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Four Poster Bed: Usher In The Holiday Retreat Vibe!

Luxurious and elegant, the four-poster bed is one of those amazing furnishings that instantly lifts the aura of any bedroom. Starting its journey in Europe somewhere around the 1400s, the bed has been a symbol of affluence and royalty. With changing trends and times, the classic four-poster bed design has seen many twists and turns. Yet, at its core, it remains the same extravagant and iconic furnishings that draws your attention almost instantly. Elaborate designs, exotic carvings, silk and satin fabric were once an integral part of the four-poster.

Carpet and the four-poster help demarcate the bedroom in an open floor plan

by interieurs By Francine Gardner

But with contemporary design leaning towards minimalism, the excesses have been done away with. The four-poster is a perfect fit in the sleek and stylish modern homes as well. Distinct and dramatic, the bed is a must have for those who would like to add a touch of opulence and panache to their beautiful bedroom.

Cube ottomans at the end of the four-poster add a contemporary appeal

by Maurizio Pellizzoni Design

Curved mahogany bedposts clearly steal the show here!

by Sandvold Blanda Architecture + Interiors

Four-poster bed with ultra thin posts!

by The Design Atelier

Kids’ bedroom with an imaginative and fun four-poster bed

by Katie Rosenfeld Design

Mirror creates greater visual space in the compact bedroom

by Toronto Interior Design Group

Lovely bedroom in cream and lime green with a gorgeous four-poster bed

by ingam

Breezy bedroom lifts your spirits instantly

by AMW Design Studio

A Room within a Room!

This is one of those wonderful architectural elements that the four-poster bed brings along with it. There was a time when the elaborate Elizabethan style ensured that there was a beautiful panel on the top along with four really ‘stand out’ posts on each end. But that has changed with time. While the transformation of the four-poster into the canopy bed works, current design trend has ensured that the embellishments are often kept to a minimum. Despite this, the four-poster distinctly creates a private little niche within a room.

Create a luxurious and beautiful guest bedroom with the four-poster

by Dreamstar Custom Homes

Custom designed 4-poster bed in hammered bronze

by Shelley Starr Design

This style of design works amazingly well for large bedrooms. Yet, even smaller spaces can incorporate the bed with equal ease. One of the popular misconceptions is that the four-poster comes only in the queen size. While a salesman might want you to believe that, smaller versions are easily available and look equally majestic!

Gray bedroom with four poster bed exudes a distinctly masculine style!

by Rottmann Collier Architects

Interesting wall art above the headboard

by Carlyn And Company Interiors + Design

Making black work in the bedroom with a canopy bed

by Tracy Murdock Allied ASID

Pick a four-poster bed that matches the existing hues of the room

by Laura U

Plush girls’ bedroom in pink and white

by Fabrizia Frezza Architecture & Interiors

Luxury befitting Royalty

There is a reason why some of the top luxury resorts and exotic destinations across the globe use the four-poster for their best villas and suites. The bed is all about a sense of excitement and unrivaled comfort. The sheer visual of the four-poster draped in pristine white fabric and decorated with lovely throw pillows makes a room both elegant and ravishing. Dubbed as the bed of kings, the four-poster has always carried along with it this aura of prosperity. Though modern design and prices make it far more affordable and acceptable to everyone, it still carries along with it that hint of exclusivity.

Invite home the luxury suite style with the four-poster bed
Use accent colors to bring a modern look

by MJ Lanphier

Plush headboards, upholstered footboards, a bench at the foot of the bed, beautiful ottomans and rich accessories help further drive home the magic of the four-poster. Many of the current designs do away with outer canopy rails and this further adds to the modern makeover of this classic bed.

Mirrored four-poster bed brings in Hollywood Regency Style

by Elizabeth Gordon

Fit in the four-poster elegantly in a small bedroom

by Julia Mack Design

Colors in the bedroom bring in the nautical theme

by Katie Denham Interiors

Bedrooms with high ceilings make an ideal setting for the four poster bed

by BarlisWedlick Architects

Beautiful spindles create the image of a four-poster using a platform bed

by Annette English

Contemporary and Classy

To say that the contemporary four-poster beds are a stripped down version of the original design would be a pretty fair analysis. The thick posts have been thinned down and crafted to meet the aesthetics of a current home. Clean and well defined lines are definitely taking over and the bed is moving in similar direction as well. Black four-posters are pretty popular currently for the bold visual contrast and element of surprise they bring in. yet, always pick one of these depending on the theme of your room and the result you wish to achieve with the makeover.

Brilliant modern bedroom with an exquisite four-poster bed

by Chelsea Court Designs

Stylish contemporary bedroom with a fabulous four-poster bed

by Applegate Tran Interiors

From Asian-themed bedrooms to semi-minimalist settings, the four-poster works like a charm pretty much anywhere and everywhere. Tall ceilings offer a perfect heaven for this uniquely designed bed. Curvaceous at times and crisply contemporary on others, the four-poster ushers in flair and flamboyance every single time!

Blend of radiant colors and the four-poster come together perfectly!

by Fringe Design

Cool and stylish way to add the four-poster bed to a small bedroom

by Great Neighborhood Homes

Twin four-poster beds with Ajax Ottomans

by Yvonne McFadden

Four-poster bed adds class to the spacious bedroom

by Andrea Braund Home Staging & Design

Relatively small modern bedroom using the four-poster bed

by David Churchill

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