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Decorating in Style with Natural Earth Tones: Private Home in Latvia

Even the best architects in the world at times emulate nature’s design in the form of biomimicry to create contemporary masterpieces, while us more ‘ordinary’ folks turn to the many colors found in the natural world in search of decorating inspiration. Nestled in Jurmala, Latvia, the refined and curated Private House portrays one such setting where it is natural earth tones that hold sway and create an enticing living space. Designed by Carlson Design Home, the sophisticated residence combines modern minimalism, contemporary aesthetics and a neutral color scheme in an effortless and engaging fashion.

While homes that are solely clad in neutral hues and earthen tones often lead to monotony and boredom, this Latvian delight beats the trend by using smart lighting and pops of bright yellow to enliven the setting. It is the many shades of gray that hold sway in every room of this house, with the relaxing living area charming you with textural contrast, hints of bright colors and a posh ambiance. A two-sided fireplace delineates this open living zone from the dining area, while the state-of-the-art contemporary kitchen maximizes both storage and counter space.

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It is a splash of purple that breathes life into the bedroom, even as a bright wall mural and clever decorative pieces fill the nursery with cheer. Art Deco influences hold sway in the dining room that also doubles as a serene and rejuvenating hangout, with framed photographs adding to the urbane setting.

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