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16 Innovative Bedroom Storage and Walk-in Closet Ideas

Frantic mornings are supposed to be a rare event; at least that is how we would like it to be. But each morning seems like another battle against time and while we win some, we tend to lose a lot as well! In our attempt to eek out those few extra minutes of sleep, our entire morning becomes a mess. Of course, we are not here to motivate you or ask you to start strictly following a schedule starting tomorrow. Instead, balance your early morning lethargy with a more organized wardrobe that saves precious minutes and ensures that you reach work on time!

An organized bedroom is all about simplicity and efficiency.

Glass front units for the walk-in wardrobe make your morning routine a lot easier (Image by Alex Ion / Decoist.com)

Walk-in wardrobes and trendy closets allow you to organize your unending collection of dresses or suits with ease, and you also have space for all those ties, shoes, accessories and whole lot more. The best part of the many options featured today is that everything you own is on constant display!

So, no more digging and searching as you try to outrun your clock every day. And just for good measure, we have also lined up a few lovely nightstands and bedside tables to complete your dream bedroom.

Exquisite Walk-in Wardrobes

All of us would love the comfort of a walk-in closet, and with modern bespoke designs that save up on space, that dream is becoming a reality for homeowners today more than ever before. The walk-in closet that you choose must meet the specific demands of your clothing and accessory collection, and a good idea is to take into account what you love to shop for and your dressing style before you settle on a final design. Some of us might want more coat space, while others could devote an entire section to their large shoe collection!

From custom centerpieces and plush seating options to smart, glass-front cabinets and brilliant lighting, modern walk-in closets have it all.

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Walk-in wardrobe provide plenty of space for your entire collection (Image by Alex Ion / Decoist.com)
Ergonomic walk-in closet for the contemporary bedroom (Image by Alex Ion / Decoist.com)
Exclusive and modular walk-in wardrobes for the contemporary bedroom (Image by Alex Ion / Decoist.com)

For More Organized Mornings!

Not a fan of the walk-in closet? Maybe you just do not have the space or the budgets to spare for one. There are plenty of other alternatives, and ingenious designers are constantly coming up with custom units that can fit into the smallest of bedrooms. These standalone pieces open up and expand to offer ample storage space when neede, and they can fold away to occupy minimal foot space. If even this seems like an extravagance, then there is always the option of a traditional closet that makes the most of the vertical room on offer.

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Space-saving modular bedroom wardrobe (Image by Alex Ion / Decoist.com)
Sliding doors and bespoke units create a cool bedroom closet (Image by Alex Ion / Decoist.com)
Custom wardrobes in the bedroom make use of vertical space on offer (Image by Alex Ion / Decoist.com)

Trendy Bedside Tables and Nightstands

Bedside tables and nightstands come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and every leading furniture maker on the planet offers you a multitude of options. The current trend is to opt for modular pieces and stackable units that can adapt to your growing needs with time. You can even turn the nightstand into a cool dresser by combining it with a stylish mirror or put it in the awkward corner and create an additional storage option.

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Modular units next to bed allows you to craft a bedide table that perfectly fits your demand (Image by Alex Ion / Decoist.com)
Nighstand makes use of unique corner space in the bedroom (Image by Alex Ion / Decoist.com)
Sleek nightstand next to bed offers plenty of storage space along with a cool display (Image by Alex Ion / Decoist.com)
Gray bedside table can be used in multiple ways (Image by Alex Ion / Decoist.com)
Large wardrobe in white for the small bedroom (Image by Alex Ion / Decoist.com)

Creating the Illusion of Space

Bedroom closets can do much more than just offer storage space. They can create the impression of an airy and roomy setting, even in a small apartment bedroom thanks to mirrored doors. You can take this a step further by opting for wardrobes with mirrored, sliding doors that save even more space, as they do not need any clearance space whatsoever. Couple these mirrored masterpieces with smart lighting, and you have a delightful bedroom that is both aesthetic and practical.

Fabulous contemporary bedroom with industrial appeal and mirrored closets (Image by Alex Ion / Decoist.com)
Closer look at the trendy mirrored bedroom closets (Image by Alex Ion / Decoist.com)
Create your own bedrooms dresser with a cool nighstand and a stylish mirror (Image by Alex Ion / Decoist.com)
Mirrored bedroom wardrobs give the small room a spacious appeal (Image by Alex Ion / Decoist.com)

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