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Tips for Decorating a Small Nursery

Decorating a small nursery can seem like a huge challenge, especially when you’re preparing for a baby in so many other ways. How will you get everything you need into a space that is compact? Believe it or not, dealing with small space issues isn’t as difficult as you might think, especially in the nursery realm. Why not? Because in many cases, all you really need is a crib, a changing table/dresser and a comfy chair, at least when it comes to substantial pieces.

Below we showcase a series of small nurseries that prove it is possible to maximize your space. All it takes is a few strategic purchases and a little creativity. In addition to the helpful decorating hints below, check out the other design details of each room. Maybe an item or a motif will inspire you in your nursery decorating endeavors. Enjoy!

Contemporary Nurseries

For your convenience, we’ve organized our featured nurseries by their design style, and we’ve highlighted our decorating tips in bold. We begin with contemporary nurseries that maximize their space! The nursery below adds interest with a bird-and-branch-motif wall that serves as a clever distraction from the room’s small size. Clean-lined furniture ensures that the space looks anything but cluttered. [from Design Public]

Small nursery with contemporary flair

When space is scarce and you can’t fill the room with furniture, try filling it with flair. Wall art and murals personalize a space and have the power to leave their mark regardless of the nursery’s size. [from Anita Roll Murals]

Elephant-themed modern nursery

The next featured modern nursery showcases the three necessities we mentioned in our opening paragraph: a crib, a changing table (the corner of which is shown at the bottom right of the image below), and a comfy chair. Tie it all together with stylish draperies, and you have a fabulous space that packs a powerful punch. [from 3 Doors Down Home Staging & Interior Design]

Small contemporary nursery

Uniting furnishings in a common color creates a tidy, pulled-together look, as shown below by the white crib, chair, dreser and lamp shade in a nursery designed by Wen-Di Interiors:

Modern sheep-themed nursery

Another helpful nursery decorating tip: Utilize wall space for storage and display. In the next featured image, books, artwork and stuffed animals add pizazz to the room with the help of clean-lined modern shelving. [via Houzz]

Modern nursery with colorful details

Don’t forget about the ceiling! When space is scarce, you can always add personality by getting creative with your lighting. Hang a pendant light, and make it special! Note the stylish, earthy woven shade featured in the room below. [from Charm Home Design]

Modern nursery with a woven pendant light

Speaking of clever ceiling additions, remember that you can hang an eye-catching mobile from the ceiling to add a decorative touch. You don’t need additional square footage for this style-maximizing accent! [from Brand Hero Creative]

Compact modern nursery

Traditional Nurseries

From the modern to the traditional… Next we spotlight a few well-designed nurseries that put a new twist on traditional decor. The space below reminds us that if you really love a piece, you can make room for it. Even a cushy white chair and ottoman! [from Marcson Homes]

Compact nursery with comfy chair

Embellishing the crib with decorative touches can draw the eye upward and help solidify a nursery motif. And there’s no denying that the tent and lighting in the traditional eclectic space below help to set an enchanting tone… [from Grace & Ivy]

Small traditional nursery

Make a big statement in a small space by adding a pattern to the walls. Whether you choose to paint the design or invest in wallpaper, the result is a room with dimension. [from Stratton Design Group]

Girl’s room with comfy furniture

Eclectic Nurseries

We now take a look at eclectic spaces that cleverly blend an array of design styles. This nursery by Elizabeth Gordon Studio integrates elements of modern and traditional design. Another helpful feature: a crib-like container for holding stuffed animals. In fact, this detail reminds us to make the most of your wall space, even the space under the windows.

Furniture options for a small nursery

This gorgeous space combines vintage and modern design. In addition to the eye-catching mural, we’re loving the way minimal decor creates a clean, uncluttered look. At the same time, there are more details to the room than meet the eye. For the full DIY makeover and additional views and photos, check out A Lovely Lark.

Creative eclectic nursery

The nursery below incorporates elements of vintage, modern and Hollywood Regency style. In fact, the chain-link rug is a true focal point of the space. Use rugs to your advantage. They are a great way to incorporate a pattern and tie everything together. [from Kate Jackson Interior Design]

Vintage meets modern eclectic nursery

How fun is the nautical nursery below?! The use of horizontal stripes makes the room seem bigger. Not to mention, stripes can create a contemporary look, as shown in this traditional-meets-modern space. [from Bravo Interior Design via Houzz]

Blue stripes in a traditional-meets-modern nursery

Elegant Nurseries

We end with a trio of elegant nurseries that bring sophistication home. Creating a monochromatic look results in a sleek, spacious feel. Don’t you love the gray/taupe tones of this next nursery?! There’s even a dash of sparkle, thanks to a chandelier-style lamp. [from Interior Style by Marisa Moore]

Elegant nursery that makes the most of its space

Don’t forget to take your cues from the space. In this toile nursery from Jack and Jill Interiors, an abundance of decorative molding made certain desired decorative touches (such as expansive decals) impossible. But the designer found clever ways to incorporate artistic accents while playing up the charming qualities of the room. For more details on the decor of this nursery, check out Houzz.

Beautiful pink nursery

Consider yourself lucky if your small nursery includes features such as built-in shelves, as shown in the space below. If not, you can always add tall shelving that maximizes the room you have. This shelving can hold decorative details and books. Even better if the shelves are not too deep–this way they don’t detract from the square footage! [from INVIEW Interior Design]

Elegant light blue nursery

How have you solved your small nursery decorating dilemmas? Are there any other key items that you’d recommend incorporating into a compact space for Baby? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below…

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