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Colors Of Nature: Contemporary Interiors With A Dash Of Fuchsia Freshness

With neutral interiors becoming all the rave across the globe, there is a new found interest in accent shades and effervescent color schemes. When stars like Uma Thurman and Carmen Electra step out on the red carpet draped in Fuchsia, that curiosity reaches a new high. It is not just the fashion industry that is once again embracing fuchsia and its many shades with renewed vigor.

Décor and interior design trends seem to be treading the same path. Fuchsia, in all its brilliant splendor is back with a bang and continues to remain one of the hottest colors of 2013.

Gorgeous modern living room seems to paint a tribute to fuchsia

Just like the flower it originated from, its diverse tones of fuchsia range from purple overtones to pinkish hues depending on the intensity of the reds and blues involved. Refreshing, energizing and varied, using fuchsia for your interiors can be a tricky act of balance. Here though are a few striking inspirations that will hopefully encourage you to invite home this captivating color –

Lovely neutral interiors with pops of bright fuchsia and green

by Romanza Interior Design

A touch of fuchsia goes a long way in driving away any sense of blandness
Eero Saarinen’s Womb Chair in Fuchsia acts as an accent chair in a neutral setting

by Stern McCafferty

Fabulous girls’ bedroom in fuchsia and white- Pink with a hot twist!

by Fabrizia Frezza Architecture & Interiors

Navy blue and white living room with carefully placed hints of fuchsia

by JTWdesign LLC

Girls’ bathroom with countertop made of gorgeous fuchsia glass

by Isolina Mallon Interior Design

Exquisite dining space laced with fuchsia, turquoise and lime green

by John David Edison Interior Design

Bold and Striking!

Too many bright colors make for congestion. An overload of white, grey and brown can lead to monotony and blandness. Adding a color like fuchsia can instantly light up and entire room and remove any sense of boredom. Yet, poise and panache is always the key. Using fuchsia can be similar to an extravagant stroke on canvas. It might be risky, but when you get it right, it can transform the entire aura of your surroundings. The multitude of shades that fuchsia comes in also helps you mix several different hues and values to get the ideal result.

Plush rug and pillows in fashion fuchsia breathe life into a stylish modern bedroom

by David Giral Photography

Chairs in fuchsia print add a unique twist to the interiors

by Emily Ruddo

Contemporary designers and home owners are gravitating towards clean and well defined lines coupled with muted tones. This trend makes an accent color like fuchsia or even a color scheme that incorporates this vibrant tint all the more relevant. While a home needs to present a balance between the tranquil and the playful, it should most importantly reflect your unique personality.

Beautiful bedroom in light pink accentuated by fabric and decor in hot fuchsia

by 3 Doors Down Home Staging & Interior Redesign

Dining space with chairs in fuchsia and violet add color to contemporary style

by LOCZIdesign

Grey and white living room with a pop of color

by Niki Papadopoulos

Perfect way to invite fuchsia and green visually indoors – Transparent and brilliant!

by Elad Gonen & Zeev Beech

Purple and fuchsia touches to a contemporary bathroom in white

by Praktyczne i Piękne

Blending with Natural Greens and Fresh Yellows

Fuchsia on its own can sometimes seem a touch odd and if you are going for a more colorful and rich look, then adding a tinge of green is the best way forward. Since green and fuchsia are such a natural combination that our eyes are accustomed to, the combination looks great indoors as well. In case you are opting for more inviting interiors that have a warm glow, then a splash of golden yellow (much like the rays of sun kissing the fuchsia flowers!) is the ideal complementary color. Remember though that various shades of fuchsia work well only with either muted backdrops or natural colors.

Colorful contemporary living space in lime green, fuchsia and orange

by Eileen Kathryn Boyd

Bright floral print fabric in fuchsia seems like an ideal match for the kids’ nursery

by Che Bella Interiors

Chic pre-teen bedroom in orange, chocolate and fuchsia

by Grace Blu Designs

When it comes to colors, interiors are best served when following nature’s lead. The easiest approach to using any strong color is to repeat it more than once so as to attain visual balance. A simple background in white or light shade also helps immensely.

Home office sports exposed brick walls along with shades of fuchsia and yellow
The more neutral a setting, better an accent color works!

By Logan’s Hammer Building & Renovation

Velvet fuchsia coupled with light green leopard print chairs for eclectic interiors

CIH Design

Fuchsia and tiger eye orange give this family room an inimitable look!

by Chris Snook

Kids’ bedroom sports a playful combination of yellow and fuchsia

Accentuate with Flexibility

Many among us are not too excited when it comes to experimenting with bold colors like fuchsia. The reasons are often valid and understandable. It takes immense effort to change the color scheme of a room, let alone the entire house. Add to it the cost factor and ‘trying’ out new hues is a risk not worth taking for many home owners. But there are always simpler ways to try out audacious shades. Accent fabrics, décor and accessories are the most cost-effective solution one can look towards. A couch cushion in hot fuchsia in the living room couple with wall art, beautiful matching pillows and rug in Hollywood cerise in bedroom or daftly folded fashion fuchsia towels in the bathroom can add the color with little makeover.

Captivating wall art adds a hint of fuchsia gracefully to grey interiors

by Morgan Howarth Photography

Stylish bench in fuchsia makes for a striking addition

by Niche Interiors

Varying shades of fuchsia add a modern twist to the traditional room

by House of L Interior Design

This not only helps in saving dough, but you can also change to another color scheme with ease the moment you are bored of a certain shade. An accent wall in fuchsia or arm chairs and sectional couch take this colorful splash a step further. Whether used exclusively or with other bright tones, fuchsia stands out from the crowd and leaves a lasting impact. If you fancy chic and revitalizing appeal, give it a shot today!

Accent wall in violet fuchsia brings a sense of luxury to the bedroom

by Style By Stephanie

Contemporary bedroom with a sprinkle of fuchsia and silver

by Facaro

Couch cushions allow you to experiment with a range of accent shades effortlessly

by Kimball Starr Interior Design

Drapes and flowers bring a refreshing natural charm!

by Artistic Designs for Living, Tineke Triggs

Simple and stylish way to add touches of fuchsia and red to the bedroom

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