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Cool DIY Green Living Wall Projects For Your Home

The gorgeous green living wall is not an idea that is solely exclusive to the modern world. Beautiful green gardens that were precariously hanging onto the walls of structures have also graced ancient times. While the Hanging Gardens of Babylon are considered one of ancient world’s greatest wonders, many modern living wall projects bring the same joy and delight in smaller packages! Brilliant, audacious and fresh, living walls are indeed a great addition to any contemporary residence. But how about creating this vibrant delight all on your own?

Combine several different wooden pallets to create a grand living wall

DIY living wall projects can be a plenty of fun if you have basic DIY skills and the right guide. Instead of buying an already complete living wall, this also gives you a choice in terms of the succulents and plants you wish to incorporate. From whimsical patterns, to a stunning cloak of greenery, there is both room for creativity and individualized look in case of DIY vertical gardens. And here are a few that will definitely tempt you to get started this weekend!

DIY Pallet Living Wall

The simple and convenient form of a shipping pallet makes it an ideal choice for a DIY living wall structure. The project showcased here converts an old, salvaged pallet into a beautiful living wall unit. While it does take descent amount effort to get it done, the end result is well worth all the work. One of the pluses is that the maker of this DIY project, Dave Upshaw, got it done in just a day. So it does sound like an ideal fun weekend family project!

Hang it just right!

Make sure that you are careful with watering once your living wall is up and good to go. Too much of moisture can be harmful to the living wall and could lead to the growth of mold. Place it in a location where the plants get sufficient sunlight. A spot next to a window would be real nice.

Detailed instructions to help with the DIY living wall project
Finished DIY living wall crafted from a shipping pallet

Gorgeous Hanging Flower Box

If you are looking for something that is far more elaborate than the simple living wall project, then the hanging flower box works just fine. Not only is it far more complex, but the results are simply stunning. Definitely the most elegant of all the DIY living wall ideas, this one steals the show with ease. Split into four different stages, the project involves assembling a bed, adding a French cleat, the frame and an efficient irrigation system.

Hanging flower box makes a brilliant vertical garden

The colors here are simply hypnotic. But you can choose flowers and plants of your choice. Introducing a bit of green somewhere in between is not a bad idea at all. Remember though that the plants take a while to settle in. So, in case you want to get the hanging flower box ready for the festive season, better start a month or two early!

The planted bed takes a couple of weeks to settle down

DIY Vertical Succulent Garden

Once again, this is a DIY project that we adore as it puts to use something that would have otherwise been thrown out along with the junk. This particular living wall idea uses an old vintage frame to create a cool hanging succulent garden. Of course, with succulents being all the rave in the indoor living wall universe, it is hard to go wrong with this one!

Hanging succulent DIY garden from vintage frame

Chicken wire was used to craft the frame that holds the succulents while Oak wood made the back support. Old frames are not too hard to find in most homes and often the simple sit in the attic collecting dust. Add a nice addition of succulents (borrow a few if you do not wish to spend too much!) and you are all set.

Wired framework of the hanging garden
DIY living wall idea from a vintage frame

A Hint of Wood along with Green!

Wooden living wall DIY ideas are pretty popular because they look inherently beautiful. Wood lends that an inviting organic look to a vertical garden. While some other hanging planters do look stunning, the simple living wall crafted from an old wooden crate or pallet has that inimitable sense of warmth. With eco-consciousness and green design now becoming the ‘in’ trend, these stylish DIY ideas help in giving your interiors that amazing touch of natural goodness.

Indoor living wall kits are easy to replicate
Turning an old wooden crate into a gorgeous living wall

An old wooden crate can be re-purposed to create a fabulous living wall. The one above was created from a salvaged soda crate, chicken wire, fine mixture of highly absorbent soil and of course a hint of creativity. From simple succulents to large pencil cactus, you can place pretty much anything that fits in there and works well with the soil type.

Remember that the better the wooden crate, the more amazing your living wall would be. A crate with metallic support at the edges or even that is twice the normal size only makes the vertical garden all the more special. You can always use simpler and more contemporary versions of the pallet living garden like the ones from gardeners. They look minimalist in style and yet usher in green delights!

Wood seems like a perfect companion for all the green

If you have the luxury of incorporating the heavy DIY pallet living garden into the structure of your wall, then give it a shot. It works well as a permanent installation as well. You can obviously alter the plant and succulent varieties to change its look along with changing seasons.

Make sure you give some time for the plants to settle down
A mini-herb garden in the living wall style looks great in the kitchen
Colorful wall planter all set to grace your home’s interior

Working with Modular Vertical Wall Panels

Modular vertical wall panels are another wonderful option to build your own living wall structure. This is perfect for those might not be all that happy about getting their hands a bit too dirty with all the hard work! The panels come with an integrated support structure and hence you need not worry about stability. Yet, they still give you the joy of undertaking a full-fledged DIY project. You can even add an in-built irrigation system if you are one those who might forget about watering the plants.

Modern and stylish to the core
Make sure you find the right spot for your living wall installation
Combine different colors of succulents to get a more vibrant look

These wall panels also help in easily creating extensive living walls. Since each panel links up with the next seamlessly, your imagination is the limit here! Flora Grubb modular wall panels on show here surely seem to come alive with the right combination of succulents. You though are free to make a living wall in shape and style of your choice using one of these units.

Vertical garden succulent wall panels
Vertical living wall panels from Flora Grubb
A closer look at the succulent living wall design

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