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Colorful Zest: 25 Eye-Catching Rug Ideas for Kids’ Rooms

Picking out the right décor for the kids’ room can be a hard task at the best of times. The choices are definitely endless, the themes incredibly varied, and of course, you have a little one who constantly wants you to change some aspect of his room. While bedding, décor, wall color and even the ceiling often receive plenty of attention, it is the floor that goes unnoticed. A smart and attractive rug can put an end to this neglect almost instantly! Bright and striking, colorful rugs for kids’ rooms come in a wide range of styles and can be as stylish as those in the living room or adult bedroom.

Vivacious teen girls’ bedroom with multi-colored rug from Sonya Winner Rugs [Design: Hollub Homes / Photography: Ken Hayden Photography]

Adding a cheerful and vivacious rug is the perfect way to uplift the child’s bedroom without breaking the bank. They work equally well in both neutral kids’ rooms and colorful bedrooms by either creating visual contrast or blending in with the existing hues. From the dazzling to the refined, the 25 ideas on showcase today will surely making shopping for that perfect kids’ room rug a whole lot easier!

Multicolored Rugs for Kids’ Rooms

If there is one room in your house where adding a multicolored rug does not feel like a decorating risk, then it is surely your child’s bedroom or playroom. A rainbow-hued rug can work in two different ways when used in the kids’ room, depending on the existing color scheme and style of the space. If the bedroom of your little one is already filled with multiple colors, then this rug can unify the seemingly disjointed setting, giving it a curated and modern appeal. On the other hand, a contemporary kids’ room clad in neutral hues can benefit from the effervescent brilliance of the multicolored rug.

Elegant kids’ room with a rug that complements the colors around it beautifully [From: Ben Finch of Finch Photo]
Simplicity of the rug design makes it prefect for a modern kids’ room [Design: MDSX Contractors Ltd]
Contemporary kids’ bedroom inside New York home with fashionable rug [From: McQuin Partnership Interior Design]
Bright and cheerful kids’ room with twin beds seems super fun thanks to the multi-colored rug [Design: DKOR Interiors Inc.- Interior Designers Miami]

Once you have settled on the idea of incorporating a rug clad in multiple hues, it is time to take a look at its style. Area rugs with traditional motifs and patterns are great for rustic, farmhouse, industrial or even vintage kids’ bedrooms. Modern rugs with abstract designs and geometric patterns feel more at home in contemporary spaces and even eclectic playrooms.

Posh contemporary kids’ room does not shun away from bright blocks of color [Design: Phase 2 Design]
Attractive rug design breaks the visual monotony of the kids’ room [Design: Benenate Design]
Eclectic rug adds bright pops of color in a refined fashion to the beach style kids’ room [Design: Robert Young Architects]
Repeat the color of the rug in the rest of the room to create a curated look [Design: McCroskey Interiors / Photography by Chad Jackson]

Pack in Some Pattern

An eye-catching rug need not be all about just blocks of bold color. On the contrary, most colorful rugs seem even more attractive when they carry a subtle pattern that complements the style of the room or the other geometric shapes in the kids’ room. If the bedding carries floral motifs in the girls’ bedroom, then a rug that showcases a similar design is a smart choice indeed. This approach can be replicated with simple stripes or a chevron pattern in the gender-neutral or boys’ bedroom while choosing the perfect rug.

Add lovely floral motifs along with color with an area rug like this [FRom: MaK Interiors / Makito Inomata Photography]
Rugs with traditional motifs and patterns are perfect for cabin-styled farmhouse kids’ rooms [Design: Visual Jill Interior Decorating]
Fun girls’ bedroom mixes and matches various colors and patterns [Design: Luci.D Interiors]
It is the rug pattern more than color that grabs your attention here [Design: Nathan Taylor for Obelisk Home / Photography: Jeremy Mason McGraw]

Those who are design conscious and wish to fill the bedroom of their little darling with a rug that is trendy and cool might want to consider one that carries colorful geometric patterns. With the geo trend and styles such as retro and midcentury currently making waves, these rugs make a great style statement. Maybe you fancy something from the classic David Hicks school of design?

Fabulous rug fills this white, eclectic kids’ room with plenty of color without overwhelming it
Eye-catching rug from Anthropologie and lighting fixture complement one another [From: Woodward Leach Design]
Beautiful purple rug seems almost understated when put in the busy kids’ room [Design: Lucy and Company / Photography: mekenzie france]
Fashionable rug adds both color and personality to the kids’ bedroom with panache [Design: Lucy and Company]

A Smart Nursery

A collection of kids’ rooms is never really complete without browsing through a few nurseries as well, and as you will see below, the colorful rug is a fabulous choice for the cozy modern nursery. Most homeowners are embracing a contemporary-Scandinavian style in the nursery, as it is clean, versatile and allows them to craft a room that grows along with their little one. A bold rug can breathe life into this setting and drive away any sense of boredom, even if the walls are clad in shades of gray and pastel hues.

Custom rug and wall decals from YDC Design for the contemporary nursery
Trendy rug gives the nursery a smart, contemporary feel [Design: Carmen Parker Styling]
Rug in bright violet anchors this Scandinavian nursery [Design: E/L STUDIO]

Delightfully Vibrant Playrooms

Finally, we delve into the fun and fascinating world of playrooms that feature dashingly beautiful rugs. A hot trend in this realm is the use of colorful and diverse FLOR Carpet Design Squares to craft custom rug-style solutions that are perfect for the playroom. Offering design flexibility and durability, they are easy to clean and maintain. Not impressed? Prefer the flamboyant rug instead? Not an issue, as we have a few of them lined up as well below!

Attic playroom with flooring that replaces the traditional rug [Design: Stone Creek Builders]
Modern kids’ playroom with a rug in purple [Design: Sunset Properties of Tampa Bay]
Orange rug brings cheerfulness and spunk to the playroom [From: Leighton Design Group]
Asymmetrical Grand MX Rug is a fun and practical addition to the kids’ room [Design: Dalius & Greta Design]
Snazzy multi-colored rug looks great even in neutral kids’ rooms [Design: Valorie Hart]

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