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Three Unique Color Combinations To Enhance Your Interior

I love a good color combination, don’t you?! Yet finding one that is both interesting and pleasing can be tricky. Sure, you may discover a dynamic duo that grabs your attention, but the combination must also be something that you can live with. And hopefully truly love! Today we present three unique color combinations that have the power to refresh your interior. And speaking of fresh, each featured palette is crisp and enticing. From soothing green and powerful blue to warm hues such as peach and salmon, the colors that follow were selected for their standout potential. Enjoy!

Mint and Salmon

First up: mint and salmon. Mint can range from green to blue, while salmon often ranges from coral to pink. There are no hard and fast rules here. The result of this combo: a vivd, tropical color pairing that’s sure to get noticed. Below we see the Organic Cotton Pintuck Duvet Cover + Shams from West Elm and the Mint Green Geometric Throw Pillow from Wantcy:

Salmon and mint decor

Here we see a combination of soft mint and bright salmon in a luxury bathroom. The salmon accents wake up the space while uniting it with the adjacent coral room. [photo by Eric Roth for Seimasko + Verbridge]

Mint green and salmon bathroom

Have you seen the Oh Joy! For Target Collection? Created by designer and blogger Joy Cho, this radiant assortment of party supplies is perfect for spring. Note the use of salmon and mint tones on the party table in the next featured image. Also note the way yellow serves as a fabulous accent shade to this dynamic color duo. [from Oh Joy!]

The Oh Joy! Collection for Target

Did you know that Joy Cho has also designed a line of products for The Land of Nod?! And her Sundae Best Bedding (shown below) integrates ice cream and sprinkle motifs with salmon, mint and more. Once again, we see how yellow is a welcome addition to this color combo. [from The Land of Nod]

Children’s bedding featuring mint and salmon

Whitewashed shades of salmon and pink create a soothing space, especially when combined with modern art and all-white walls, as shown below. [from By Fryd]

White room with pastel hues

When salmon veers into rust territory and mint leans toward aqua, the effect is just as fetching. Say hello to the Pigments Aqua Pillow from CB2, which was inspired by Hawaiian blooms. In fact, this pillow designed by Matthew Lew is a digital abstraction of tropical forms.

Aqua and coral tropical pillow

Peach and Cobalt

Next up: peach and cobalt. Blue and orange are complementary colors, so it’s no wonder that this combo works! Not only does it dress up elegant spaces, it can also create a nautical look. But it’s even more fun to shake things up by mixing classic and modern pieces in these shades. Below we see the PB Classic Stripe Duvet Cover & Sham in Lapis Blue from Pottery Barn, as well as the peach Ghost Chair (featured at Sybaritic Spaces).

Peach and blue interior design finds

Since peach and blue go together like peanut butter and jelly, you can easily mix a variety of blue shades with peachy hues, as shown in the bedroom below. [photos and design by Beth Keim for Lucy and Company]

Peach and blue bedroom

Blue and peach can even make a big impact in small doses. No need to paint your walls! Try mixing cobalt furnishings with peach accents, such as pillows and throws. [from Michael McKinley and Associates]

Coastal living room with blue and peach decor

It’s been fun seeing the combination of cobalt and peach go trendy this season, especially since this pairing works so well with geometric motifs. In the next featured image, we see the Maya Cushion from ferm LIVING:

Peach meets cobalt in a geometric display

Bring peach and cobalt into the nursery! The Little Stripe Blanket from ferm LIVING is a striped baby blanket made from 100% cotton:

Blue and peach striped blanket

Rich Green and Bright Yellow

Today’s final featured color combination is rich green and bright yellow. The green can range from a vivid kelly green to a darker yet equally powerful hunter green. This duo has been extremely popular in Hollywood Regency-style spaces, especially since many geometric lattice patterns (used on wallpaper and textiles) feature green. Below we see Bamboo Wallpaper in Green and the Capri Teardrop Table Lamp in Yellow, both from Jonathan Adler.

Wallpaper and lamp from Jonathan Adler

No need to pack away the cobalt blue just yet! Create a color trio by adding this potent shade to your green and white pairing. The result: an undeniably radiant space. [from Amanda Nisbet Design]

Radiant living room with yellow and green details

Green and yellow can create a variety of looks when combined, from the classic to the modern. Or the classic-meets-modern, as shown in this studio kitchen makeover from Oh Happy Day. Seriously delicious, right?!

Green kitchen with yellow accents

Even in small doses, yellow and green create a powerful combo. See how the greenery outside, the yellow vase and the bowl of citrus are a strong contrast to the all-white kitchen below? [from Malcorboy]

Yellow and green accents in a modern kitchen

When it comes to finding your perfect color pair, don’t hesitate to make use of the paint chip section of the home improvement store. Mix and match sample cards until you find a duo that piques your interest. And don’t forget about the power of browsing catalogs and websites for eye-catching color combinations. A patterned pillow or duvet color can inspire your next colorful idea. Happy decorating!

Kate Simmons

Kate Simmons is a freelance writer and design blogger with a love of all things decor. She spent her childhood writing stories and working on interior design-themed DIY projects. Kate’s published writing reflects her special interest in how design has changed through the decades. Her blog Mirror80 ( http://mirror80.com/) explores the fashion and [...]

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