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Strikingly Understated: 25 Contemporary Floor Lamps That Blend In!

Contemporary floor lamps are less about flowery aesthetics and more about functionality. Slim, discreet and yet efficient, these gorgeous additions often go unnoticed in the contemporary living room or the stylish bedroom. They simply slide into the backdrop and shed light on your comfortable couch, great reading nook or even cool conversation zone, without ever stealing the spotlight. And yet, the modern living room is simply incomplete without a stylish floor lamp standing ever so dutifully next to the couch! With some more conspicuous than others, it is a balance between aesthetics and ergonomics.

Dark and dashing lampshade for the dazzling contemporary bedroom

Contemporary floor lamps come in a wide variety of finishes and it is not just the talk, dark and seemingly Scandinavian style floor lamp that fits the billing. From the ultra-minimal and slim to those ushering in pattern and metallic glint, here is a roundup of 25 fabulous floor lamp finds that made their debut in 2017 –

Minimalism: In Stealth Mode!

As we alluded to it earlier, not everyone needs a floor lamp that is over the top and vivacious. Many would prefer an addition that simply brings the right amount of accent lighting without taking anything away from the décor that already exists in the room. Minimal floor lamps accomplish precisely this and do so with plenty of stealth! Most often it is a slim body in black (or white) along with a singular light source that is devoid of a fancy lampshade and all the razzmatazz. The plan is pretty simple really and you will easily identify one of these when you see one!

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Flexible floor lamp provides perfect lighting for your reading nook
Minimal floor lamp is also a great way to save space in the small bedroom
Ultra-slim and minimal floor lamp for the contemporary living room
Contemporary bedroom with an unassuming floor lamp in the corner
Dashing floor lamp in the Scandinavian style living room setting
Exquisite floor lamp in black from Swedese

Play with Pattern

From the modest we move on to those with far more glitz. Floor lamps that come with a dashing lampshade can still fit into the contemporary setting when used right. Just make sure that the pattern, color and style of the lampshade is in sync with the rest of the room. Whether it is a cool teen bedroom, a colorful kids’ room or even a romantic bedroom with plenty of red, a matching floor lamp can make a huge difference; and it does so in a classy and constructive fashion.

Lampshade adds to the theme and visual style of the kids’ room
Snazzy floor lamps usher in glassy glint
Checkered floor lampshade matches with the backdrop of the room
Chic teen bedroom in black and pink with matching lighting fixtures

Metallics: A Touch of Dazzle

Go contemporary but with a dash of metallic glint! While not every floor lamp in this section is strictly contemporary in style, most of them fit into the modern living room or bedroom with absolute ease. Floor lamps with a slim body clad in brass, copper and gold finishes are undoubtedly the most popular when compared to those in colder, silvery finishes. While some usher in a dash of Victorian opulence, others bring home industrial panache… It is all about the subtle style twist you wish to incorporate in your modern living space.

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Matching floor lamps and tables lamps give the living room a curated appeal
Sleek floor lamp also adds metallic tinge to the living room in gray
Traditional sofa and floor lamp bring luxurious and timeless charm to the interior
Creative and classic floor lamp with a glint of gold!
Industrial style bedroom with slim copper floor lamp next to the bed

Finding the Right Size

Oversized floor lamps have been ‘in’ for a while and if you have not already tried it, then do give this trend a shot this summer. Oversized floor lamps definitely demand your attention and can breathe life into a forgotten corner of the living room, bedroom or even dining space. As a rule, they need not always be ‘disproportionately huge’ and you can choose one that is slightly bigger than the rest of the décor in the room. It all depends on the height of the ceiling, size of the living area and of course how organized rest of the room is.

Smart floor lamp in white fits into any modern living room
Tall tripod floor lamp in the living room acts as both functional and aesthetic addition
Modern floor lamp offers a perfect lighting option for a comfy conversation nook
Oversized lampshade gives the living room a smart and dashing appeal
Slim floor lamp in the corner with a large brown sectional next to it

Explore Different Trends

There are plenty of little trends you can try out using the floor lamp before you embrace them in a more permanent fashion. We already talked about metallics and you can add geo pattern, colors you are less comfortable with and unique floor lamp bases to this list. Those fearful of using black can try out floor lamps with a dark lampshade while homeowners thinking about adding geo pattern can opt for lighting fixtures that bring a dash of geometric charm. Floor lamps allow you to start out small and try some of the hottest decorating trends before you commit to them on a larger scale.

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White living room with pops of orange and a sleek floor lamp
Dark and slim floor lamps for the polished, modern living room
Lantern Light Floor Lamp from ClassiCon
Tripod floor lamp in the corner designed by Vanessa

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