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10 Beautiful Bedrooms That Will Take You Back to Black!

When it comes to bedroom color palettes, a color that is often overlooked is black. Decorating with black is considered by many as a risky affair at the best of times, and the popular trend has been to use light, relaxing backdrops in the bedroom along with bright accent hues. The resurgence of gray as the hot new neutral has also helped in pushing black to the backdrop. Yet, bedrooms in black are beautiful, stylish and have an inimitable visual flair that is hard to match. Black bedrooms can turn that small space into a chic refuge where the bold and the dramatic meet cozy, contemporary flamboyance!

An Air of Sophistication

Black is one of the automatic choices in the color scheme when it comes to shaping cool bachelor pads. The bedroom is no different in this regard, and the dark backdrop allows the beautiful light fixtures and the wonderful vase collection to shine through brilliantly. The ceiling, ambient light fixtures, the carpet and the bed are all draped in black to accentuate this effect. A perfect example of how fabulous lighting can alter the appeal of a dark room…

Black looks exquisite in the bachelor pad bedroom [Design: Tomas Frenes Design Studio]

Glossy graphic circles in silver ensure that the dark backdrop is not too monotonous, while the white bedding and pillows offer perfect visual contrast. The black wallpaper adds much more than just color to the room. It brings texture and pattern in a casual, beautiful fashion. Both the nightstands and the table lamps give the room symmetry, making it seem a lot more airy.

Contemporary bedroom uses black in a playful manner [Design: MPD London]

While the general norm is to have an all-white background with trims in darker shades, this unique contemporary bedroom embraces black and turns towards white for the trims! A dark ceiling makes the visual effect even more stark, while the playful addition of red creates an instant focal point in the room.

Bedroom looks light and airy despite the use of black [Design: Philip Nimmo Design]

Go Beyond the Walls

You need not always paint the walls black to bring the allure of the dark hue into your bedroom. This homeowner has used the ceiling to bring in the bold color. The wallpaper lends visual lightness to the room, as well as plenty of color and pattern. Dark cabinets in the room and the bedding ensure that black remains the dominant color in this eclectic bedroom.

Look towards the ceiling to bring in some black [Design: Fiddlehead Design Group]

The delicate balance between black and white in this modern minimalist bedroom is what gives the space its inimitable aura. While the ceiling and the gorgeous drapes usher in white, the flooring and the wall behind the bed bring in the touch of black. A wonderful blend of natural and artificial light gives the bedroom a warm, inviting vibe.

Fabulous bedroom in black with a minimal vibe [Design: Troy Dean Interiors]

Paisley is a pattern that is both classic and recognized across the world. Yet finding it in a trendy, contemporary bedroom does take you by surprise. It becomes even more unique when it is paired with black to shape a refined and ravishing bedroom. Here is another lovely instance of using bedding, drapes and wallpaper to add black to the room in a stunning way.

Turn towards black in a subtle fashion! [Design: Sacha Jacq Interiors]

Creativity and Color

Black looks gorgeous even in traditional bedrooms, and smart pops of orange infuse life into this relaxed setting. Black lamp shades, four-poster bed frame and the dark backdrop blend with one another elegantly, while ample natural ventilation ensures that there are no dark corners in the room. The addition of white trim also helps in giving the room better definition.

Black brings a dash of elegance to the traditional bedroom [Design: McCroskey Interiors]

One color that looks truly splendid when paired with black is yellow, and this ingenious bedroom celebrates the pairing in a brilliantly abstract way. The jigsaw headboard is the showstopper here, and the presence of a dark, uniform background allows it to become the focal point. A yellow bedside table, throw pillows and vase add further tinges of yellow to the glamorous room.

Custom jigsaw headboard in the black bedroom [Design: Windsor Decorating and Design]

Metallic accents have leaped to the top of the latest trends chart in 2014, and if you are not too happy with yellow, gold is another great option. Even though black is the dominant color in this bedroom along with white, it is the carefully placed gold accents that draw your eyes instantly here. And if you are ever bored with the color, you can easily switch to another shade without too much hassle. Exquisite framed black and white photographs also play an important role in shaping the ambiance of the room.

Black with a hint of gold in the bedroom [Design: Atmosphere Interior Design]

Bright lights, a splash of yellow and the iconic Nelson pendant light are the first things that you notice in this bedroom. Yet it is the all-black backdrop that puts the spotlight on these additions! Working with black in a teen bedroom is easy, and it leaves you with a room that can be easily turned into an adult bedroom without a major makeover. Cool and classy to the core!

Sleek black is the perfect choice for the teen bedroom [Design: Sally Wheat Interiors]

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