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36 Relaxing and Chic Scandinavian Bedroom Designs

Elegant, simple and beautiful; the unassuming charm of Scandinavian style draws us all in instantly. The classic Scandinavian design placed functionality above aesthetics and kept color to a bare minimum. In fact, minimalism is an inherent feature of this style, making it absolutely perfect for contemporary homes that love to veer towards the minimal. But over time, creative designers and homeowners have cleverly combined other styles with the Nordic approach to decorating to create a multitude of styles that brings a distinct personality to each setting.

Creative modern bedroom design with Scandinavian simplicity [Design: Skälsö Arkitekter]

Today we take a look at 36 awesome Scandinavian bedrooms that vary from the chic to the classic, and yet each one seems equally captivating in its own unique way. With summer and fall ahead, the style is also perfect for those looking to give their bedrooms a cheerful, breezy and stylish look that can be easily morphed into a cozy winter feel with a few simple changes down the line.

A Dash of Color

One amazing feature of Scandinavian bedrooms is the neutral backdrop that they offer, making it possible for you to decorate with statement pieces and sculptural additions in a truly exquisite fashion. It is almost like a blank canvas that is waiting to be filled with personality and distinct identity. Color is a great way of doing this, but make sure that you do not go overboard in this regard. When it comes to Scandinavian bedrooms, it is always curated pops of color that work best. With blue currently being the hottest hue in Scandinavian homes, this is a smart way forward. Once the accent hue has run its course, you can switch it out for another seasonal hotshot.

Gorgeous use of wallpaper in the stylish Scandinavian bedroom [Photography: Chris Snook]
Colorful bedding and a hint of greenery for the chic bedroom [From: The Way We Play]
Bird decal in the backdrop steals the show in this classy bedroom [From: Holly Marder]
Beautiful master bedroom with a relaxed Scandinavian style and pops of color [Design: Cornish Interiors]
Wall art and chic rug add color and pattern to the stylish Scandinavian bedroom [Design: Texas Construction Company]
A touch of green for the elegant bedroom in white [Design: Studio D]

Space-Savvy Designs

Adapting a Scandinavian style is not just about aesthetics alone, and it also gives an ergonomic advantage for those with a small bedroom. If you are short on space, the inherent simplicity of the Nordic style, its use of a neutral color palette with white being the predominant color, and the shunning of unnecessary accessories and decor are indeed big advantages! Yet, because of the wide use of push rugs, wooden bedside tables and ample natural ventilation, your small bedroom will neither seem sterile nor dreary.

Ingenious small bedroom design idea [Design: A+B KASHA Designs]
Throw in a cowhide rug for that trademark Scandinavian look [Design: Katleen Roggeman]
A touch of design inspiration on the bedroom walls! [Design: Britse & Company AB]

Efficient use of space is something that the Scandinavian style places a premium on and this is precisely why you see even the biggest bedrooms with this style ending up using only the square footage that is absolutely necessary. Once again, you can turn to bedding or an accent wall in cool, pastel hues to add color to this tiny, curated setting.

Blue as an accent hue works beautifully in Scandinavian style interiors [Design: VINTAGENCY]
Custom designed bed with a drop-lead desk in the headboard [Design: Malcolm Davis Architecture]
Smart Scandinavian bedroom of micro apartment in New York City [Design: Allen+Killcoyne Architects]
Stunning attic bedroom with glass walls – Explore this attic apartment
A simple color palette gives the bedroom an airy vibe [Design: Miriam Gassmann]
Make smart use of the small attic space [Design: Jigsaw Interior Architecture]

Tantalizing Textures

There are ways beyond color to give your bedroom visual contrast, and turning to a multitude of textures is an added bonus when it concerns Scandinavian style. Plush cowhide rugs, accent walls draped in wood, and a hint of shimmering copper in the form of a cool pendant light are all trendy ways that you can decorate your Scandinavian bedroom. Think of pieces such as smart nightstands, which make a really big impact on the overall ambiance of the bedroom while fitting into the Nordic style perfectly. Also consider picking a bed frame that is sleeker and made using natural wood.

Exposed brick wall brings textural beauty to the posh bedroom [Design: Jensen C. Vasil Architect]
Lovely bedroom with bedside pendant lights and wooden headboard wall [From: Urban Angles Photography]
Scandinavian bedroom with wooden accent wall and pops of gray [Design: Reed Design Group]
Interesting use of screen in the modern bedroom [From: Wellhausen Immobilien Styling]

We absolutely love Scandinavian bedrooms that feature a nifty sleigh or platform bed, as this instantly becomes the focal point of the room without trying too hard. You can build on this by adding an exposed brick wall that is painted white, custom bedside pendants, a few black and white posters and an understated nightstand (probably an upcycled piece from an old tree stump) to complete a truly relaxing, nature-centric bedroom design that is distinctly Scandinavian.

Elegant bedroom keeps the color palette simple and neutral [From: Alexander White]
Textured wall and sheer curtains usher in contemporary Scandinavian style [Design: Anna Shemuratova Interiors]
Unique bedroom design keeps things minimal [From: Denis Esakov Photography]
Wood brings inviting warmth to the trendy bedroom [Design: Katia Janowski]
Hanging bed adds to the breezy appeal of the bedroom [From: Callwey]
Pastels bring delicate beauty to the cheerful bedroom [Design: Cloud Studios]
Bedside table and plush rug bring warmth to the cool bedroom [Design: Shirley Meisels]

Back to the Basics!

While white needs no introduction in Scandinavian-style interiors, do not underestimate the importance of black and gray in the overall scheme of things. Black anchors the room, helps define and highlight the architectural features of your choice, and offers the ideal visual balance. Shades of gray enhance this seemingly monochromatic look and give the posh, minimal Scandinavian bedroom a more contemporary and sophisticated aura. Complement this approach by using simple straight lines, sleek floating shelves, and wardrobes that disappear into the pale background for a dream bedroom!

Backdrop in the bedroom leaves you spellbound [From: Rebel Walls]
Cozy bedroom with a clever workspace [Design: TG Studio]
Dashing attic bedroom in black and white [Design: MODEL Projects]
Natural ventilation and corner workspace add to the charm of the loft bedroom [From: Alvhem Brokerage and Interior]
Pendant lights add sculptural style to the trendy bedroom [Design: BuiltIN studio]
A truly unassuming bed for those who love minimalism! [Photography: Peter A. Sellar]
Budget Scandinavian style decorating idea [From: Louise de Miranda]
Classy Scandinavian bedroom idea for those who love just black, white and gray! [From: Holly Marder / Avenue Lifestyle]
Fabulous bedroom draped in Scandinavian minimalism [Design: Wohn.Fee Home Staging]

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