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Classic Color Duo: Cheerful Allure of Yellow and Blue!

We are heading into that time of the year again when festive joy takes over with bright lights, family dinners and plenty of shopping. Also, it is the time when fall colors slowly start to give way as the winter chill creeps into the air. The memory of those warm, beautiful summer days seems like a distant past, and you quickly start to think about ways in which you can beat the blues caused by the weather outside. While some homeowners prefer to embrace the woodsy winter cabin style in winter, others like to embrace happy summer hues to give their home a bright, cheerful vibe. Few hues get this job done as elegantly as blue and yellow.

Beautiful blend of yellow and turquoise in the living room [Design: Scott Sanders]

Instead of using these colors individually, give a combination of yellow and blue a shot this fall. This trendy color scheme will serve you well all year long, and it works with a variety of design styles and themes. And the best part is that you will not have to commit to any major revamps to celebrate this joyful look!

Lemon yellow and beautiful blue in the stylish bedroom [From: Willey Design]
Contemporary living room with a nautical vibe [Design: Anthony Baratta]
Add color to the living room with decor and drapes [Design: Upside Development]
Elegant use of yellow and blue in the kids’ bedroom [From: Clean Design]

Cozy Bedroom Designs

The bedroom is one of the best places in the house to embrace the unique blend of yellow and blue. Both colors come in such a wide array of hues and shades that the possibilities are almost endless. Since you want the bedroom to be a relaxing, serene space that promotes a good night’s sleep, using mellow tones of yellow for the walls and bright blue accents is a great way to go. The warm yet light yellow walls also give the room a snug ambiance that turns it into a comfy retreat in the winter months.

Small and chic bedroom in yellow and turquoise [From: Laura Miller Interior Design]
Tropical bedroom in blue with a tinge of yellow [From: V.I.Photography & Design]

In case you prefer a more beach style or tropical look for the bedroom, then flip the colors around and use cool blue or light turquoise for the walls and bright, mango yellow accents. No matter which way you lean, always make sure that the colors you choose are not too gaudy, and use artwork and accessories in matching hues to enhance the effectiveness of the color palette.

Soft yellow and cool blue give the room an inviting ambiance [From: Sroka Design]
Artwork brings bright yellow into this luxurious bedroom [Design: Ziger/Snead Architects]
Mellow Yellow walls give the traditional bedroom a cozy appeal [Design: Stonewood LLC]
Accent additions bring pops of blue to the beach style bedroom [From: Blackband Design]

Subtle Shades and Summer Charm

When it comes to using blue and yellow in the living room, white always seems to become the inevitable backdrop that acts as the canvas for these shades. Yet move away from the mundane and give gorgeous grey a shot this season. Grey has undoubtedly been the king of neutrals for the last couple of years, and the trend simply refuses to fade away. It brings a sophistication and contemporary charm that seem to be missing with white, which looks more at home in coastal-style and eclectic rooms. Do not commit to any major renovations; instead use drapes, accent pillows, furnishings and accessories to get the job done.

Bright and cheerful living room idea [Design: Tom Stringer Design Partners]
Spacious living room in yellow and blue with a hint of orange [Design: S&K Interiors]
Innovative use of color in the eclectic living room [Design: Kathy Morgan]
Fabulous blend of teal and gold in the living room [Design: High Fashion Home]
Smart living room with contemporary style [From: Total 360 Photography]
Add a dash of green along with yellow and blue [Design: Jennifer Reynolds Interiors]

Inviting Kitchen and Dining Spaces

For those looking to bring home an out-of-the-box color combination inspired by blue and yellow, the glamorous mix of teal and gold is a great choice. While teal gives the room a serene, posh backdrop, gold-tinted accessories and lighting selections add chic elegance and metallic magic. This exciting color scheme is a fabulous example of how you can bring together two diverse shades of yellow and blue and experiment endlessly! The traditional kitchen is another space where both these colors are welcome. By painting the cabinets in the kitchen yellow and the backsplash blue (or vice versa), you shape a fun kitchen that can easily be turned into an inviting social hub.

Beautiful farmhouse style kitchen in yellow and blue [Design: Fieldwork Architecture]
Clever blue accents enliven the yellow dining room [Design: Charmean Neithart Interiors]
Dramatic and opulent dining room design [From: Coleccion Alexandra]
Eclectic kitchen with blue cabinets and yellow tile backsplash [Design: Caisson Studios]
Mediterranean style kitchen has a cheerful, cozy appeal [Design: Mary Beth Myers]
Modern dining room inspired by the beach style [Design: Tom Stringer Design Partners]

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