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Harbury Country House Unleashes Art Deco Design Laced with Hollywood Glam

A fusion of Peter Staunton’s creative vision and the exquisite beauty of Art Deco-inspired décor from KOKET, this Harbury Country House is a sight to behold for everyone who adores a glamorous blast from the past. Dubbed ‘Rock & Roll Chic’ by the master designer himself, this gorgeous home in Warwickshire, England embraces a theme that is not just inspired by the golden era of cinema and the style that precluded it, but also by the decorating elements of the Far East. Essentially, this is a stunning, cohesive collage of seemingly contrasting styles that wows you with its luxury and refinement.

Harbury Country House embraces a Rock & Roll Chic theme

The project involved the complete transformation of the dining room, living room and music lounge, with the homeowners demanding an interior filled with glitz, glamour and a sprinkling of Oriental elements in between all that Art Deco goodness. It is the glittering dining room that undoubtedly ends up being the showstopper of these transformed spaces with its silky chandelier, vintage-inspired Orchidea cabinets, and the silver and black Nanook Chairs from KOKET. But all these seem to only play second fiddle to the two diamond dust paintings of Marilyn Monroe, and that should barely come as a surprise to anyone!

Decorating motifs from the Far East give an interesting new dimension to the art deco home

Eastern decorating motifs meet Western glam inside the fabulous Harbury Country House

Stunning room in white with piano and drum set in matching color

Two diamond dust paintings of Marilyn Monroe bring true Hollywood glam to the art deco dining room

Vintage-inspired Orchidea cabinet in black in the dining room

Captivating chandelier in the dining room is an absolute showstopper

Awesome dining room filled with custom decor from KOKET

Mirrored finishes and silvery decor enhance the art deco aura of the home

Silken and striking chandelier for the glamarous dining room

We absolutely adore the way that custom furnishings with glittering stainless steel and silvery finishes were added carefully to accentuate the splendid aura of each room, even as mirrored finishes enhance the appeal of cheerful indulgence. Chinese side tables, wall art, Buddha statues and a splash of green grace the living room, while a monochromatic music lounge is a visual treat for those who adore all things white. Timeless, refined and transcendental, this English home has a dazzling style of its own!

Twin NANOOK chairs in black and silver at the home bar

Exquisite decor from KOKET for the Harbury Country House

Custom upholstered Mandy stools froom KOKET with stunning stainless steel finish

Vintage decor and Asian wall art make a unique combination inside the West Midlands home

Coffee tables in black bring sophisticated glam to the living room

Decorating inspiration from the East with the beautiful Buddha's head

Gorgeous decor from KOKET enhances the Hollywood glam and art deco appeal of the West Midlands home

Touch of green brings color and contrast to the Art Deco interior

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