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Hot Trends: Decorate Your Home With the Colors of the Season

It’s that time of year when we are busy with holiday shopping, party planning and gift wrapping. It is also the time to get your home ready for the grand festivities ahead and give it a fresh, inviting new look. With winter already making its presence felt in many parts of the world, it is also high time to shift from fall decorating to winter wonders! And as always, we are here to bring you the latest in terms of the hottest interior design trends of the season and the best furnishing finds.

Today we delve into the color trends for winter 2015

Chair, throw pillows and table lamps bring pops of gold to the room [Design: Arnold Schulman Design Group]

Dark Magic and Gold Dust!

One of the popular decorating trends of 2015 has been the exquisite use of metallic hues and accents to infuse energy into a setting. This style statement is set to continue even into 2016, and winter is the perfect time to stock up on glitter to add additional pomp to the holiday festivities. But the real showstopper of the season is a beautiful and elegant blend of black and gold that combines glamour with a sense of cool sophistication. Black and yellow has always been a hot combination, but this winter, replace classic yellow with the radiance of gold.

Use golden glint to shape a luxurious bedroom [Design: Design-OD]
Black bedroom with lovely golden accents [Design: Atmosphere Interior Design]
Regal Mediterranean bathroom in black and gold [From: Martin King Photography]

The black and gold duo works in pretty much any room, and you can vary the amount of each of these hues to create a color palette that complements styles ranging from Hollywood Regency to modern minimalist. For those who are more tentative about a new color scheme, try out a black accent wall and lighting fixtures in gold before you make more substantial changes.

Black and gold backdrop for the dining space [Photography: Moshi Gitelis]
Backlit Onyx is a great way to bring in the wow factor! [Photography: Marco Joe Fazio]
Unique wall covering adds to the appeal of the room [Design: Janet Paik]
Contemporary living room in black and gold [Design: ABRAMS]
Elegant home office in black and gold [Design: Atmosphere Interior Design]

Vibrant Navy Blue

The color navy blue is often associated with nautical themes and summer-inspired interiors. For those who are happy with this look all year long, navy blue is a great choice indeed. But this winter, navy blue is making big waves as an exclusive winter shade that replaces the usual greens and reds. Rich, classy and versatile, it can be used in themes that range from rustic and farmhouse to contemporary and industrial. A bold navy blue accent wall that also houses the fireplace in the living room or bedroom can become an instant focal point and a perfect backdrop for your Christmas festivities.

Hale Navy is both stylish and cheerful [Design: LGB Interiors]
Posh bachelor pad embraces Navy blue [Design: Elizabeth Reich]
A beautiful hangout next to the fireplace for the winter ahead [From: Corynne Pless]

Again, for those who have color commitment issues, plush bedding in navy blue is a great way to add this vivid hue without actually committing to permanent changes. Obviously, this makes a stronger visual impact when you have a bedroom that boasts a warm, neutral backdrop. A touch of navy blue for the kitchen island or the home office will also make a big impression with ease.

A simple way to bring in the blues – Cozy bedding for the chilly days ahead! [From: Sharyn Cairns]
Fabulous kitchen island in Navy blue [Design: Sealy Design]
Old Navy from Benjamin Moore on the walls along with bright fuchsia decor [Design: JTW Design]
Navy blue walls transform the ambiance of the kitchen [Design: Erica Islas / EMI Interior Design]

The Charm of Charcoal

Black, gold and navy blue; it is indeed a lineup of colors that stands out and steals the show. But every season needs its own hot new neutral, and this winter it is again from the family of gray (we wonder when designers will start getting bored with the many shades of gray). Charcoal gray is indeed ideal for shaping snug interiors as the landscape outside the window turns to white. A touch darker than most other shades of gray, it still works beautifully with other bold accent colors. Apart from the usual lineup of suspects, both hot fuchsia and elegant purple combine well with charcoal gray!

Give the small room a cozy appeal this winter with gray [Design: Tom Stringer Design Partners]
Add some charcoal gray to elevate the aesthetics of the small home office [Design: Meister Construction]
Cool bedroom accent wall in gray [Design: Space Harmony]

As always, remember that color trends are there to guide you, but you should still go with colors that you absolutely love. Today’s featured hues allow you to incorporate pops of the season’s hippest colors while keeping your existing color scheme intact. So as you get your home ready for the holidays, dip into these colors for a trendier look.

Charcoal gray lends sophistication to the room [Design: Board and Vellum]
A touch of gray for the contemporary kitchen [Design: Artistic Designs for Living, Tineke Triggs]
Wall covering in charcoal gray for a cozy dining room [Design: Fiorella Design]
Charcoal gray brings elegance to any space it adorns [Design: Anjali Pollack Design]

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