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Beautiful 1950’s Austin Home Gets a Modern, Spacious Interior and Backyard

Home renovations and expansions different drastically depending on the original residence, its current condition and of course, what the homeowners want and the budget available. Some homes need a more ‘gut renovation’ because the bones of the house are not strong enough to carry on. Others require a smart rear extension and a simple makeover of the interiors while keeping the original elements intact. RaveOn by Nick Deaver Architect in Austin falls into the latter category with the architects subtly transforming the classic Texas home that was originally built in 1956.

Limestone base and pitched roof of the revamped modern Texas home

With a lovely pitched roof that seems to float above the floor-to-ceiling glass walls, limestone base and a series of gorgeous oak trees all around, the timeless beauty of the home is largely untouched. Yet, harmonic riffs, new insulated glass walls that replaced the old, a change in the floor plan of the home and removal of poorly planned subsequent additions brings new life to this jaded Austin home. On the inside, the color palette is neutral and wimple with oak floors and white walls in every room. Glass walls usher in the outdoors while additions like the large green couch in the living room and blue-tiled backsplash in the kitchen make an instant impact.

Beautiful oak cabinet also offers additional storage space and provides coffee station
Fabulous new seven-foot high L-shaped white oak cabinet delineates the public spaces from the private ones
Gorgeous blue tiled backsplash steals the spotlight in this modern kitchen draped in wood
Custom wooden bookshelf also acts as a half-wall inside the home
Modern bedroom with oak floors, white walls and floor-to-ceiling glass walls that usher in natural goodness
Art collection and lovely collection of vases is used to decorate the oak cabinet

The defining feature of the new interior is surely the custom seven-foot high L-shaped white oak cabinet with ample cabinet space that holds a wonderful collection of vases. On the others side is a coffee station along with other storage units and it is this wooden cabinet-wall that separates the public areas from private rooms. A curated backyard, deck and pergola structure in wood, concrete and steel revamp the old landscape and turn it into a great social zone. [Photography: Casey Dunn]

Lighting and design adds to the visual appeal of the spacious backyard and pool
Concrete, wood and steel structure at the end of the new deck and terrace completes the outdoor space
Contemporary pool and deck with a small pergola at the end was created to offer a more relaxing outdoor space
Limestone base and walls are a common feature in homes across Austin
Ground floor plan of RaveOn renovated by Nick Deaver Architect in Austin

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