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Classic and Trendy: 45 Gray and White Kitchen Ideas

The timeless appeal of a beautiful kitchen in white and trendy panache of gray at its brilliant best – it is a combination that is bound to turn heads even while exuding understated elegance. Gray and white kitchens are set to top trends charts for a while now and if you already have a kitchen in white, then adding a dash of gray to it is all you need to jump in on this cool bandwagon. Easily adapting to different diverse styles, a gray and white color scheme brings an air of modernity to even farmhouse and rustic kitchens!

Kitchen in gray with wine storage space and white tiled backsplash

Gray has undoubtedly been the hottest neutral for several years now and what was initially pegged as a fleeting trend has now become a definitive style statement in the world of interior design. From being a simple neutral, gray has evolved to play lead role in many a sensational kitchen. Here is a look at 45 awesome gray and white kitchens from leading kitchen makers across the globe –

More Gray than White

Even though it might come as a surprise to some, the most popular kitchens in recent times among homeowners are those with gray walls and cabinets in a light hue ranging from shades of gray to pristine white. Instead of using gray sporadically in the white kitchen, designers have flipped the template and have opted to go with gray as the dominant hue in most of the kitchens. The latest kitchen compositions showcased by the likes of Scavolini, Leicht and Snaidero reflect this switch, even as the kitchens themselves still remain cutting-edge both in terms of aesthetics and functionality.

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Light and dark shades of gray combined inside the modern kitchen

A kitchen in bluish-gray leads the pack here with other lighter hues of gray following closely behind. When choosing gray as the principle color in the contemporary kitchen, it is best to pick a cooler and lighter shade as it give the space an inviting, light-filled and upbeat vibe. Add in white countertops, bar stools, backsplash or other accent features to create visual interest and contrast.

Bar stools bring a hint of white to the kitchen in gray
Wooden breakfast bar for trendy kitchen in gray and white
Wooden cabinets add warmth to kitchen in white and gray

Subtle Contrast Steals the Show!

While it is easy to add pops of yellow, red or green to a kitchen in white and gray, colorful accents definitely seem like a thing of the past. Instead of color, think of other ways in which you can create contrast without altering the overall appeal of the lovely kitchen draped in neutral hues. Wood is undoubtedly a fine choice as it is both hip and brings a hint of natural effervescence to a contemporary setting dominated by man-made materials. Wooden cabinets and breakfast bars seem to be the popular option here followed by bar stools and floating shelves.

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Bluish-gray and whie make a naturally elegant combintaion in the kitchen

If wood is not your thing and you still wish to inject some colorful zest into the gray and white kitchen, then smart cabinets in pastel hues might be worth considering. These dashing additions are perfect for retro, vintage and eclectic kitchens. Hot metallic finishes, bold pendants in black or even a colorful backsplash can do the trick when used right.

3D-wall decal for the modern kitchen in gray
Metallic finishes give the contemporary kitchen textural contrast
Wood combined with polished finishes to create an inimitable kitchen

Cheerful and Delightful

Not every kitchen can handle a splash of gray and there are times when both local weather and natural lighting of the room demand a lighters and more cheerful backdrop. This is precisely where white can play the protagonist and gray can be used to delineate space, add depth to various features of the kitchen and to give the shelves and cabinets a modern makeover. White and gray kitchens seem visually larger than they really are and in small urban homes, this becomes an invaluable asset.

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Beautiful attic kitchen in gray, white and some reclaimed wood [Design: All & Nxthing]

Apart from the many aesthetic benefits, this polished color combination also ensures that the kitchen feels like a natural extension of the open plan living area next to it. With social kitchens increasingly becoming the norm, it is barely a surprise that a color palette that brings together white and gray is so very popular in the kitchen. Integrating effortlessly with the rest of the home, this unassuming backdrop lets you work with endless possibilities.

Kitchen with shaker style cabinets in gray and white [Design: Lindsay Chambers Design]
Striking hexagonal tiles add pattern to the kitchen without disturbing the color scheme [From: Matiz Architecture & Design]
Brick wall backsplash for kitchen in white with gray countertops [From: Neptune]

Styles, Storage and Breakfast Bars

Despite its reputation as a color that lends itself favorably to polished, contemporary interiors, gray works equally well with a variety of other styles. All you need to do is choose the right shade and combine it with different materials and textures to get the desired look. Darker tones of charcoal gray along with white fit into industrial kitchens when combined with exposed brick walls and metallic finishes. Wood takes over as the third element in rustic and farmhouse kitchens while stone and Corian complete modern kitchens.

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Modern kitchen in gray with white backdrop and countertops [Design: Rebecca Hay Designs]

Custom cabinets, storage units and bespoke shelves that accentuate the gray and white color scheme complete these fabulous kitchens. Nifty, hip and versatile, this is a color scheme you do not want to give a miss!

Spacious kitchen with wooden block as breakfast bar
White kitchen cabinets, floating shelves with LED strip lighting and gray background
Innovative kitchen storage unit in white from Rempp

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