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7 Festive Decorations to Hang in Your Windows for the Holidays

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Everyone knows that Christmas lights and a tree are your pretty standard holiday decorations, but nowadays, people have come up with all sorts of creative ways to make their homes really stand out around this time of year. Best of all, you don’t need a huge decorating budget or extra space to put everything on display. One of the easiest and most impressive ways you can add a little more holiday flair to your home is by incorporating Christmas window decorations to your home!

Here are just a few super simple yet gorgeous ways to bring a little Christmas magic to your windows this season, and we put in some product links if you really love what you see! For quite a few of these, you’ll want to pick up either window-friendly Command Hooks like these chic gold hooks or some festive ribbon like this set of holiday-colored ribbon.

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Frosted Drawings

Okay, so this first example isn’t exactly something you can specifically hang in your window. But it certainly creates the same type of look! All you need is this white marker specifically meant for drawing and writing temporarily on windows. The white works great here because it looks like frost or snow.

‘Let It Snow’ written on window in temporary white window marker
Christmas ornaments draw on window with temporary white marker

Glass Ball Ornaments

You can’t really go wrong with a few colorful glass balls and some pretty ribbon for Christmas window decorations. Just tie each ball to a piece of ribbon, and use some tape or even a thumbtack if you want to secure it to the top area of the window. Depending on what your personal style is, you can grab these elegant silver and gold glass balls or these more traditional but still chic red and white ones!

Silver and gold glass ball ornaments hung from red ribbon in a window
Silver and gold glass ball ornaments hung from matching ribbon in window

Michael’s featured a decorative display that uses a garland right above the window.

Colorful glittery ornaments hung with ribbon from garland above window

You could even bunch up your ribbons and glass ball ornaments for a tighter bouquet-like decoration, such as this one featured on Design Rulz.

Beautiful glass ornaments in red polka dots and stripes


Besides ornaments, there’s nothing more festive than a wreath! While the obvious places to put them generally include your doors and walls, you might be surprised to find out how great they look in your window as decorations, too. If you want to replicate these tiny festive wreaths from Martha Stewart, try these adorable mini wreaths.

Tiny wreaths hung with red ribbon in a window

The tiny ones are great, but the larger versions work, too. Check out these beautiful white wreaths found at Green Style Gallery.

Wintery white and red wreaths hung in windows


To recreate that winter wonderland look right inside your home, going with some good snowflake decorations will do the trick. This cheap but beautiful example from The Yellow Cape Cod uses nothing but plastic dollar-store snowflake decorations and fishing wire.

Large snowflakes hung with fishing wire in a window

An interesting look featured in one of IKEA’s photo galleries uses some bare branches and places them in glass bottles. Small snowflakes are then hung from the branches to emphasize that wintery look, which is a simple yet stunning idea for Christmas window decorations.

Glass bottles with branches and snowflakes

There’s no reason why you can’t combine snowflake ornaments with other types of ornaments! This window display from Top Inspired looks both wintery and festive, making it perfect Christmas window decorations.

Red glass balls and snowflake ornaments hung in windows


The same IKEA photo gallery mentioned above also showcased a beautiful holiday window display that hung two large star-like lanterns in each window and surrounded them with silver and gold ornaments. Simply stunning, if you ask me! To get the look, you can get the paper star lanterns here or really embrace the holidays with this snowflake-shaped lantern instead!

Large bright star lights hung with smaller ornaments in the window.


Like snowflakes, pinecones are another great ornament idea for bringing a bit of the wintery outdoors into your home. Welke shows these adorable and rustic little pinecone window decorations that have pieces of moss and tiny reindeer figurines topped on them.

Pinecones with moss and reindeer figurines hung in the window.

For a more holiday-themed look, you can string some frosted pinecones along some red rope and tie them with a bit of green ribbon. This is one of the easiest Christmas window decorations to make yourself this holiday season, or you could just buy one from Etsy.

Frosted pinecone garland with green ribbon and red rope

Candy Canes

Sticking with the pinecone idea, Pink Pistachio cleverly combined them with candy canes to really emphasize that holiday and Christmas look. You could even do without the pinecones and just hang candy canes with some simple ribbon.

Candy canes and pinecones hung in a window.

The best part about these creative Christmas window decorations is that people can enjoy them both inside and outside your home! Now, that’s worth getting a little excited about. Take your Christmas decorations to the next level this year, and feel free to mix and match decor elements from the multiple ideas above.

Elise Moreau

I write for decoist.

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