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25 Wood and White Bathrooms for a Trendy, Relaxing Shower

There are many color schemes out there for the modern bathroom but few are currently as trendy as the wood and white color palette. And it is not a color scheme that is limited to the bathroom alone in its popularity. The wood and white palette is being embraced extensively in kitchens, living rooms and bedrooms across the world. In fact, the best kitchens out there today deliver this color scheme in one form or another with plenty of options to customize. Today, we take a look at the best wood and white bathrooms out there and how they can alter your life dramatically.

Shabby chic bathroom in white with corner wooden vanity [From: Warren Sanders Building]

The best wood and white bathrooms are the ones that find a balance between wood and white in terms of sophistication and warmth. While white brings modernity to the setting, wood adds a certain timeless appeal to the space without ever altering the color scheme. This is probably why the idea of combining the two has become so popular in the last few years. Today, the all-white, spa-inspired bathroom is being replaced the one with healthy dose of woodsy charm as well. So, step in and enjoy a world of relaxation and rejuvenation –

That Vanity in Wood

The easiest way to add wood to the wood to your white bathroom is by replacing the existing, modern vanity with something that is much woodsier. The floating wooden vanity is one that fits in perfectly with modern, contemporary and minimal styles in the bathroom. Those looking to introduce some farmhouse style charm or even rustic panache using the wooden vanity can go down the classic route with a piece that has distressed or weathered finish. A mirror with matching wooden frame and window frames in wood can complete a stylish and curated space that will last the test of time.

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Minimal and modern white bathroom with wood sections and vanity [From: GIKOVSKA/ design by Gikovski Snezana]
Modern farmhouse bathroom in wood and white [From: McCutcheon Construction]
Narrow white bathroom with wooden vanity and floor with pattern [From: Nimmo Nielsen Collective / Simon Whitbread Photography]
Simple floating wooden vanity for the bathroom in white [From: First Avenue Homes]
Tiny bathroom in white with small wooden vanity [From: Inside Stories]
Vanity and window frame in wood for the smart white bathroom
Finding the perfect vanity for the farmhouse style bathroom [From: Tama Bell Design]
Lighter tones of wood coupled with white in the spacious transitional bathroom

A Style of Your Choice

As we discussed earlier, the wood and white color scheme is one that works with almost every style you can think of in the bathroom with ease. In the more traditional, farmhouse, Mediterranean and rustic bathrooms you want to use a heavier strain of wood and one that feels aged and elegant. In the modern bathrooms and the contemporary ones inspired by spa-themes, it is the lighter wooden tones that work best. Adding a bit of green to this setting will give the bathroom a tropical twist while cozier shades of yellow and orange feel right in traditional and Mediterranean bathrooms.

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Fun and stylish way to add wood inside the all-white bathroom
Marble and riverstone coupled with warm metallics and wood in the posh bathroom
Polished and elegant bathroom in white and wood
Small contemporary bathroom in wood and white [From: Moceri Construction]
Ultra-tiny contemporary bathroom in white with wooden accents
White and wood bathroom palette with a trendy twist inside smart Sydney residence
Wood brings warmth to the all-white bathroom with tiled backsplash [From: Lydia Maskiell Interiors]
Wooden bathroom door for the beach style bathroom in white
Wooden floor brings warmth to the all-white bathroom with metallic accents [From: Suzy Thompson Photography]
Eclectic bathroom in white and wood with pops of green [From: Art Group – MSK]

More Wood than White

Using wood in the bathroom in a more extensive fashion requires a special amount of care and if you are up to it, then move away from the predominantly white setting and create a perfect balance between both the elements. A wooden floor is a great start as it already gives the room a warm ambience and brings balance to a bathroom where the walls are all in white. Add an additional wooden accent feature, a vanity in matching wooden finish and a stool or two and you have a stunning space that never fails.

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Giving the wood and white theme a cutting-edge look
Large wooden vanity and storage unit for the spacious bathroom in white [From: Zimal Contracting and Restorations]
Reversing the mundane white and wood look in the small bathroom
Vanity and mirror frame adds woodsy element to the bathroom in white [From: Staprans Design]
Adding wood to the contemporary bathroom brings warmth to the space
Balance between white and wood inside the bathroom draped in marble [From: Fitzgerald + Associates]

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