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20 Ingenious Breakfast Bar Ideas for the Social Kitchen

If there is one hot trend in interior design that is shaping the kitchens of today and tomorrow, then it is undoubtedly the idea of a ‘social kitchen’. Evolving beyond just a place to prepare meals, the kitchen of this decade brings back the nostalgic charm of those retro kitchens that were built to host friends and family with ease. Of course, the aesthetics are largely different with state-of-the-art appliances, polished finishes and contemporary sparkle. But the kitchen has once again become a social setting thanks to open plan living spaces and innovative design. At the heart of this interactive space is the coffee shop style breakfast bar.

Stylish kitchen island in gray with wooden breakfast bar that steals the show

Modern breakfast bars are versatile, adaptable and definitely up the style quotient of your kitchen. They come in a wide range of shapes and finishes and each one has a charm of its own. Whether you have an ultra-small kitchen that drives your studio apartment or a spacious kitchen that feels like an extension of the large living area, there is a breakfast bar out there that is ideal for your home. Easy to incorporate into existing kitchens and completing kitchen islands, here is a roundup of the 20 best ideas out there –

Simple Wooden Breakfast Bar

The simple wooden block that feels like an extension of the kitchen island is definitely the most popular choice when it comes to trendy breakfast bars. The shape and size of this sleek addition depends on both the size of your kitchen island and that of your family. The smaller, square wooden blocks save up on space and are a great option for couples who are looking for something understated and intimate. The slender, long breakfast bar that runs the length of the kitchen island can seat more people and combining it with cool bar stools that add color and contrast is a wonderful way to enliven the kitchen.

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Gray and white kitchen island with a wooden breakfast bar
Use trendy edison bulb pendants to highlight the breakfast bar in style
Wooden breakfast bar seems like a visual extension of the kitchen shelves and the worktop
Elevated design of the breakfast bar top frees up the island countertop as a prep zone
Fabulous modern classic kitchen from Decker wrapped in wood

Creative Breakfast Bars

We absolute love design that moves away from the mundane and this is no different in case of the breakfast bars either. Do not be limited by the rigid geometry inside modern kitchens and opt for a curved breakfast bar instead! Sure, this demands custom kitchen island, bespoke storage units and a bit of extra work. But the final result will be well worth the extra effort and dough you put in! Small breakfast bars that are an extension of the window ledge, stone breakfast bar blocks and ones crafted using glass stand out from the pack instantly.

Pendant light and minial design highlight the small breakfast bar and multi-purpose island
Small breakfast bar is perfect for the tiny contemporary kitchen
Tiles bring color and class to the small kitchen breakfast bar
Breakfast bar sits at a lower level than the kitchen counter for a change!
Curved breakfast bar design from Pedini is a rarity in the conremporay kitchen

From the Spacious to the Tiny

If you feel that breakfast bars are an idea for only the spacious kitchen, then you could not be more wrong. In fact, it is the small, urban home that benefits the most from a kitchen island that also features a breakfast bar. In the small city apartment where every inch of space matter, the breakfast bar also doubles as the dining area and saves precious square footage. Just add one to your kitchen worktop or tiny island and throw in a couple of stools and you are good to go!

Kitchen island with open shelving and a small breakfast bar

There is definitely more creative freedom in the large kitchen with a fabulous central island while designing the breakfast bar. Instead of the usual design where the breakfast bar is just a few inches above the island countertop, opt for one that is a few inches below to vary the dynamic of the kitchen. Make sure though that you pick bar stools according to the height of the counter to avoid any future dining hassles.

Small kitchen island with wooden and polished countertop sections and a uber-small breakfast bar
Goregous wooden countertop for the breakfast bar delineates it beautifully from the island worktop
Slim breakfast bar top along with additional sitting and counter space in the white kitchen
Smart kitchen island in black with a white countertop and stylish kitchens for the breakfast bar
Modern classic kitchen from Scavolini in black and white with an island that multi tasks

Extending the Kitchen Island

There are plenty of homes these days where the dining table is a smart extension of the kitchen island. It is barely a surprise then that the breakfast bar can go down the same route. In the larger kitchen, this space can also double as a great party zone where additional counter space can be used in multiple ways both while prepping and hosting. What makes a breakfast bar truly special though is the way it brings together your entirely family after a long, hard day or even during few fleeting seconds each morning as you rush out. Beyond all the aesthetic and ergonomic advantage, this is the true charm of that dashing breakfast bar!

Extending the kitchen counter or island to create the breakfast bar is increasingly becoming trendy
A simple plank can serve as a cool breakfast bar in the kitchen
Uber-small kitchen island breakfast bar that can also be coupled with the workstation

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