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FLOR Carpet Tiles Bring Modular Flooring Home

I recently made my first in-person visit to FLOR, and I was beyond impressed. Kate here, and I wanted to share some info about FLOR Carpet Design Squares in today’s post. The image below is the perfect introduction to these versatile modular carpet tiles, because it illustrates many of their perks! You can mix and match them. They’re durable. They’re easy to clean and easy to replace. They’re child and pet friendly. And of course, they’re wonderfully modern and stylish! [image via CubeMe]

Just Plain Folk carpet tiles by FLOR

Below you will find a variety of FLOR favorites, as well as more fun facts about this alternative to traditional wall-to-wall carpeting. In fact, in addition to wall-to-wall designs, you can use FLOR to create custom rugs and runners. Not to mention, you can do it yourself, or you can involve an installer, who will strategically place the tiles, neatly cutting and arranging them as needed.

Design Possibilities

I’ve always been intrigued by green carpeting, especially when it’s paired with crisp white walls. There’s something so organic and fresh about it! It’s no surprise that I’m pretty taken with Rake Me Over in Lime. Below we see how these squares can be perfectly blended with other FLOR selections in lime for a textured monochromatic feel. In fact, many people enjoy creating a one-tone look with FLOR.

Green FLOR carpet design squares

For those of you who love a natural look, there are plenty of FLOR selections that feature neutral tones. You can mix and match patterns to create exactly the design you want. Did you know that FLOR tiles are crafted from recycled materials?! And if you reach a point where you’re done with any or all of the carpet tiles, you can send them back to the company at their expense. The squares are then recycled to make new products. Now that’s earth-friendly design!

Checkered carpet tiles

With FLOR, no carpet pads are needed. Simply install these carpet design squares using FLOR dots to adhere the tiles together, and you’re done. After all, they naturally grip the floor. In the next image, we see wall-to-wall FLOR tiles–a perfect choice for a home gym. Note the alternating patterns of these striped squares. In fact, many FLOR customers choose striped patterns for their homes, such as the Like Minded pattern below. [from Madison Taylor Interior Design]

Home gym featuring FLOR carpet squares

FLOR also features an array of graphic and vintage patterns that will add color and interest to your home. The possibilities are endless, as are the ways that you can combine these squares!

FLOR carpet tiles with the look of an oriental rug

FLOR Ready Rugs

When you really start imagining all of the innovative ways to combine FLOR solids and patterns, it’s tempting to take matters into your own hands by cutting and combining tiles. But if you’re short on time, you can add a heavy dose of creativity with ease, thanks to FLOR’s line of Ready Rugs. Below we see the Parallel Reality Patchwork rug. [photography by John R. Rogers for Watermark & Company]

Modern living room featuring FLOR Carpet Design Squares

This Made You Look 10 Triangle Patchwork features diagonally cut squares for a geo effect. Perfectly on trend and undeniably modern, the rug also boasts a unique color palette. [image via Greenspiration]

FLOR Ready Rug

Here are two more of my Ready Rug favoriotes: Heaven Sent 8 Design (left) and Rake Me Over 2 Cut Design (right):

Ready Rugs by FLOR

Ready Rugs are perfect for kids’ spaces. A checkerboard look is a popular choice, but FLOR even puts a spin on this classic style with the Made You Look 4 Diagonal rug. [image via KidSpace Stuff]

Room filled with carpet tile
Room featuring a FLOR Ready Rug

A Custom Touch

I’ll end today’s post with an inspirational custom rug project using FLOR Carpet Design Squares. Created by Amanda of The Red Jet, this rug is geo-fabulous, from the color combination to the custom-cut triangles!

During my visit to FLOR, I found the staff to be super helpful and kind. They made it clear that whether customers choose one single style or piece together a custom design, they are there to help. One more reason that FLOR is user-friendly!

Kate Simmons

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