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21 Gorgeous Gray Nursery Ideas

When you think of decorating a new room, going in for a renovation or trying to give your home a quick, seasonal makeover, one of the first things that comes to mind is ‘color’. The color of the room is often what defines the ambiance of the space and accentuates the theme and style of your choice. When it comes to modern nursery design, the choosing the right color is even more important. While many homeowners love to turn the nursery into a ‘color fest’, there are plenty of ways in which you can create a stunning nursery with more restrained shades like gray.

Beautiful nursery in gray and turquoise with woodsy charm! [From: Babble]

Gray nursery rooms exude a sense of sophistication, elegance, serenity and style that is simply unmatched. With its amazing array of shades that range from the warm and cozy to the cool and cheerful, you have plenty to choose from indeed. Here are 21 fabulous inspirations to get you started on the right path!

Creative Use of Color

The versatility of gray is that it can be used as a beautiful neutral shade or as a color that defines the room and infuses it with liveliness. While some parents might prefer to know the gender of their child well in advance, gray is a great choice for those who prefer to wait or want a gender-neutral nursery for their twins! You can still make the most of the preparations for the gorgeous nursery by using a fabulous gray backdrop along with some chic prints and patterns. Adding an additional color depending on the gender of the child is then made pretty easy. Instead of painting the walls pink, blue, red or orange, just usher in these lovely colors using decor and accessories.

Gender neutral nursery for twins [Design: Regan Baker Design]
Gorgeous contemporary nursery in gray and white [From: Jute Interior Design]
Colorful and classy girls’ nursery idea [Design: Blu Sky Living]

Gray has a visually cozy, calming effect on your little one and turns the nursery into a tranquil place. It also allows you to move away from white as a background shade and gives the room a more exciting, trendy appeal. Most bright colors look simply stunning when paired with gray in an elegant fashion, making it an even more alluring choice indeed. The best part is that you can swap out these accent additions to alter the color scheme of the room at a later time with ease.

Usher in color with decor and accessories [Design: Lucy and Company]
Gray-green walls add a glossy backdrop to the eclectic bedroom [Design: Twinkle and Whistle]
Pops of pink add a feminine touch to the posh nursery [From: Lisa Petrole Photography]
Orange, grey and teal in the nursery [Design: Butter Lutz Interiors]

Walls that Come Alive

Instead of just relying on bright colors to create a vibrant nursery, turn toward complex patterns and geometric decor additions to create a truly captivating nursery. The presence of different patterns, textures and shapes also helps make the nursery environment far more stimulating for the tiny tot. Infuse the room with cool chevron pattern decor or spell out the name of your baby in bright neon to create brilliant focal points even while using grey in an extensive manner. Stars, stripes, wall stencils and wallpaper can all be used to elevate the appeal of nurseries clad in gray.

Chevron accent wall created with tape and paint [Design: Kristin McCue]
Let your kid be the shining star of the room! [Design: Lulu Designs]
Wallpaper with stars adds pattern in an understated fashion [Design: Prime Renovations]
Cool gray for the nursery walls [Design: Nic Darling]
An accent wall with geometric pattern in the nursery [Design: Beckwith Interiors]
Posh nursery in white and gray [Design: m monroe design]

Get Smart with Space!

When creating a beautiful, modern nursery, one of the biggest constraints one comes across is space. Using a gray backdrop gives the nursery a more spacious and airy appeal while ensuring that there is no visual fragmentation. Yet, it replaces the boring monopoly of white and gives the room a posh, refined ambiance. Combining gray with pops of yellow or turquoise is a great idea, as it adds much needed cheerfulness to the small nursery without actually flooding it with unnecessary color. By keeping the decor simple and the floor plan smart, one can make the most of the small nursery while giving it a glamorous look.

Wonderful use of the corner nook in the room [Design: John K. Anderson Design]
Small, cozy nursery design idea [Design: Alykhan Velji Design]
Exquisite use of corner space in the nursery [Design: EM Design Interiors]

The many shades of gray also give you an opportunity to design a nursery that grows along with your little one. By choosing a stylish gray backdrop and adding color and pattern with additional layers of decor, stencils and accessories, one can give the room a quick upgrade at any given time. This is also a cost-effective choice and makes far more sense than committing to an extravagant, dedicated nursery design that your child will outgrow in no time.

Lovely window seat addition in the modern nursery [Design: Veridian Homes]
A room that grows along with the needs of your kid [From: Andrew Snow Photography]
Gray with a touch of silver in the nursery [Design: Interior Style by Marisa Moore]
Restrained use of red in the nursery [Design: Steffanie Danby Interiors]

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