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A Perfect Blend: Combining the Playroom and Guestroom in Style

We are always on the lookout for ideas that save space and allow you to use a room in more ways than one. Multitasking is pretty much the mantra of the times, and translating it to your home requires just a hint of imagination. One of the combos that is pretty popular among homeowners when it comes to versatile rooms is the mix of the playroom and the guest room. The playroom – guest room combination is easy to pull off on most occasions and is a perfect fit for couples with kids who always love to have friends or guests over on weekends.

A quick clean of the chalkboard wall and you have a beautiful guest room [Design: Cary Bernstein Architect]

Much like the home office that doubles as a guest room the varying functions of the playroom and guest room ensure that one never really stands in the way of the other. The inspirations below along with a few pointers will help you create a space that is elegant and comfy for both your kids and guests!

1. A Bed that Multitasks

The most important little piece in this jigsaw is the cozy bed that can be easily folded away or turned into a daybed so that there is ample space in the playroom during the daytime. A Murphy bed is a great option for those who completely want to free up the available square footage, but if you want a plush seat in the playroom setting as well, then a daybed or even a sleeper sofa will get the job done. The choice here depends on the available space and whether you need a daybed or sofa for the playroom.

Beautiful playroom and guest room combination with a lovely daybed [From: Cristin Priest – Simplified Bee]
Murphy bed allows even the tiniest rooms to multitask [Design: Rodriguez Studio Architecture]
Custom daybed also brings along with it ample storage space [Design: Driggs Designs]

2. A Balanced Color Scheme

The hardest part of using the playroom as an inviting guest room is its ambiance and how it might be skewed towards one. Striking the perfect balance is probably impossible, but a good start would be to keep the background as neutral as possible by avoiding tacky prints, colorful decals and overtly bright colors. This allows you to switch the playroom into a guest space with greater ease, and the atmosphere inside the room would be far more inviting. Once you have the neutral color scheme, toys, a rug or other décor pieces can be used to add a splash of color.

Classy playroom has the right amount of color, sophistication and style [Design: Alvarez-Diaz & Villalon / Photography: Carlos Perez Lopez]
Color scheme of the room gives the guest room / playroom a lovely ambiance [From: Resource Furniture]
Smart playroom idea for those who adore black and white [Design: Touijer Designs]

3. Additional Seating & Décor

Once you have picked the color scheme of the room and settled on the daybed / sleeper sofa you want, it is time to start working your outwards while decorating the rest of the room. Remember that any choice you make in terms of the furniture or accessories must meet both the kid-friendly demands of the playroom and those of the elegant guest room. A smart approach here is to only use what you absolutely need! A plush rug and a cool playroom carpet that you can roll away easily are an obvious must. A window seat definitely lifts up the style quotient of the space, and a simple ottoman coffee table makes for a functional addition.

Cool hangout for kids and adults alike in the attic! [Design: Upscale Construction]
Plastered walls create a neutral backdrop as decor adds color to this playroom with daybed [Design: Poss Architecture]
A playroom and guest room combo that your kids will appreciate more years down the line! [Design: Oliver Burns]

4. Ample Storage Space

When it comes to a playroom, one can never really have enough storage space! There are those tons of toys to tuck away, books, stationery and a whole lot more. Closed cabinets are an obvious must here, and you can even use a few lovely baskets or built-in, hidden shelves that disappear into the backdrop. Bookcases with additional room can also be turned into captivating displays when you need to transform the space into a guest room for the weekend. A mix of closed and open storage units also add color and visual contrast to the adaptable room.

Take out the bright walls and you have the ideal guest room and playroom combo [Design: Tailored Living]
Minor changes in decor turn this playroom into a cozy guest space [Design: Bella Mancini Design]

5. Desk Space & Practicality

A small workspace in the corner of the playroom (could be just a table and chair) allows you to get some work done as you keep an eye on the kids. But this will also be a great addition to the guest room template, and even your kids could use this area as a homework zone several years down the line! Do not ever ignore the safety features in the room, and avoid any décor with unduly sharp or rough edges. Remember that it sometimes is better to sacrifice a hint of style for loads of practicality.

Playroom above and guest room below make complete use of space! [Design: Polhemus Savery DaSilva]
Playroom has a relaxed, contemporary vibe despite the wall decals [Design: Chango & Co.]
Family room, guest room and playroom – this one does it all! [Design: Reiko Feng Shui Design]

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