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Hot Kitchen Design Trends Set to Sizzle in 2015

When it comes to home renovations and remodels, one room that is on the top of the list for most people is the kitchen. Kitchen renovations can be incredibly daunting when you are not really sure of the direction to take. Yet they can be exciting and loads of fun when you have a clear idea of the budget at your disposal and the style and ambiance you are shooting for. And if you are heading into 2015 thinking about adding that extra bit of ‘spice’ to your kitchen, we have just the thing for you. From celebrating the glory of warm metallic hues to classics that never seem to go out of fashion, it is the lineup of the hottest trends set to rule in 2015!

Edwardian-style inspired kitchen with La Cornue oven in glittering copper [Design: Artichoke]

While we do not believe that trends should always dictate the overall look of your kitchen, you can choose to use them sporadically to get the best out of both long term and short term designing goals. This is especially true for those looking to give their kitchen an entirely new direction without committing to it for decades to come. So, as you browse through these hip kitchen trends, you might well find that last little missing piece that will complete your dream kitchen.

Go Bold with Black

The trend in the last decade has been to turn towards white for a soothing, elegant and neutral kitchen backdrop. It is an understandable phenomenon with contemporary style influencing many of the designs. White also lets the accent hues that you add to the space shine that much brighter! But over the past few years, the color spectrum has slowly started moving towards the other end, and this year gray began taking over. In 2015, we go a step further with black becoming the sought-after shade in the kitchen. Black brings an air of sophistication to the kitchen and gives it a sleek, bold aura.

Gorgeous contemporary kitchen for those who love black! [Design: Tomas Frenes Design Studio]
Black brings modern refinement to a traditional kitchen [Design: Kitchen Designs by Ken Kelly]

If you are not too happy about using black extensively and feel it turns the kitchen into a sterile space, then use it to highlight details and anchor a kitchen that is draped in cool neutrals. Black cuts across different styles ranging from farmhouse and industrial to contemporary and minimal. And for those who prefer a more timeless look, there is always the option of a classy black and white kitchen.

Loft-like design of the kitchen adds to its fabulous appeal [Design: Renovation Design Group]
Give your kitchen a sophisticated dark backdrop [Design: Stephane Chamard]
Black marble island adds a touch of luxury to the kitchen [Design: LDa Architecture & Interiors]

Unleash Metallic Magic

What can we tell you about metallic accents and fixtures that we have not already discussed through the last half of 2014! It has been a season of warm metallic hues with gold, copper and bronze replacing the usual suspects such as silver and chrome. This trend has made a significant impact in both the world of fashion and the world of interior design, and expect it to continue on this merry path all through 2015 as well. For the kitchen, think of faucets and fixtures in bright golden hues to bring a dash of luxury without going over the top. Lighting fixtures such as the Tom Dixon pendants in shiny copper are also a great choice.

Midcentury kitchen with a touch of golden charm! [Design: McCraw Design & Development]
Elegant blend of eclectic and industrial styles in the kitchen [Design: Redesign London Limited]
Fabulous use of gold and silver lighting fixtures in the kitchen [Design: Thermador Home Appliances]
Faucets with a golden glint are perfect for a kitchen makeover in 2015 [Design: Workstead]
Hand-rubbed antique finish of the pendants steals the show here! [From: Jim Schmid Photography]

A Dynamic Social Hub

The idea of the kitchen being the heart and soul of the house has been taken a step further in 2014 with the popularity of the social kitchen. Turning the traditional kitchen into a family-friendly hub that promotes interaction and creates a fun hangout, the concept blurs the boundaries between the kitchen and the areas around it. Adding an extended breakfast nook in the kitchen, a small banquet in that lonely forgotten kitchen corner or even a cozy tufted bench next to the window is a great start in getting this accomplished. The idea is to ensure that every member of your family feels comfortable hanging out in the kitchen.

Beautiful kitchen allows for easy interaction with the dining space [Design: Sabal Homes]

One can even add a small workstation or kids’ play area next to the kitchen so that no one is left out. The shape and the ultimate design of a true social kitchen depend on the specific needs of your family. So get creative and make the best use of available space to turn the kitchen into a hip and happening spot in 2015!

Lovely kitchen becomes a natural extension of the living and dining space [Design: The Works]
Custom crafted kitchen island turns the kitchen into a cool hangout [Design: The Sky is the Limit Design]
Kitchen island extends to shape a built-in banquette [Photography: Jo-Ann Richards]
Corner bench makes use of limited space on offer in the small kitchen [Design: Nguyen Architects]
Turn the kitchen island into the focal point of your open plan living area [Design: Neil Lerner]

Timeless Shaker Style

A truly iconic piece of furniture or a midcentury masterpiece is an investment worth making as it will last you a lifetime. In fact, it is an acquisition that will serve the family across generations at times! The shaker-style kitchen cabinetry is one such addition that never goes out of style and always works well with almost any theme that you have going. Shaker-inspired cabinets can fit in with styles ranging from the rustic to the minimal and it is often the finish and the accessories around that them their final look. Simple, functional and beautiful, they also add textural brilliance to the kitchen.

Exquisite use of Shaker style cabinets in the transitional kitchen [Design: Atmosphere Interior Design]
Farmhouse style kitchen with a touch of timeless class! [Design: Rafe Churchill: Traditional Houses]
Gray adds modernity to the Shaker-style kitchen cabinets [Design: Mango Design Co.]
Trendy kitchen with Shaker style doors and drawers in walnut [Design: Braam’s Custom Cabinets]
Cool contemporary kitchen with Shaker style cabinetry [Design: UB Kitchens]
Shaker cabinets blend in with any style of your choice [Design: RLH Studio]

Sherry Nothingam

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