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Dorm Room Decor Essentials For Stylish Students

College dorm rooms don’t have to be boring. They can be styled to reflect your unique personality. After all, this is your temporary haven while you’re in school.

Source: My homey room

Most dorm rooms don’t come with a great decorative style, which you can use to your advantage. It’s like a blank canvas just waiting for you to paint your personality on it!

Source: Collegiant Times

Now that school’s back in session and you’ve been given the keys to your new dorm room, or perhaps you think it’s time to revamp your old dorm space, here are few tips to get you started. We’ll be giving you some basic decor and style essentials for your dorm room. These ideas will make a Pinterest-worthy space out of your dorm, one that’s perfect for hanging out with your friends, relaxing alone, and even studying.

5 Innovative Ways To Decorate Your Dorm Room

Source: Frills and drills
Source: Frills and drills

1.   Hang a mirror or two

A mirror serves both functional and aesthetic purposes. You can use it to check your outfit before going out. You can also use it to give your small room the illusion of depth.

Source: MyDomain

Some of the best mirrors you could use for your dorm room are hub round mirrors, valet floor mirrors with accessory holders, over-the-door mirrors, and floor length mirrors with storage.

Source: Emily Chesnut Design

With all these options, choosing the right mirror to fit your room’s decorative style is a piece of cake.

2.   String some fairy lights

Source: My bedroom looks

This set of extraordinary lights adds liveliness to an otherwise bland dorm space. This type of light varies in size and color.

Source: My wonderful room

You can place these lights on the walls or under a loft bed. Use them on the edges of a ceiling, on greenery, and in so many other ways. It all depends on your preference and which areas you wish to highlight.

3.  Put up wall art

Draw the eyes up and around by adding add a dash of art to your wall. Don’t go overboard, though, or your small dorm room could look cluttered and stuffy.

You could hang a piece of framed art, create a statement wall with your favorite picture, or string up some artistic word art like this one.

Source: Emily Henderson

4. Embrace comfy pillows

Source: Dormify

Fancy comfy pillows will give your room a nice warm touch. These pillows range from accent, body, floor, and even special pillows that aid reading.

Source: Laura park design

One of the best ways you can set up the perfect dorm bed with pillows depends on the arrangement. Place the largest pillow against the headboard, and arrange multiple other pillows in front of it. Smaller accent pillows can be placed in front of the arrangement or used throughout the room.

5. Bring in the outdoors with live plants

Source: Teen Vogue

Include some houseplants to add natural beauty and the fresh wholeness of the outdoors. In any decor style, plants are always a welcome idea because they add color and life to a room.

Source: My bedroom looks

A dash of plant here and there can increase productivity, lift your mood, and help purify the air— at least that’s what experts say.

Let your decor express your personality

Source: By Sophia Lee

Before shopping for that perfect decor, we suggest you have a budget for that.  Ask questions and share ideas with your roommate or friends about the best decorative styles that will liven up the room. And have fun decorating your new home away from home!

Source: CNBC

Judith Ejike

I write for decoist.

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