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How to Use Diverse Shades of Blue to Craft a Brilliant Dining Room

When you talk about dining rooms and colors, it is often the hot hues that lead the pack. The most popular reason for this is the belief that hot hues are supposed to stimulate the appetite. But then, many of those rules have been challenged (and rightfully so) by modern designers who have put an end to the myth that dining rooms look good only in yellow, red or orange. While other amazing colors like purple and even black have been used brilliantly in the dining space, today we take a look at how to paint it blue in style!

Fabulous dining room in captivating royal blue [Design: Carolyn Miller Interiors]

Blue is arguably the most popular color in the world of interior design and is a favorite in relaxing bathrooms, cozy bedrooms, elegant living rooms and even trendy kitchens. But it seems far from the preferred choice in the case of the contemporary dining room. Some of the mesmerizing blue dining rooms along with these basic design tips will help you break that mold and define your own dining room style. Time to change the rules!

1. Inspired by Nature

The fact that blue offers an amazing array of shades and hues with each having its own appeal is not really earth shattering news to any design aficionado. While there are literally ‘a world of shades’ to pick from, taking a cue from nature is indeed a great start. That’s right; the refreshing turquoise borrowed from the Mediterranean or the elegant light blue that captures the beauty of the sky on a sunny day just might be the colors you need to shape your dream dining room. Lighter hues of blue can be used more extensively than their darker counterparts and also fit in with a breezy, contemporary look.

A splash of turquoise for the contemporary dining room [Design: Gacek Design Group]
Tropical style meets cottage flavor in this lovely dining room [Design: GH3 Enterprises]

2. Dashing Dark Beauty

If light blues do not really capture your fancy, then maybe you love the darker and deeper variants. Picking shades of blue that almost tend to delve into gray or deep, matte purple will work if you are looking to create a sophisticated backdrop for a more formal dining room. This bold background also allows you wall art and dining room decor to stand out visually and can even help in highlight smart, unique architectural features. Brighter and glossier shades of blue with a ‘neon glow’ are best used in moderation, as they can quickly take over the space and become all too intimidating.

Blue and green give the room its tropical flavor [From: Neal Communities]
Dining room for those who absolutely love deep and rich blue! [Design: Edward DeLeon]
Eclectic dining room welcomes you into a world of blue! [From: Houzz / Becky Harris]

3. A Captivating Backdrop

White and blue is a match made in color heaven, and you can tap into this classic combination by simply using blue as an accent hue. This can either work in the form of an accent wall in blue, or one can use the color more extensively with white breaking up the visual monotony. A backdrop in blue will let your dining room stand out in an open plan living area with ease. Throw in a few matching blue accents in the living space and kitchen on either side of the dining area to complete this look.

Unique cheerful blue dining room [Photography: Rikki Snyder]
Silvery blue walls and ceiling for the traditional dining room [Design: Oakley Home Builders]
Beach style dining room in classy blue and white [Design: Austin Patterson Disston Architects]
Use blue instead of white for a neutral backdrop [Design: Garrison Hullinger Interior Design]

4. Out with the White Ceiling

As always, think beyond just the walls when you are planning to add a new color to the dining room. A ceiling in light blue not only gives the room a sense of freshness, but makes it appear visually taller and does so with absolute ease! Replacing the white ceiling with one in blue is also a cost-effective way to add color to the dining room and is once again a strategy that works all the more beautifully in open plan spaces. The ceiling helps demarcate the dining room and gives it a sense of exclusivity.

Blue ceiling adds to the appeal of the exquisite contemporary dining space [Photography: Rikki Snyder]
Dashing tropical style dining room with blue ceiling [Design: Karen Grace Interiors]

5. Decorate with Blue

If paint and wallpaper feel like too much, then there is always the easier way of adding color with decor and accessories. Rugs in bold blue, drapes that can easily create a blue backdrop when needed and smashing dining table chairs in bright, bold blue are all some wonderful ways of adding the color to the dining room before committing to it more permanently. If you are not happy with what you see, simply switch them out and go back to your favorite warm hue or even elegant neutrals.

Dazzling dining room in blue and gold with custom drapes and decor [Design: Coleccion Alexandra]
Classic Wishbone chairs in lovely blue steal the show in this small dining space [Design: Huis Styling]
Decorate your dining room with the brilliance of blue [Design: Ana Donohue Interiors]
Industrial style dining room with a hint of blue [Design: Maxim Lighting International]

6. Throw in Some Trendy Gray

Sure, white and blue make the perfect pair, but have you ever thought about bringing together your favorite shade of blue and what might soon take over the status of the hottest neutral of the decade? Yes, we are talking about gray, and it does gel beautifully with blue when used right. The combination blends the posh aura of gray with the charming lightness of blue to offer the best of both worlds. Get in on this hot new duo before others catch on and flaunt it proudly the next time you have some friends over for dinner!

Gray dining room with custom designed blue banquet and ceiling [Design: RSVP Design Services]
Dining table chairs bring the blue into this lovely contemporary setting [Design: Cheryl Burke Interior Design]

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