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Screened Veranda Walled by a Rainforest Serves as a Serene Holiday Home

Set on the idyllic Sunshine Coast of Queensland and on the edge of the protected Noosa National Park, the Mitti Street House is a place where the landscape becomes the most defining feature of the interior. Designed by James Russell Architect, the house is more like a series of vast pavilions, expansive verandas and lovely courtyards that are carefully covered and protected using a large shade cloth. The design of this exquisite holiday home moves away from unnecessary excesses and relies on simplicity of form, frugality of material and durability crafted to withstand harsh local weather. At its heart, this is simply a large, protected veranda that is surrounded by a rainforest!

Open, Pavilion style Mitti Street House in Noosa Heads, Australia

The large house was designed keeping in mind the specific needs of its owners. With multiple bedrooms, open gathering spaces and delightful social zones, this is a place where friends and family can come together with ease. The lush green forest around the residence is left largely untouched and a sensitive approach to building the house ensured that damage of construction was as minimal as possible. On the lower level one finds the open living area, shaded dining space, a collection of courtyards, a kitchen with concrete island and contemporary cabinets, a TV room, play area and refreshing pool.

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Concrete kitchen island is easy to maintain and clean
Greenery outside becomes a part of the open dining space
Screened and shaded interior of the open holiday home
Wooden patio inside the veranda style home set in a Rainforest
Sweeping corridors and light-filled interior of the Aussie home
Wooden slats and concrete offer plenty of textural contrast

It is the top floor that holds the adult bedrooms which sit on the edge while kids’ bedrooms and bunk rooms occupy the space in the middle. These bunk rooms can also be used as additional adult bedrooms whenever needed, giving the home an adaptable sheen. Concrete and hardwood timber shape this relaxing and ingenious Aussie home where green is in! [Photography: Toby Scott]

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Upper level bedrooms with a view of the rainforest
Wooden and concrete verandah style holiday home near a rainforest
Outdoor play area of the expansive holiday home
Upper level floor plan of Mitti Street House
Lower level floor plan of the verandah style Aussie home

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