a while now and is managing to stay relevant even as we inch towards the second decade of this century. Gray, unlike wood, adds an air of urban sophistication to it all. Here white can be used to provide the warm, cozy touch as different shades of gray allow you to shift between styles and themes. Using gray for the kitchen cabinets and island while keeping the backdrop white is the simplest and most popular choice.

Dashing kitchen island with drawers gives the kitchen a gray makeover [From: American Kitchen Company]
Fabulous modern kitchen in white with gray sections that add panache [From: Hibbs Homes]
Integrating wine storage into the kitchen island
It is flooring and tiles that add gray to the white kitchen [From: William Guidero Planning and Design]
Polished and small kitchen in white with a lovely gray island [From: Art of Construction]
Smart bluish-gray and white kitchen feels relaxing and charming
Unpolished and textured gray walls for the modern industrial kitchen [From: Fredman Design Group]
Wood countertop for the striking kitchen in gray and white
Attic kitchen in gray and white with modern farmhouse style
Brass fixtures add metallic glint to the small gray and white kitchen [Design: Rebecca Hay Designs]

Timeless Blend of Blue with White

If the combination of wood or gray with white is new and a revelation of sorts, then the idea of blue and white finding space next to one another is as old as seemingly mankind itself! White and blue is a combination that is a classic for a reason. It never fails to leave you charmed, always gives a wide range of design and style choices and adaptability comes to the fore. Yet, this season, you can try colors that go beyond the usual shades of blue and venture into the world of turquoise and teal. No matter how far you decide to venture from your ‘basic blue shades’, remember that the simplicity of blue and white is where its true magic lies!

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Gorgeous farmhouse style kitchen with light blue cabinets and island [From: Hand Crafted Kitchens by Jonathan Williams]
Island adds a bold splash of navy blue to the brightly lit white kitchen [From: Thomas Davies Kitchens]
Light blue and white kitchen with an understated modern style [From: First Impressions Kitchens]
Renovated home in Melbourne with a lovely white and blue kitchen
Stylish and urbane kitchen in white with blue backsplash and pendants [From: Barnes Design]
Wood and white with a striking addition of blue in the space-savvy kitchen!
Cabinets and island bring a gentle shade of blue to the white kitchen [From: Winston Design Collaboration]
Colorful appliances and range bring blue to this kitchen
Fabulous white and blue transitional kitchen is influenced by several different styles! [From: deVOL Kitchens]

Giving it a Textural Brick Upgrade

Adding a brick wall to the white kitchen is a luxury indeed – one that not all of us can easily enjoy. Even faux brick walls do not feel as amazing and inviting as natural brick walls that have been uncovered after removing the plaster that has kept them hidden in the 90’s! Whether it is exposed brick walls or those whitewashed for a distressed finish, the best ones are those that add textural contrast to the kitchen without altering its style. Industrial, farmhouse and rustic are obvious style choices here. But do not shy away from modern and contemporary looks despite the presence of a brick wall in the kitchen.

Narrow kitchen with whitewashed and exposed brick wall sections [From: Tyler Karu Design + Interiors]
Scandinavian style kitchen with skylights and brick backsplash [From: Affleck Property Services]
Small kitchen in white and brick with pops of red
Tiny apartment kitchen in Prague combines white with brick wall charm
Brick backsplash for the modern kitchen in white [From: Atelier BOOM TOWN]

Black and White Makes a Statement

Much like blue and white, another timeless choice is black and white for the kitchen. This one though is far more dramatic than the more laid-back blue and white choice. It also has a few limitations in terms of style. But you can get over them with a bit of imagination and even styles such as minimal and Scandinavian look awesome when draped in the black and white cloak. Since the kitchen intrinsically adds metallic accents to any color scheme, a bit of brass glitter always helps enliven the setting. Make sure though that the lighting here is spot on to avoid a dreary and boring look.

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Brick painted in white brings timeless charm to the small industrial kitchen with black thrown into the mix [From: Anastasia Morkovkina]
Floor tiles add to the black and white color scheme of the kitchen [From: Peninsula Custom Homes]
Gold adds glitter to the kitchen in black and white
Marble kitchen countertops and black cabinets stand in contrast in the kitchen
Modern classic kitchen in black and white [From: Breeze Giannasio Interiors]
Painted brick backdrop in black adds something different in the kitchen [From: Francois Berube Interiors]
Shiny black tiled backsplash for the kitchen in white
Small contemporary kitchen in black and white
Awesome black and white kitchen extends the theme of living space next to it [From: Q Construction]
Balanced use of black and white in the small and stylish kitchen

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