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Modern Eclectic Finds an Industrial Home in the Heart of New York City!

New York City and its brilliant skyscrapers are home to some of the most inspiring decorating styles and themes on the planet. If New York City gives it a ‘thumbs up’, then the rest of the world is more than willing to follow! It is the edgy, quirky and high-end neighborhood of NoHo that we delve into today to take a look at an apartment that is dubbed as an Urban Oasis by its designers – Motiani Design. This uniquely eclectic apartment perfectly epitomizes the charm and individuality of this part of New York City at its unbridled best. Combining modern and eclectic design elements with an industrial backdrop, this apartment has it all!

Open living area and dining space of the revamped NoHo Loft

As is the case with most SoHo and NoHo apartments, it is white that becomes the color of choice for the backdrop. The pristine background binds together contrasting decorating elements even while ensuring that the open living area with kitchen and dining does not seem a touch too erratic. Finding that ideal line between curated and cluttered, the apartment uses pops of bright accents ranging from spunky orange to glittering gold even as geo patterns are interlaced effortlessly with vintage accessories and furniture pieces.

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Gorgeous traditional armchairs in green for the eclectic living space
Modern eclectic NoHO Loft in New York City
Pendants, mirror in the backdrop and accessories usher in fun geo patterns
Vintage trunk coffee table and dashing pendants for the family room
Modern kitchen in white with bedroom next to it and a sliding barn door

With revitalized old trunks serving as coffee table and side tables in the living room and dashing lighting fixtures, there is also a hint of Midcentury modern here. Sections of exposed brick wall and tall indoor plants create a sensational home office while a barn door separates the kitchen from the bedroom. Every little detail inside the apartment enhances your interest as you left marveling at the brilliant way in which such divergent elements were brought together by the architects. Simply inspirational!

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Eclectic modern small bedroom idea
Ingenious home office with a daybed, custom work desk and a giant indoor plant
Series of globe pendant lights illuminate the dining area
Decorating the bedroom with large mirrors and a cool armchair in the corner

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