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The Ins and Outs of Eclectic Interior Design

Ah, the wonders of an eclectic home! There’s something dynamite about a space that resists the urge to meticulously match items in one design style. Let’s face it: most of us ARE eclectic. We like a little of this and a little of that. We may have items we’ve collected over the years, representing different aspects of our personality. And that’s OK! [from Mint Home Decor]

White eclectic dining room

Resist the urge to throw away items that don’t fit into a cookie-cutter image of what you imagine your ideal style to be. Instead, go with what you love and see how your space takes shape. We’re guessing it will be interesting at the very least! The truly eclectic interior may be hard to classify, but today we’ve categorized our featured images by eclectic style. From modern eclectic to vintage eclectic, chances are at least one or two standout looks will emerge in an interior that mixes it up. What’s your eclectic style? Let us know by leaving a comment at the end of the post…

Modern Eclectic Spaces

Modern eclectic spaces are filled with contemporary pieces, but they can also add a dash of something else… like traditional decor. Take the space below. Modern lighting, seating and accessories help the space take shape, yet a comfy sofa with soft edges and a stained glass window take the room out of strictly sleek territory. [from Mint Home Decor]

Bright eclectic living room

We’re loving this next space, which combines traditional elements like damask wallpaper with modern pieces like the Suitor Graphic Stripe Loveseat from CB2. And we can’t deny the allure of those hanging glass bubbles!

Colorful eclectic living space

If you’ve been following design over the last couple of years, you’ve probably noticed a modern “geo” look taking shape, thanks to the integration of geometric forms. The Facetta Chair below from CB2 is designed by Manuel Saez. Its style is Mid-Century with a twist. And we think this “with a twist” mentality is the perfect way to go about decorating eclectic spaces! Note how ultra-contemporary meets glossy in this space…

Modern eclectic office area

The stone wall is earthy. The buffet has a Mid-Century-meets-Scandinavian look. The greenery is a bit country. Yet overall this eclectic space is modern. And we love it! If you’re curious, the featured furnishing is the Dumont Buffet in Chocolate from West Elm

Wooden buffet in a modern space

Elegant Eclectic Spaces

Elegant spaces can be a bit intimidating. But eclectic elegant spaces add just the right dose of fun to shake things up! Take the room below from Philip Nimmo Design. How can you feel uptight in a space that showcases the word “FIRE” in bright red letters?…

Elegant eclectic bedroom

In this next room, also from Philip Nimmo Design, we see the power of traditional design combined with unexpected touches, like a chunky faceted coffee table and bright red coral-y accents!

Elegant eclectic living room

The color is unconventional. The artwork is truly interesting. Even though a chandelier hangs from the ceiling and an antique frame sits on the wall, this interior is anything but stuffy. [from Mint Home Decor]

Artistic dining room

When it comes to the peachy tones below, all we is can say is wow! There’s a certain magic that happens when soft colors and traditional accents meet modern flourishes. It’s an example of eclecticism at its finest! Take the custom Chesterfield sofa in blush velvet, paired with Moroccan storage ottomans and contemporary pendant lighting. Yummy! Especially when the rosy hues are combined with cool blue accents. [from Coddington Design]

Eclectic living room with peachy tones

Vintage Eclectic Spaces

From elegance to vintage… Many of today’s new furnishings are inspired by vintage pieces, so it’s easy to go eclectic by combining them with other statement items. In fact, the salvaged cafe sign below is the perfect counterpart to newer pieces like the taxicab yellow dresser and the modern woven seat. [from Kailey J. Flynn Photography]

Vintage eclectic living room

This vintage-style furniture from Room & Board is given a modern update with contemporary pillows and a gallery-style wall of black and white artwork:

Vintage eclectic living space with black and white photography

We can’t take our eyes off this next featured space from Alexis Burris Designs. There’s something a bit ’80s about the curved seating in peach, green and cream tones. The white staircase and light fixtures also scream “retro.” And don’t get us started on that fabulous hotel-style display of plants…

Living room with ’80s style

Rustic Eclectic Spaces

We end with the rustic. Because it’s hard to resist a worn, weathered look. Especially when it’s tastefully mixed in with other accents, such as modern chrome lighting. That’s what we see in the space below… Earthy wooden pieces are beautifully contrasted with metallic accents and special touches like stone-style cushions! [from Lean Arch Inc.]

Rustic eclectic living room

What do you gt when you mix wooden block-style coffee tables with modern map-art pillows from Cartoloji? The perfect blend of rustic and modern! Especially since the pillows introduce vibrant colors like fire orange. Note how bubble glass lamps somehow perfectly fit in this eclectic space, along with a tufted sofa.

Rustic eclectic living space

Curious about where you can find a rustic furnishing of your own? This Emmerson Coffee Table from West Elm is crafted of reclaimed solid wood harvested from old pine shipping pallets. And its Parsons-style form is perfectly modern, making it an ideal blend of earthy and contemporary…

Rustic coffee table adds eclectic style

And for an added dose of cabin style with a twist, try covering your walls with this Stikwood Adhesive Wood Paneling from West Elm. Not only is it available in a variety of finishes, it be cut to fit your space. Look how well it blends with sleek pieces like the eggplant sofa below…

Stikwood paneling from West Elm

We end with a special reminder that the magic is in the details! Don’t discount the importance of that special piece you picked up on your travels or that light fixture you just couldn’t live without. If it’s as interesting as the one below, we know you’ll find a place for it in your space. And your interior will be all the better for it! [from Plural Design via Houzz]

Modern details in an eclectic space

Are you a fan of eclectic spaces? If so, do you lean toward a particular style of eclecticism? Modern eclectic? Eclectic elegance? Vintage eclectic? Rustic eclectic? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below. And don’t worry if you like more than one style. After all, that’s kind of the point, isn’t it?!…

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