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Multipurpose Magic: Creating a Smart Home Office and Playroom Combo

Staying organized while you have kids in the house can be a thankless and a seemingly endless task at times. Not only does it demand better organization, but often you are left searching for new ways that you can use the same room for multiple tasks. One of the hottest trends (which makes complete sense from a functional viewpoint) in recent times is the home office + playroom combo. With increased connectivity options, many parents are opting to work from home, allowing them to spend far more time with their little ones. But this brings with it its own set of unique challenges.

A playroom and home office combination overcomes many of these conundrums, as you can get the work done while keeping an eye on your kids at all times. Even if you only spend an hour or two on your laptop at home, this is a smart idea that brings together your work time and the kids’ playtime with ease. From that perspective, this is a smart fusion that not only saves space, but more importantly, time!

A Versatile Backdrop

Unlike in the case of the guest room and playroom combination, you can use bolder hues and more vivid colors and patterns in the home office that doubles as play zone for kids. This does not mean you need to put up with a really gaudy office either. Mark out the region that you would use for the play area and let the wall behind it sport fun patterns, bright decals and brilliant hues. The rest of the room can remain both neutral and elegant. It is also a good idea to allow additions such as rugs, storage baskets and toys to usher in the necessary color and panache while the home office part of the room remains more ‘serious’.

Trendy kids’ playroom and home office combo idea [Design: Refined LLC / Studio M]
Colorful craft room and playroom idea [Design: Parkwood Homes]
Keep an eye on the kids as you get some work done [Design: Citizen Design]

Create Distinct Zones

While you are creating a room that multi-tasks, remember that it need not act as both a playroom and home office at all times. Maybe you spend more time working in the home office through the day while your kids only spend two or three hours in there, and this means that the room needs to be more of an office than a playroom. No matter how small the room is, set distinct and separate zones for the playroom and office, with the boundary of each being clearly defined. A colorful playroom and area rugs can get this done with ease.

Smart use of space combines the office and playroom even while keeping them separate [Design: Greenbelt Construction]
Efficient home office and playroom hybrid [Design: Casa Kids]
Attic space turned into an artist’s studio and a playroom for kids [Design: Kawartha Lakes Construction]

Décor That Multitasks

Another step towards making most of the available space, adaptable décor with hidden storage space is absolutely perfect for the home office / playroom. Storage baskets, large bookshelves and custom benches with built-in cabinets and fold-away desks can all be a part of this space-savvy endeavor. While some might just need a hint of desk space to get work done, others might need an extensive crafts zone with multiple storage options. Balance this out with the needs of the playroom even as you try to balance form with aesthetics.

Modern home office easily morphs into a spacious playroom [Design: Resolution: 4 Architecture]
Colors used in the transitional home office allow it to easily transform into a fun playroom [Design: Oakwood Homes]
Small home office and playroom combo with plush seating and built-in storage [Design: Tania Christensen]

Organizational Ease

As a rule, every playroom requires multiple storage options that allow you to clean up the mess of toys, books and other accessories after playtime. This combined with the needs of the home office often means twice the storage being tucked into limited space. Make sure that you have a combination of closed cabinets, open bookshelves and a few nifty baskets and bins to cover the entire spectrum. If built-in bookshelves are a problem, then bring a few cheaper, standalone IKEA alternatives, and even the storage bins can be affordable pieces covered with colorful fabric or craft paper!

Gorgeous contemporary playroom and home office idea
Built-in benches help tuck away the toys with ease [Design: Todd Arenson Construction]
Smart organizational idea for the playroom home office combo [Design: Tiffany Farha Design]

Utilize the Vertical Space

Yes, we did talk about shelves, cabinets and a whole lot more already. So, why are we still harping on utilizing the available vertical space to the hilt? Instead of just decorating the walls of the playroom / office with framed artwork or photographs, opt for more fun alternatives like a chalkboard wall that would surely keep the kids busy. A magnetic board or even a bulletin board that the kids can add is also a fun option that never fails. If you have a double-height home office, then consider an activity wall or a swing that would put a big smile on the face of your kids.

Cleverly combined craft room and playroom [Design: Joy Street Design]
Large space works well for the home office and playroom [Design: Norris Architecture]
Right office storage can leave enough space for the playroom [Design: MAK Design + Build]

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