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Old Brick Warehouse in Melbourne Finds New Life as a Bright Modern Loft

Adaptive reuse of old structures is not only a budget-friendly way to find a new home with unique flavor, but is also planet-friendly and saves on precious resources. The one-of-a-kind Fitzroy Loft in Melbourne, Australia personifies this smart and eco-sensitive approach to architecture, as Architects EAT transformed an old brick warehouse into a gorgeous, modern industrial loft. The 250-square-meter loft residence combines a wide range of textures and finishes along with modern aesthetics and industrial overtones to shape a living environment that is exciting, elegant and definitely distinct.

Contemporary industrial loft in Melbourne transformed from old warehouse

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At the heart of this rejuvenated structure are two central voids that bring natural light to the lower-level living area and create a breezy atmosphere indoors. Industrial-style windows with their dark, metallic frames accentuate the past of this Aussie home, even as exposed and whitewashed brick walls bring in all the textural beauty one could ask for. Open family spaces are coupled with intimate private areas and cleverly concealed bedrooms to offer a fine balance between social living and complete seclusion.

Floor-to-ceiling bookshelf adds both color and contrast to the loft home

Folding industrial style windows and brick walls for the snazzy loft living room

Modest living room connected with the yard and the view outside using folding glass doors

Industrial modern kitchen of the Fitzroy Loft

Carefully restored warehouse residence with industrial style and modern ergonomics

Dining room with exposed brick wall backdrop and a metallic bridge above

Fabulous bridge connecting the two wings on the upper level!

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Bridge-styled indoor metallic walkway for the loft home in Melbourne

The most striking feature of the home is undoubtedly the metallic bridge on the top level that connects the two different wings of the house. It is an absolute showstopper that instantly turns heads and gives the Fitzroy Loft its exceptional look. Large bookshelves, minimal décor and space-savvy cabinets complete a remarkable makeover that both awes and delights! [Photography: Derek Swalwell]

Textured walls and the metallic bridge give the converted warehouse residence a strong industrial vibe

Spiral metal staircase leading to the private home office

Bedroom and bathroom of the industrial loft delineated by sliding door

Classic industrial-style windows give the upper level bedroom a stylish and unique look

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Gorgeous bedroom in black and white with industrial style

Narrow bathroom design with industrial style in white

Covered courtyard of the FitzroyLoft in Melbourne

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