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Hot Bedroom Design Trends Set to Rule in 2015!

As we kick start the New Year and shake away the holiday blues, it’s time to take a look at the design trends that will be making the biggest impact in 2015. The bedroom is one place where your personal taste, style and choices override fashionable trends and the latest design styles. Yet you can always find that perfect balance between what is ‘in’ and what you love to create a serene and truly chic bedroom. Much like the case of the predicted trends for bathroom design in 2015, it will be a blend of the exciting and the relaxing that will hold sway and woo homeowners in the months to come.

Custom-made hanging wall plants give the bedroom a unique look [Design: i3 design group]

The major trends of 2014 set the tone for those in the year ahead, and you will see designers trying to find that elusive balance between the modern and the timeless. From bedrooms that make a grand visual statement to those that offer the perfect tranquil retreat amidst the urban chaos, 2015 offers something for everyone!

Mid-Century Modern Flair!

It was more than a couple of years ago when the first wave of Midcentury modern designs started to really make a huge impact on the global stage. Television shows like Mad Men fueled this trend even further, and today we see almost every home turning towards a timeless Midcentury piece to elevate the appeal of its interior. 2015 will see this trend shaping the bedroom with iconic Midcentury decor making its way into the bedroom. But it is not furniture alone that will set the tone, as simple, clean lines coupled with bold colors add to this vibrant theme.

Abstract art gives the midcentury bedroom a modern flavor [Design: Chris Nguyen, Analog – Dialog]
Add Midcentury decor to spice up your contemporary bedroom [Design: Supon Phornirunlit / Naked Decor]
Beautiful wallpaper adds midcentury flavor to the bedroom [Design: Kropat Interior Design]

While the retro magic of the ’60s finds its way into our homes in the form of Midcentury style, make sure that you put a modern spin on it. Combine these loud and audacious elements with contemporary aesthetics and sleek silhouettes to achieve the ideal balance. Curvy accent additions and colorful wallpaper help accentuate this look.

Cozy bedroom has a stylish, relaxing ambiance [Design: Jamie Bush & Co.]
Clean lines and pops of color bring back the 60s! [Design: AB design studio]
Understated platform bed is perfect for the Midcentury modern bedroom [Design: Tara Bussema – Neat Organization and Design]
Elegant use of color in the bedroom [Design: Joel Dessaules Design]

Reinvent Antique and Rustic Looks

We did discuss how copper is increasingly becoming the most popular metallic accent when it comes to 2015 kitchen trends. The influx of metallic additions with golden hues into the bedroom along with a shift towards more nature-centric designs means that 2015 is the time to try out the chic rustic style in the bedroom. Once again, think about a blend of modern and rustic elements instead of fully committing to just one style. Beds with an iron frame, ornate chandeliers and natural wood walls work beautifully with this bedroom style. Also add an antique piece or two to truly give the room an inimitable and exclusive vibe.

Antique sewing machines used as bedside tables [Design: Southern Traditions Window Fashions]
Elegantly organized bedroom with a rustic flavor [Design: California Closets]
Combine modern and rustic touches for a unique bedroom [Design: Dianne Davant and Associates]
Innovative spin of the rustic bedroom design [Design: Inspired Dwellings]
Redone antique bed used in the industrial bedroom [From: Chris A. Dorsey Photography]

Refreshing Green Elegance

Do you decorate your bedside table with a lovely vase filled with seasonal flowers? While that does add beauty and a touch of feminine charm to the space, why not go a step further this year by filling the lonely corner with a potted plant. Plants may seem like a simple addition that you might even overlook while browsing through bedroom design ideas, but they make a big difference to both the aesthetics and the quality of the room’s atmosphere. Those with smaller bedrooms can turn towards living wall systems to usher in some greenery. Also, try opening up your bedroom towards the garden or the green canopy outside to give the space an energizing, natural backdrop.

Add a tropical flavor to your bedroom with potted plants [Design: Sennikoff Architects]
Gorgeous living wall installations in the bedroom [Design: Lindy Donnelly]
A creative way of adding natural greenery to the bedroom [Design: Bernbaum-Magadini Architects]
Serene contemporary master bedroom with a pop of orange [Design: NXG Studio]

Bold, Rich Hues

If bright accent colors were popular for the last few years, expect the coming year to turn up the volume and embrace rich, vibrant hues in a more elaborate fashion when it comes to bedroom color palettes. Pantone has already crowned the exciting Marsala as its color of the year, and luxurious purples, sumptuous yellows and dark greens will also be preferred ahead of boring beige and simple white, even in the bedroom. If you’re less certain about committing to such rich hues, then use bedding, drapes or pillows in the color before making more permanent changes.

Fabulous modern bedroom showcases urban glam [Design: RSVP Design Services]
Pantone color of the year Marsala used for the bedroom walls [Design: Harrell Remodeling]
Exquisite bedroom in yellow exudes opulence [Design: Jeffers Design Group]
Purple velvet brings an air of luxury to the small bedroom [Design: Amy Noel Design]

Sherry Nothingam

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