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20 Nightstands and Bedside Tables That Add Golden Glint to the Bedroom

Few things survive time, and fewer trends survive even a span of a decade or two. But humanity’s love for gold and all things in its glittering hue seems to have survived, thrived and even grown over centuries and millenniums. From emperors who filled their places with gold to modern-day jewelry, gold has a strange and amazing grab over people. It is an understandable and undying adulation, and today we look at how you can add a dash of this sheen to your bedroom using nightstands and bedside tables in gold.

Dramatic Mediterranean bedroom with twin gold nightstands [From: Gordon Stein Design]

The nightstand is often about practicality, and those who want more shelf space often opt for larger bedside tables that allow them to hide away everything ranging from books to even beauty products and jewelry. But aesthetics matter as well, and a gold nightstand is the perfect way to add metallic shine, brightness and glamour to bedrooms of various styles without going overboard. Diverse, exquisite and inspirational, here are 20 such lovely bedrooms –

Contemporary Bedrooms with Gold Nightstands

Adding metallic accents and décor is a popular way of infusing brightness into a room without splurging on a more elaborate makeover. And few metallics work as well as gold in this regard. Bedside tables in gold become the instant focal points in contemporary bedrooms, where it is white and gray that generally shape a neutral backdrop. Sleeker nightstands are often the preferred choice here, as they blend in with modern aesthetics far more easily, and by simply repeating the shiny, yellow hue in other parts of the room, one can create a curated and coherent bedroom that is both charming and relaxing.

Bedside nesting tables in gold for the shabby chic bedroom in white [Design: Hugh Jefferson Randolph Architects]
Minimal bedside tables in gold for the vivacious contemporary bedroom [From: Consort Design]

The options vary from minimal nightstands in gold from IKEA that are simple and unassuming to modern icons like the Martini side table in gold for those looking to save up on space. Slim nightstands with a sculptural, golden base and a glass top are also popular in contemporary bedrooms and those looking for something even more unique can try out space-savvy nesting tables in gold.

Tropical bedroom with a colorful accent wall [Design: eDezeen]
Go contemporary and sleek with your gold bedside tables [Design: Terri White Design]
Contemporary bedroom with stylish gold nightstands and table lamps [Design: Lady of the HOUSE interior design]
Eclectic and light-filled bedroom with slim nightstands in gold [From: Lupe Clemente Fotografia]
Smart bedside table in gold is a space-saver [Photography: Anthony Lanneretonne]

Subtle and Understated

It is easy to believe that the gold nightstand is all about visual grandeur and a sense of opulence. (And we shall get to that in a minute) But a lovely gold bedside table with a matte finish can offer a completely different effect in a bedroom that is devoid of metallic finishes. Despite its understated presence, it brings in textural contrast to a room dominated by concrete, stone, glass or polished man-made finishes. Just couple this nightstand with pillow covers that also have a hint of golden aura, bedding with motifs that incorporate bright yellow, or even curtains and rugs in a matching hue, and you have a beautiful and classy bedroom.

Bedside tables from West Elm add a more restrained hue of gold to the bedroom [Design: Contour Interior Design]
Give your vintage nightstand a glittering gold makeover at home [Design: Rose Abby Design]
Matte finish for the gold nightstand makes it ideal for traditional bedrooms [Design: Nicola’s Home]

If you desire only a smidgeon of gold in the room then a black bedside table with gold edges and brass handles is a fine choice. Others can go down the DIY route and give their existing vintage nightstand or flea market find a quick makeover with gold spray paint.

Modern industrial bedroom with nightstands in gold and glass [Design: Décor Aid]
Who knew a bale of hay could add golden hue to the bedroom! [Design: Bevan Associates]
Just a hint of gold is what you get with these large bedside tables in black [Design: Preston Lee Design]

Flashy and Flamboyant

Mirrored gold nightstands definitely take the pole position when it comes to bedroom décor that ushers in extravagance inspired by Hollywood Regency. But think of options beyond the mirrored bedside table that are equally striking and yet far better suited to styles such as modern, traditional, transitional and Midcentury. Some of these charm you with their handcrafted beauty, while others dazzle with ornate motifs and design that bring elements of oriental style into the bedroom. Throw in a matching headboard and a couple of fabulous table lamps, and you are all set!

Gold nightstands need not be all about glitter and glam! [Design: Masterpiece Design Group]
Shabby chic coupled with glittering Hollywood Regency vibe in the bedroom [Design: Kathleen Burke Design]
Ornate gold bedside table brings a hint of oriental charm to the contemporary bedroom [Design: Caleb Anderson Design]
Gold bedside table becomes the focal point in this lovely Mediterranean bedroom [Design: Eliska Design Associates / Stephen Frak Photography]
Fabulous traditional bedroom with gold nightstands and ornate design [From: Betul Timsagan]
Wood and gold combined elegantly in the transitional bedroom [From: TRIO Environments]

Sherry Nothingam

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