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Earth Tone Bedroom Colors and Ideas: 40 Natural, Cozy, and Timeless Looks

Earth tone bedrooms can be some of the most relaxing and timeless styles, but what do earth tone bedrooms really look like? “Earth tones” is a blanket statement that describes the subdued and elemental hues of nature in interior design. Consider the greys of changing cloudy weather, rich and pastel greens inspired by the mixed foliage of forests, deep blues reminiscent of ocean hues, beiges inspired by sands, woods, and naturally dyed leathers.
Designers have embraced the earth tone trend for its calming consistency and the way it compliments the use of natural materials in furniture and structural features. Check out these earth-tone-inspired spaces to get an idea of how designers are using colors inspired by nature to breathe new life into existing homes:
Muted grey weather tones on the wall, natural material furniture, and pale beige cushions make this lounge area the perfect moody earth-tone-inspired space. Image via H&M.

Before you start making over your bedroom, you will need to determine which earthy elements fascinate you most. Do you incline toward the cool tones particularly seen in the sky and ocean? Or maybe you favor warm hues that remind you of a crisp cool autumn day when the leaves are falling, and everything turns a rusty red and orange? The rich reds, oranges, and toned-down yellow may initiate recollections of campfires and sipping hot cider.

Restful bedroom boasts art hung from a vertical plank wall between brass sconces and over a tan woven headboard accenting a bed topped with an earth toned lumbar pillow. The bed sits between green nightstands located under windows covered in bamboo roman shades. Woven cube stools sit on a natural woven rug at the end of the bed and are lit by a glass bubbles chandelier.
Photo Credit: CH Design and Interiors
Linen Duvet Cover Boho duvet cover Stonewashed Linen Bedding Soft Linen Twin Full Queen King linen Bedding Euro custom size linen duvet mustard brown rust bedding in modern stone cement wall room with open closet
Photo Credit: TheCottonduvet via Etsy

After you have decided if you are going with a cool or warm tone, you will want to decide how many of these earthy components you desire to have in your space. From earth tone paint colors for the bedroom to discovering a full bedding set to accent the place where you lay your head at night — you can blend and fit pieces to match until you find the prevalent look you desire.

Earth-tone clad contemporary bedroom features a brown velvet tufted wingback headboard supporting a bed dressed in white and brown hotel bedding and layered yellow and gray ikat pillows in Bansuri fabric. The bed is flanked by black mirrored nighstands topped with framed photography and stacked crystal ball table lamps positioned in front of windows covered in striped roman shades framed by dark taupe walls. A gray rug dresses up ebony wood floors while a brown leather sofa is sat at the foot of the bed.
Photo Credit: P2Design Inc

An array of houseplants or a predominant fiddle leaf fig tree near the window adds some natural beauty and will breathe fresh air into any space and completely encompasses the natural earth tones. You may choose to bring in some wood pieces, like a rustic shelf or exposed beam. A sturdy wood bed frame will warm up the room and fill it with some personality. A gigantic cluster of accent pillows on the bed is a quick and easy way to revamp your look.

A beach art piece hangs over a brown oak bed complemented with dark gray bedding and gray layered pillows. The bed, placed on a black and white geometric rug, is flanked by two-tone vintage nightstands illuminated by brass task lamps.
Photo Credit: Kelsey Leigh Design Co

Add some green into your bedroom space with the tiniest effort. Greens like a chartreuse and olive combination or think shady spots filled with moss — you can’t go wrong when adding this color into an earthy tone bedroom.

Charming cottage master bedroom features a sitting area styled with facing natural linen club chairs placed on either side of a brown leather pouf positioned on a wide plank wood floor in front of a stone fireplace fitted with a TV. A slim rustic wooden bench sits on a gray wool rug in front of a white oak canopy bed dressed in olive green bedding. A black pendant hangs from a gorgeous vaulted plank ceiling.
Photo Credit: Blackband Design

Choosing the tone or color that you want to use in your bedroom design is just the start. There are several different textures and other design elements that you can incorporate that fully encompass the earthy tone design style. Incorporating natural elements like leather, rocks, wood, and greenery will bring your earth-tone bedroom to life.

Vertical shiplap fireplace wall in a master bedroom furnished with elegant gray and wood-carved chairs uniting with a woven coffee table decorated with stacked books.
Photo Credit: Two Hawks Designs

The stunning addition of these natural antique wood sliding barn doors gives this attractive master bedroom a hint of an earth tone and completely balances the space.

Master bath features salvaged wood doors on rails off a bedroom with a gray bed and tan and white bedding.
Photo Credit: Kelsey Leigh Design Co

This modern apartment embraces earth tones to compliment the wooden features of the room. Note the green door frame, tanned leather lounger, and cloudy grey accents. Image via Urban Outfitters on Pinterest.
The Roma Sofa in Olive from Urban Outfitters is used as the earth-toned centerpiece in this boho-chic living space. Image via Urban Outfitters on Pinterest.
Red clay tones are complimented with bold pops of blue and yellow cushions and a mixture of patterns. Tap the image to shop a similar cushion cover from H&M. Image via H&M.
It’s no secret that the ochre, mustard, rust, and clay color palette was a design staple of the 70s. It managed to completely take over homes by way of crushed velvet upholstery and shag carpeting. While many of the design preferences of the 70s remain in the past (for good reason), the earth tone color palette that draws on the deep yellows, oranges, and reds in nature, has certainly witnessed a resurgence in recent years. Still, the most common tendency in earth-tone styling is to use sandy tan shades that blend seamlessly together and accent natural wooden furniture beautifully. Check out the following homes to see how decorators are styling sand and tan tones with a modern twist:
This bedroom has a neutral color palette made up of sandy beiges, tans, taupes, and natural materials. Tap to shop. Image via Pier1.com
Taupe, beige, and neutral tan colors make up this airy, calming space. Natural textures complete the room. Tap the image to shop bedding on Ettitude. Image via Ettitude on Pinterest.
Wheat, tan, and light sandy browns combine in this all-beige room to complete the earth tone aesthetic. Image via Realtor.com
Now that you’re equipped with the basics of interior decorating with earth tones, you can go ahead and begin planning how you would like to incorporate them into your own home. The following guide offers unique tips, tricks, and behind-the-scenes info that will help you transform your space into an earth-inspired oasis.

Begin in the Bedroom

The bedroom has been described as the vacation spot of the home. It’s a room that can serve to be a small hideaway in an otherwise busy and unpredictable world of schedules and deadlines. Surprisingly, even a few small changes in your bedroom can alter the mood and aesthetic of your home. The best way to begin introducing an earth-tone color scheme to your home is in the room where you begin and end your day. This will give you a great idea of whether you want to extend the palette into the rest of your home.
Before you jump into selecting an earth-tone bedroom color scheme, there are a few things to consider. One of the more challenging approaches to using earth tones is focusing on ocean blue-inspired hues or deep forest greens.  Recently, the darker hues have made their way into the hearts of design lovers, and they balance beautifully with natural lighting, beige and ivory tones. Don’t be discouraged by the darker boldness of blue and green palettes; incorporating them into your home is a strategic way to modify mood and break up your spaces.  Check out the following interior spaces to see how designers have brought darker earth tones into modern bedrooms:

Forest Green Nap Haven

This bedroom space embraces earth tones in the deep forest green wall, complimented by the brown hues of the leather headboard and wooden bed frame. Image via Urban Outfitters on Pinterest.
Shop the Huxley Collection (the Recycled Leather Bed pictured above) at Urban Outfitters.

Natural Boho Chic Hideaway

Deep Green Earth Toned Bedroom Urban Outfitters
This bedroom decor draws on textured natural materials as accents and deep green colored walls. The decorative rope and twine baskets, wooden plant lattice and jute rug each contribute to the overall vibe in this room. Image via Urban Outfitters on Pinterest.

Modern Feminine Forest Tones

This feminine bedroom has a deep green accent wall and natural lighting to keep the space airy. Taupe and tan pillows complete the earth tone color scheme. Image via Graceinmyspace.com
This bedroom embraces dark blue and stormy grey earth tones near a large airy window. Image via Pufikhomes.com

Select Bold and Beautiful Bedding

Bedding and linens are an amazing and fairly simple way to alter the mood of your bedroom. Switching comforters, duvet covers, and mixing throws is quite possibly the easiest way to introduce your desired color palette into your room. Organic shades inspired by the earth appeal to a variety of people for various reasons. Reflective of the natural elements, often people in cities and small apartments are drawn to the comfort and familiarity of earth tones. Consider the ways that bedding is used as a decor feature in the following earth tone bedrooms:

Terracotta and Tan Retro-Chic Room

This terracotta-clay toned bedspread helps add an organic vibe to this room and compliments the natural wooden decor. Tap to shop for bedding. Image via Urban Outfitters.

Natural Wicker and Delicate Decor

This sage green bedspread adds a much-needed pop of color to this tan and beige bedroom. Image via Urban Outfitters.

Olive Green Cozy Cotton Lounge

An olive green duvet cover compliments the natural wooden material of the bed frame. Image via Urban Outfitters on Pinterest.
Shop the Washed Linen Duvet Cover Set from the H&M Home Collection, available in a series of earth tones (our favorite is the Sage Green) to achieve a similar look.

Incorporate Naturally Sourced Rugs

By this point in your research, you’ve likely noticed that jute and/or woven rugs are a design staple in the earthy aesthetic because of their natural colors and organic materials. Highly textured rugs made of natural fibers (such as rope or wool) add to any earth-tone color scheme. They provide a unique, organic feeling in your home – walking barefoot on the coarse and natural fibers is a constant reminder of the inspiration behind your space.

Taupe Toned Forest Escape

A jute area rug, taupe bedding and floor-to-ceiling windows create the ultimate earth-inspired space. Tap to shop. Image via Ikea.
Shop the Oval Jute Rug at H&M to add immediate earth-inspired texture to your space using a natural handwoven material. If you prefer a rectangular alternative, shop the HELLESTED Jute Rug at IKEA.
Large gray master bedroom boasts a gray bench placed on a gray rug in front of a bed boasting a gray silk pleated bedskirt and a gray silk headboard fixed under a gold sunburst decor piece. The bed is located between brown wooden nightstands topped with stacked glass lamps placed in front of windows covered in gray roman shades. A taupe love seat is complemented with orange velvet pillows and a gray throw blanket.
Photo Credit: Elizabeth Dinkel Design
Large master bedroom featuring blush and navy accents throughout. A small seating area with oversized blush sitting chairs and pillows from Lulu & Georgia provide a perfect space to relax. A striped rug covers natural wood floors and accents the neutral colors in the bedding, as well.
Photo Credit: The Pankonien Group
Made Goods Carmen Chandelier elegantly hanging with a tan fringe style from a gray plank vaulted ceiling in a transitional bedroom furnished with a black 4 poster bed, French nightstands and white ceramic lamps.
Photo Credit: Casey Sarkin Interior Design

Choose Earth-Inspired Artwork

Artwork that emphasizes the beauty of the environment is one easy way to spruce up your bare bedroom walls and tie together an earth-inspired color scheme. Subdued hues from art pieces that draw on scenes from nature will help ground your space in your desired theme.

Terracotta Buffalo Bliss

The brown tones of the animal artwork tie together this earth-toned sleep space. Image via Ettitude on Pinterest.

Pink Sands Pastel Sleep Den

Mountain-inspired tapestry artwork and light pastel tones tie together this beige and camel colored bedroom. Image via Urban Outfitters.

Moody Mondays Weather Room

This weather-inspired children’s bedroom takes earth-themed art to the next level with a large cloud canvas piece and a cloud structure installation. Image via H&M on Pinterest.
The pale sage green walls in this earth-toned bedroom are complimented by the abstract landscape artwork in sandy shades. Image via Pier1.com

Warm Chocolate Browns

On a cold, rainy day there’s nothing better than a cup of hot chocolate, so use that inspiration and bring a warm chocolate brown color into your earth-tone bedroom.  This coziness and comfort will come through in your decor in bedding, furniture, and different accents. Top your master bed with a grand and super soft comforter in a creamy chocolate color that’s sure to create a place of relaxation and comfort.

Linen bedding Liv cinnamon, bed linen with wooden buttons, duvet cover pillowcover, soft bedding stonewashed cinnamon brown white wall bedroom with white textured throw rug shoes on rug basked pampas grass in jug
Photo Credit: LundkvistLiving via Etsy

Using an earth tone like this stunning brown makes this bedding an incredible idea in your bedroom for any season since it exudes vibes from the earth. Dirt is the cornerstone of the earth so why not go with this rich earthy color to start?

Keeping a Low Profile

Add comfort without sacrificing style with a lounging lair that’s an excellent idea for a teen or a modern couple. Staying low to the ground keeps things contemporary and modern. The attractive inclusion of house plants improves the beauty of nature in the room, and the modern cement background gives this room a trendy industrial vibe. Wrapping up with a mustard bedspread is a boho delight.

Linen Duvet Cover, Natural Soft Washed Linen Bedding, Bed Linen mustard yellow soft canvas low profile bed with marble background earth tone room
Photo Credit: OldLinenMill via Etsy

Earthy Sitting Areas

If you have the space for a sitting area in your bedroom, make sure you carry through earthy tones in your chairs, rugs, and small tables. This room uses a beautiful pair of caramel leather accent chairs to ground this space and give it total earthy vibes.

Master bedroom sitting area features caramel leather tufted accent chairs placed in front of a bed on a gray geometric rug facing a gray tufted stool.
Photo Credit: Brown Design Inc

A rich and brown jute rug encompasses the total feel of the earth. The rustic fibers of jute are an uncomplicated and elegant touch to ground your space. Paired with a stunning set of rich brown bamboo shades, this sitting area in a bedroom has the full package.

Bamboo roman shades are layered behind white curtains with pom pom trim hung behind white accent chair with black spindle legs placed flanking a dark stained wood accent table positioned on a tan rug. Walls are covered in black and white wallpaper.
Photo Credit: Digs Design Company

Wood on Top of Wood

Wood is the easiest way to add a natural earth element to your bedroom space. Bringing in wood textures is easy to do in furniture like bed frames and dressers.

Beach cottage master bedroom boasts a light stained plank ceiling above a natural woven bed dressed with white bedding. Vintage nightstands are styled with a glass and brass task lamp adding a contemporary touch completing the rooms aesthetic.
Photo Credit: Rita Chan Interiors
Beach cottage bedroom fitted with a natural woven headboard flanked by a set of vintage nightstands displaying the gold and brass task lamps.
Photo Credit: Rita Chan Interiors

Earthy Tones for Youngsters

Don’t stray from earthy tones when it comes to your children. Modern children’s rooms look great with earth tones of rust, mustard and red. Balance the bedroom out with a deep rich navy or lighter colors like creams and whites.

Paper pom poms are mounted over a white daybed dressed in embroidered flower bedding and placed on a Moroccan wedding blanket rug beside a gold nightstand. Ivory pleated curtains cover windows located on a wall adjacent to white and gold wall mounted shelves fixed over a modern play table and chairs.
Photo Credit: BHDM Design

Adding in fun wallpaper designs is way to keep the earth tones but make the room fun and beautiful for a child.

Hygge & West Daydream Wallpaper dresses up a boho baby nursery with a fun and charming finish in beige and blue. Wood and lucite nursery crib features blush pink accents on a throw fringe blanket and an accent pillow.
Photo Credit: Regan Baker Design

Work in earthy elements like rattan bedframes, modern earthy lamps and a faux animal hide rug that will exude an earthy feeling.

A Serena & Lily Avalon Daybed accented with boho chic pillows sits on a light brown cowhide rug against a wall clad in tan and gray geometric wallpaper. The bed is placed beside a tree trunk accent table and lit by a black faux bois floor lamp.
Photo Credit: Jen Talbot Design
Charming girls' bedroom features rattan stools placed on a cream rainbow rug flanking a round two tone desk. The desk sits in front of a built-in window seat topped with red and yellow pillows and placed beneath a window dressed in a white roman shade and framed by white plank trim.
Photo Credit: Laura Hodges Studio

Rich leathers and vintage artwork can also lend to the earthy look if they are in the right color scheme.

Boy's bedroom features light blue walls and a navy blue painted ceiling, a two-tone white and tan dresser lit by navy blue and white lamps and an orange leather bench at the foot of the bed, atop a tan carpet.
Photo Credit: Urban Grace

If you follow our guide to creating the perfect earth-tone bedroom, you’ll be set up for success when it comes to integrating this trend in your home. And while we can’t say there’s cold, hard science behind it, something about bringing a little bit of the outside into the home just makes us feel more at peace. Be sure to tag us on FacebookPinterest, and Instagram if you try out any of these awesome trends in your own bedroom, and show us how you did it!

Frequently Asked QuestionsFAQ

What goes good with earth tone colors?

Earth colors are so versatile that they complement a huge range of colors. Teamed with other neutrals, such as black, white, or gray, they are effortlessly chic and elegant. Paired with bright primary colors, they have the ability to ground a scheme.

Are earth tones still in style?

Earth tones are currently trending, and thanks to their beauty in everyday nature, we can't see this style going out ever. To keep on trend, though, it's important to switch out your decor elements while keeping the earthy color palette.

What are warm earthy tones?

Earth tones like chocolate brown, terracotta, and mustard are all shades that are rooted in nature. They are soothing, relaxing, and instantly bring a warm vibe to any space.

Are earth tones calming?

Earth-toned colors are a big movement in interior design as they point toward the natural world. The important feature of these colors is that they need to have a natural, calming vibe to them, help create a cozy room, and remind one of the outdoors.

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