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Visual Feast: 25 Eclectic Dining Rooms Drenched in Colorful Brilliance!

Bored with the mundane? Not everyone out there is happy with a dining room in gray, a matching dining table set, simple lighting and a decorative piece or two. If your home is all about reflecting your personality, then it is safe to say that the formal, neutral dining room fails more often than not. This is precisely where eclectic style and its unique allure come in! Allowing you to mix and match diverse décor pieces and to blend contrasting styles, eclectic is definitely taking over from the uninspired contemporary monotones in the dining room.

And today, we have a lineup of 25 gorgeous and energetic dining rooms that are anything but ordinary and unimpressive, as they celebrate vivacious color at its unabated best. Before you start worrying about how all that color might give the dining space a gaudy appeal, check out these curated inspirations and you will soon want to join in on the trend! At times dramatic and on other occasions super-fun, it is time for a truly delectable color feast –

A Flamboyant Lineup of Chairs!

We start off with a way to add color to your dining room that is both easy to incorporate and trendy. The idea of colorful chairs in the dining room took flight with more and more homeowners opting for neutral backdrops clad in gray, white or beige. Dining table chairs in bold, striking hues can instantly enliven an otherwise dreary and serious setting, and this also allows you to add color to the room without committing to it permanently. (Of course, switching between dining table chairs every year or two can be an expensive affair.)

Exquisite dining room with uber-cool chairs celebrates color even while keeping the backdrop neutral [From: IC360 Images / Jim Tschetter]
Chairs in diverse colors and finishes are definitely a trendy choice in the eclectic dining room [Design: Rencontre Un Archi]

Take this bright idea a step further in 2016 with dining table chairs in multiple colors! When done right, this can create a dining room that is full of color while still keeping it elegant and inviting. From iconic midcentury masterpieces like the Eames Plastic Chair and Panton S chair to fun vintage finds, take a trip down the route that fits your personal style and budget best.

Sizzling Panton S chairs in red steal the show in this dining room [Design: MA3]
Play with different colors to create a vibrant dining room [Design: Andrea Schumacher Interiors]
Exceptional and grand dining room design in red and gold [From: Studio Map Architettura]

Multi-Colored Magic

Admittedly, using multiple colors in the same dining room is not a strategy for everyone. It takes plenty of care and the right balance between different hues and shades to get it right. But an eclectic style allows you to work with contrasting, bright colors while combining them effortlessly with a common element. The element that links these varied styles and colors could be texture, shape, or even a lovely and unique theme. From Hollywood Regency to shabby chic, this approach works for a wide range of styles.

Eclectic dining room is all about bold color [Design: Taomi Design]
Multi-colored chairs fashion a cheerful and snazzy dining room [From: Fazenda-TV]
Turquoise and lime green dining room with a brilliant gallery wall [Design: Drummonds Bathrooms]
Hollywood-inspired dining room is a world in itself! [Design: Timothy Corrigan]
Striped and multi-colored hutch makes for a flamboyant dining room addition [Design: Carol Freedman Design]
Combine lovely hues with snazzy patterns for a bold, eclectic dining room [Design: Laurie Gorelick Interiors]

Choosing a Dominant Hue

A colorful dining room can also be crafted using just one color and two or three different tones of the same hue. This gives the room a more monochromatic look, but there is still no shortage of brightness or excitement. Shades of blue and purple are a popular choice in most eclectic dining rooms, as they are far more appealing than bright red hues and more vibrant than yellow or green. But you are free to improvise and choose a color that you fancy the most and bring in contrast with features like a textured wall, live-edge dining table or sculptural 3D wall art.

Cool blue textured wall is the showstopper in this relaxing, casual dining room [Design: 1 Man of the Cloth]
Purple creates a sumptuous backdrop in the eclectic dining space [From: Impressionen]
Stunning dining room in royal blue with glittering gold lighting [Design: Carolyn Miller Interiors]
Greenish-yellow backdrop in the dining room is easy to replicate [Design: Spazio 14 10]
An easy way to add color to the dining room [Design: Anna Braund]

An Exciting Backdrop

Wallpaper definitely provides one of the easiest and most fun ways to add not just color but also pattern to the dining room. Wall decals and custom graffiti take this a step further and give the dining room something exceptional and inimitable. Colorful drapes and vivacious rugs can also create a colorful setting without forcing you to commit to a major overhaul. A bold backdrop like this lets you stick to that formal, matching dining table set, making the makeover a lot more budget-friendly.

Textured dining room backdrop seems to be inspired by the world of Legos [Design: Garrison Hullinger Interior]
Refreshing green wall adds much more than just color to the unique dining room [Design: Lindberg Design]
Wallpaper is an easy way to add color and pattern to the dining room [From: Catalina Estrada]
Wall art and drapes in malachite hue bring color to the small dining area [Design: The English Room]
Art deco overtones hold sway in this red and blue dining room [Design: Woodson & Rummerfield’s House of Design]

Time for Bright Lights

As always, we end our lovely array of inspirational interiors focusing on lighting fixtures and how they can alter the vibe of the room. An eclectic dining room gives you greater freedom in terms of the pendant lights and chandeliers you can choose. Even colorful DIY pendants can bring that punch of energy and uniqueness that is missing in the eclectic dining space. Let your lighting choices add to the cheerful ambiance of the room…

Astounding and fun combination of colors in the inimitable dining room [Design: Avalon Interiors]
Gorgeous chandelier adds a dash of green to the dining room [From: Eric Roth Photography]
Cheerful, small dining space uses color in a smart fashion [Design: Myrica Bergqvist Inredare]
Shabby chic and contemporary styles come together in this smart dining room [Design: Belen Ferrandiz]

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