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How To Pick The Right Colors For A Modern Nursery Design

Picking a color to decorate the room of an individual seems to become a far trickier task as the crowd gets younger! While most adults have very little problem in identifying a color that they love and surrounding themselves with it, kids are obviously far more fickle. When it comes to infants though, the task of picking the right color for their nursery is a question that many new and expecting parents grapple with across the planet. Obviously, we no longer live in days when parents stuck you in a room with plain walls and then moved you up to your sibling’s room over time!

The color of the toys, crib and decor for the nursery gets pondered over quite a bit, and companies have often spent millions in trying to figure out which colors infants love the most. From painting a nursery and choosing a theme to bedding and blankets, color determines the overall appeal and the style of the nursery. So, what do the experts say? Does color really affect your little one? And if it does, what are the best colors to use in the modern nursery? Read on to find out more –

Your Kid Loves Royalty

The science behind the correlation between color and human behavior is neither exact nor definitive. But it does give us a few color pointers on bedroom design for little ones. As in the case of adults, studies have shown that infants absolutely love purple more than any other color. Trumping even the widely used cooler blues and gentle pinks, purple draws their attention instantly and keeps them interested for longer periods of time. Plus, it’s easy on the eyes. Luxurious, serene and stylish, purple is probably the perfect choice for a gender neutral nursery as well.

by Rad Design

by Red Leaf Interiors

Mind Your Reds!

There is little doubt that kids and even older infants are instantly attracted to red. But the color still needs to be used sparingly in the nursery to ensure that the space is not too glaringly bright and energetic. The lively appeal of red might mean that your little one will not get as much sleep as he needs once he starts getting older because the room is far too exciting! Combine red accents in the nursery with a more soothing neutral backdrop to ensure the color does not stand out prominently. Yet infuse the nursery with a touch of red to keep it bright and lively. With red, less is more.

by Lutron Electronics

Blue – The One Constant

Much like yellow, blue is another popular color across the spectrum. Don’t be too surprised if the toddlers at your home are happiest when surrounded by light, gentle blues. Maybe it is our evolutionary instinct that drives this love for the color of the ocean and the sea! Regardless of the reason, blue is a safe choice in a nursery, and you cannot go wrong with the color. A tone-on-tone approach with blue gives the room a sense of sophistication and ensures that there is visual contrast.

by Avalisa Design

by Steffanie Danby Interiors

by Lucy McLintic

Bright Yellow and Bubbly Orange

More than color itself, studies have found saturation and hue to be the defining factor in the appeal of a shade to infants. Both yellow and orange are warm colors that look good when used as an accent wall in the nursery and the inviting appeal of these colors can be combined with soothing neutrals to create a trendy, invigorating space. Orange is often neglected because we do not stumble across it in the real world as often as reds, greens, blues and yellows. Yet after blue and purple, a splash of orange is probably the most ideal color choice for the nursery.

by Niche Interiors

Femininity of Pink

Even though pink is often associated with girls’ rooms, it is actually an ideal addition to the boys room as well. Looking beyond the clever marketing of the color, pink is a color about tranquility, beauty and sensitivity. In fact, behavioral scientists have observed that children under detention at the San Bernardino County Probation Department in California seem a lot less violent and more well behaved after being put in custom-crafted 8-foot by 4-foot rooms clad in pink! Do not hesitate to add pops of pink to the boys’ nursery as well.

by Liz Carroll Interiors

But make sure that there is not an overload of light pink in the baby girl’s nursery by adding other bright colors and wall decals. Since the Disney Princess theme is so popular, a few rainbows and some shiny stars help add excitement to the trendy pink nursery.

by Annette Tatum

Little Love for Green

So what are the colors that those cute little guys and girls do not fancy all too much? Surprisingly, green stands out as the most frequently used nursery color to which infants and toddlers are not really drawn. Maybe because it is all too common in nature, they find an environment filled with green a touch too bland. Obviously, green still has a place in the nursery, but not as the protagonist. White is another color that should only be used as a background, and all white nurseries are definitely a no-no. Grey and beige are other colors that should be used sparingly, regardless of how trendy they might be in the eyes of interior designers and fashionistas.

by Dvira – Interior Design Toronto

by AFK Furniture

by Alykhan Velji Design

Dynamic Styles and Sounds

By now we hope that you have a clearer idea on which color is more simulating for your little one and which hues find the balance between serenity and liveliness. For those still unsure, remember that your kid will probably remember nothing about his early years and will spend most of the time in dreamland anyway. Color psychology is at best, a peripheral aid that helps make their lives far more pleasant and comfortable. Research has shown that sounds play an even more important in creating a soothing and ideal nursery. So, think of ergonomics, peaceful ambiance and proper lighting as much as colors and themes to create the perfect nursery.

by Weatherill Interiors

by Creative Touch Interiors

by EM Design Interiors

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