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40 Kids Playroom Design Ideas That Usher In Colorful Joy!

Designing the right children’s playroom can be a tricky affair at times. There are several different ingredients that you need to get right to create the perfect playroom. Obviously, every parent wishes to create that magical setting that they can proudly call the world’s best playroom. Yet, in reality, creating the perfect kids’ playroom is not just about the ‘wow factor’ alone. Safety goes hand-in-hand and creating the right blend between activity spaces and plush seating is a challenge in itself.

Gorgeous playroom showcases stylish combination of colors

by Poss Architecture + Planning + Interior Design

With the modern trend of minimalism and clean and well defined design lines taking over, playrooms are quickly following the same path. Marrying beautiful themes with smart storage solutions, the perfect playroom is a space that both adults and kids appreciate. And here are a few playroom inspirations that bring together the extravagant, audacious, practical and the comfortable. Have fun!

Elaborate playroom with a super slide and a climbing wall

by Gabriel Builders

Create ample window seating space with plush decor

by Weixler Peterson Luzi Interior Design

Lovely playroom embraces the enchanted woods theme in style!

by Jen Talbot Design

Modern playhouse underneath the stairs with a cute entry!

by CWB Architects

Playhouse under the stairs is a lovely space-saving idea

by Acquired Taste

Open design playroom makes adult supervision far more easy

by Chris Pardo Design – Elemental Architecture

Bright and vibrant kids’ playroom sports a colorful look

by Kropat Interior Design

Charming little fan accentuates the color scheme of the playroom

by June Stanich Photography

Sleek, contemporary take on the kids’ playroom

by Lily Z Design

Creative Themes and Vibrant Colors

The playroom is a lot more than just a place where kids spend a few hours in the day while you are busy with your chores. It is a space that allows them to tap into their energy, creativity and imagination. If you ever do spend some time with them in the playroom, you will quickly realize why this little nook is so essential for their complete development. The playroom is one place in urban homes where kids are allowed to be themselves without any hindrances! Make sure that this space is as creative and beautiful as possible.

Indoor tepee is a lot more fun that the conventional playroom designs!

by Jute Interior Design

Nautical themed kids’ playroom in red and blue
Create a stylish entrance for the snazzy playroom

There are a variety of themes that you can choose for the playroom. These can vary between the cool nautical approach to a Disney princess-themed room that your little girl would adore. Irrespective of the theme you have, make sure there is ample color around at all times. Combine vibrant shades with chic geometric patterns to usher in a fun and playful vibe.

Elegant furnishings for the playroom
Do not be afraid to bring together a spectrum of colors in the playroom

by Serena & Lily

Chalkboard wall surfaces allows your kids to express their creativity!

by Hufft Projects

Wall murals add distinct character to the playroom

by Leire Sol García Asch

Playroom design idea inspired by nature

by Gander Builders

Iconic Togo sofa is a perfect addition to the kids’ playroom

by KuDa Photography

Maskros Pendant Lamp and strong colors light up this kids’ room beautifully

by The Sky is the Limit Design

Maximize Storage and Shelf Space

Storage space is an important aspect of the kids’ playroom. If you are not careful about providing ample space to tuck away all that mess and those mountains of toys when your little ones are done with them, then you are in big trouble. Always add a lovely shelf to the playroom with plenty of space. Modern bookshelves are great in this regard. Fill them with colorful containers or even cool woven wicker baskets that are both elegant and efficient. Custom-designed benches with hidden storage compartments and sleek storage ladders tucked away in the corner also seem appropriate for the playroom.

Custom-built bench in the playroom offers plenty of storage space for toys

by Red Egg Design Group

Stylish storage and shelf idea for the playroom

by Terrat Elms Interior Design

Woven baskets are a great way to add much needed storage space in the playroom

by Wind and Willow Home

Make sure that every addition is secure and safe for the children to be around. Do not hang anything precariously or stack baskets in a fashion here they can be toppled. Play items that double up as storage units are a fun way to teach the kids about the virtues of putting stuff away in a neat manner. Closed cabinets allow you to turn the rooms into an additional guest space or bedroom when needed at some point in the future.

Carpet tile and ladder shelf add sophistication to the playroom
Cool lighting goes along with the shades used in the girls’ playroom

by Mullet Cabinet

Colorful wallpaper idea for kids’ playroom

by Allegro Wall Coverings

Soft hues of pink and green combined in the playroom

by RW Anderson Homes

Turn that unused nook in the house into a simple playroom
Home gym and an open playroom design – Workout without worrying about the little ones!

by Eisner Design

Combinations of Spaces and Zones

Planning for the playroom should ideally start with its placement. This aspect is far more essential if your kids are very young. One of the wonderful ideas on here is a home gym that allows you to keep an eye on your little ones as they have fun in the playroom. Open playroom designs and floor plans are becoming far more popular as they are both safe and easy to incorporate. One can use multicolored rugs, carpet tiles and a special ceiling to demarcate the space and make it feel far more special than the reminder of the house.

Design your playroom seating keeping in mind the reach of your kids

by Barnes Vanze Architects

Metallic leather puffs add silver glitter to the modern playroom

by FLO Design Studio

If you are going for an exclusive playroom, use the height of the room well by placing a climbing wall, or a series of ladders that are safe for the kids. Creating various activity spaces and using the space under the staircase for a stylish playhouse also make the playroom a lot more fun. In case your home or apartment is too small, then combine the playroom design with the kids’ bedroom in an ergonomic fashion.

Simple and stylish playroom idea for the basement

by Victor Lin Photography

Smart playroom storage units and a hip ladder that leads to a cool hideaway!

by Christopher Building Company

A climbing wall with right protection is a great idea in the kids’ playroom

by 1-World Globes & Maps

An open playroom design allows you to keep an eye on the kids with ease

The most essential component of it all though is the input offered by your kids. Talk to them before you get started with the playroom. Incorporate colors, themes and activities that they want the most while adding your own safety and storage solutions to them. At the end of the day, the playroom is primarily their space!

Neutral color scheme allows you to quickly transform the playroom into a guest room
Playroom idea for girls with plenty of pink

by Alexandra Lauren Wright

Beautiful girls’ playroom idea with plush seating

by Bianca B

Always add enough soft surfaces to the playroom to make it plush

by Two Ellie

Attic playroom idea with a fabulous round window and cute decor

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