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50 Sleigh Bed Inspirations For A Cozy Modern Bedroom

Thanksgiving is barely a couple of weeks away and hot on its heels, Christmas frenzy is set to grip us all. And one of the classic images of Christmas depicts Santa hoping from rooftop to rooftop and racing across the world on his magical sleigh. While we might not be able to offer you a ride in Santa’s sleigh, we sure have some amazing substitutes lined up for you! The fabulous sleigh bed promises to add a subtle festive look to your bedroom even while making a great permanent addition to your bedroom. Elegant and dramatic, it becomes an instant focal point that exudes luxury and class.

A sleigh bed in gold brings in one of the hottest colors of the season

by Bravo Interior Design

A result of the French and American Empire period of design, the classic sleigh bed sports a large curved foot and headboard, which gives it the shape of a sleigh. But modern designers have done away with the ornate to ensure it becomes an organic part of contemporary interiors. Combing aesthetics and ergonomics, here are 50 sleigh bed inspirations that promise to keep you warm and snug even as winter chill starts to set in…

Brazilian mahogany sleigh bed sports some sensuous curves

by Tim Wood Limited

Cabin-styled bedroom with a large sleigh bed

by One swanky shop

Decor in matching wood grain accentuates the look of the sleigh bed

by Sheffield Furniture & Interiors

Fabulous sleigh bed in lovely natural wood

from Time 4 Sleep

Layered pattern & textures bring the bedroom alive
Small bedroom with a sleigh bed and ample natural ventilation

by Cecilia Staniec

Upholstered wall adds to the luxurious look of the bedroom

by Malibu West Interiors

Warm wooden tones make the bedroom far more inviting

from efurniture mart

Add some cool British Colonial Style to your guestroom

by Horchow

Stylish track lighting in the bedroom

by Leslie Saul & Associates

Large sleigh beds are perfect for spacious master bedrooms

by Lompier Interior Group

Bringing Home Textural Contrast

A gorgeous sleigh bed crafted in beautiful wood not only looks majestic, but it also instantly lifts the appeal of your bedroom by adding texture and intricate pattern to the setting. Sleigh beds are available in a variety of wood finishes and you can also opt for a more traditional wrought iron bed, in case your bedroom needs a hint of metallic charm. From rich leather finishes to plush upholstered fabric surfaces, there are plenty of options on offer. Since most contemporary bedrooms seem to be dominated by glass and concrete, the exquisite sleigh bed lends a lovely visual and textural balance to space.

Master bedroom with beautiful French doors and windows

by Yankee Barn Homes

Opulent brown leather sleigh bed design
Serene bedroom filled with cool organic textures

by AMI Design

Stunning sleigh bed adds both textural and geometric contrast to the bedroom

by Artistic Environments

Those looking to give their bedrooms a touch of eclectic aura can bring home antique sleigh beds that not only blend in with the theme beautifully, but also stand out as a bold decor addition. Whether it is lovely lattice designs or woven wicker finishes, you can rest assured that the sleigh bed will add to your existing bedroom theme.

Wooden ceiling steals the show in this bedroom!

by Birdseye Design

Carved marble fireplace and tufted sleigh bed bring opulence to the bedroom
Contemporary bedroom in grey with a stylish sleigh bed

by Buckingham Interiors + Design

Sleigh bed in wood exudes a wonderful organic appeal
Sleigh beds are available in a multitude of finishes
Exquisite bedroom employs different shades of grey

by Refined LLC

Intricate design of the amazing lattice sleigh bed

by Hayneedle

Lavish master bedroom with a sleigh style bed

by DuPont-Design

Girls’ bedroom in pink and white with a chic sleigh bed

by Wall Pops

Redefining the Classic Look

Most of us tend to assume that sleigh beds only come with expansive and curvy headboards and footboards and look like they have fallen right out of a Hollywood periodical. But that is nothing more than a stereotypic misconception and just like every other decor and furnishing, sleigh beds have also evolved leaps and bounds in the last century or two! Modern sleigh beds come in a variety of forms and designers have reinterpreted the classic look to create the perfect beds for sleek and minimal homes.

Cozy bedroom in warm and relaxing hues

by Artful Design Interiors

Custom sleigh bed in walnut frame brings that warm and cozy appeal

by Jamie Herzlinger

How about a sleigh that is turned upside down for a bed frame?

by Studio MM

Minimal form of the sleigh bed is inspired by Nordic design

by Work In Progress

Low-slung sleigh beds that do away with footboards and modern designs influenced by Scandinavian minimalism look simply stunning. The exaggerated curves of the traditional design have been transformed into subtle straight lines and sensuous arcs to usher in a contemporary look. Just browse through some of these fabulous modern sleigh bed designs and you will notice the magical transformation!

Sleek and modern take on the classic sleigh bed design

by SGH Designs

Versatile sleigh bed has plenty of stylish modern variants

by Space Planning and Design

Elegant bed maintains a low profile in the contemporary setting

by Fine Focus Photography

Gorgeous sleigh bed with some Italian improvisation!

by Susan Brook Interiors

Make the bed the focal point of your bedroom!

by AMW Design Studio

Cool curves of the sleigh bed on display!

by Martin Manley Architects

Scandinavian-styled sleigh bed is all about minimalist form

by Soorikian Architecture

Purple coupled with a hint of silver in the modern bedroom

Curvaceous Form and Comfy Appeal

While the modern designs work brilliantly for some, there are those who prefer the characteristic sleigh bed outline combined with ingenious modern finishes. Bringing together the best of both worlds, these beds incorporate unexpected fabric detailing or cool neutral colors that give the beds a modern makeover. Luxurious fabric like velvet further adds to the glam factor of the sleigh bed and is a perfect addition for a chic girls’ bedroom. While some sleigh beds clad in a dark wood finish anchor a room in light, muted tones others with upholstered padding and tufted headboards add softness to the space.

Bedroom with a black and white color scheme along with a dash of red

by Boutique Homes

Luxurious linens and lovely footstools add to the style of the sleigh bed

by Lauren Mikus

The sleigh bed anchors the bedroom filled with cool blue shades

by TerraCotta Properties

Unique bedroom sports a ladder to the private loft
Beautiful bedroom with unabated views and a fireplace in the corner

by Wylie Architecture Planning Interior Design

When it comes to designing a bedroom, the bed must squarely be the focal point of the room and the sleigh bed accomplishes this with ease. Affluent, opulent and surprisingly urbane, pick one that suits the theme and the style of your bedroom the best. And as you draw closer to Christmas each year, maybe you can even add some ornaments and a bit of tinsel… Though finding nine reindeer will not be all that easy!

Classic bedroom with a beautiful ceiling and a fabulous sleigh bed

by Debra Campbell Design

Ebonized empire-style sleigh bed blends in with the color scheme of the room

by Tucker & Marks

Leather custom-made sleigh bed blends in with the rustic theme

by Maraya Interior Design

Lovely lake view bedroom with an elegant sleigh bed

by Krannitz Gehl Architects

The sleigh bed is perfectly at home even in a trendy bachelor pad

by Leslie Saul & Associates

Curl up in your sleigh bed next to the bedroom fireplace

by McClellan Architects

Traditional bedroom with a trunk at the foot of the bed

by Sport Nobles Construction

Sleigh beds are perfect for simple and unassuming spaces as well

by Simplicity Interiors

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