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Decorating With Birdcages: 30 Creative Ideas

When does a birdcage look the most beautiful and appealing? In our opinion, when it is not actually confining any bird inside it! Of course, that leaves you with one free, happy bird and an empty birdcage that you need to put to good use. In the past, we have showcased some gorgeous bird-themed decorating ideas, and today we take a look at how you can decorate with birdcages in a creative, trendy and appealing fashion. Thanks to their unique shape, birdcages bring plenty of visual and textural contrast to any space that they adorn. They also give your modern home an interesting little style spin.

Eclectic living room with a bird cage lighting option [Design: PLAN Design Group]

There are plenty of global styles that use the birdcage in an extensive fashion as a decorative piece. Mediterranean, Moroccan and Tunisian styles are especially renowned for this approach. Birdcages also seem perfectly at home in eclectic and traditional spaces. Here are some of the best ideas and inspirations on offer –

Beautiful birdcage in bold color next to the fireplace [Photography: Irvin Serrano]
Decorate your living room table with birdcages [Design: Cristi Holcombe Interiors]
Fascinating use of birdcages in the rustic bedroom [Design: Inspired Dwellings]
White backdrop highlights the beautiful birdcage [Photography: Rikki Snyder]
Chic birdcage with golden glint [Design: Chris A. Dorsey Photography]
Lovely girls’ bedroom with a birdcage in the corner [Design: McCroskey Interiors]

Caged Walls!

Decorating with birdcages does not necessarily mean that you have to pick up a vintage birdcage from the nearest flea market. The modern way of using birdcages as decoration is by adding wallpaper and wall decals that have the birdcage motif. The options here are endless, and this allows you to pick contemporary choices that will blend effortlessly with the existing sleek style of your home. Wallpapers with birdcage designs also have colorful birds and other nature-centric scenes within them, making them ideal for the cheerful kids’ room or even the eclectic living room. Gorgeous birdcage-inspired wall-mounted pieces also look equally trendy.

Wallpaper is an easy way to bring the birdcage motif indoors [From: Design Public]
Birdcage Walk wallpaper in the chic bedroom [Design: Furnished by Anna]
Birdcages used as wall decor in the kids’ bedroom [Design: Jennifer Bishop Design]
Nature-inspired wall mural in the living room [Design: JwheStore]
Birdcages give the living room a Tunisian touch [Design: Jennifer Grey Interiors]
Colorful wallpaper brings the bathroom alive [Design: Elizabeth Vallino Interiors]

Hang em with Style

Vintage birdcages and other modern replicas work well as decor additions in pretty much any room of the house. Even if you are not shooting for a traditional or Bohemian style, they add a hint of surprise and some vintage charm to the modern home. Hang one of these elegantly in the corner of the room and see how it instantly alters the ambiance of the area. Outdoor spaces such as the porch or the sunroom also are great spots for a hanging birdcage. Combine it with some greenery and beautiful artwork, and you have an instant focal point.

Modern nursery with simple pops of color [From: Lisa Petrole Photography]
An empty birdcage in the porch makes a grand impression [From: Michelle]
Fabulous sunroom that is all about nature! [Design: Period Homes]
Bring the birdcage into the eclectic kitchen [Photography: Corynne Pless]
Vintage birdcages with encased feathers make a unique decor item [Design: Katie Gagnon]

Color and Contrast

Another major reason why homeowners love the birdcage as a decorative piece is because of the intricate pattern, color and texture that it adds to the room. Even by simply placing the birdcage randomly in the room, you bring in a new texture that is often alien to interiors dominated by stone, glass and wood. Colorful cages or the ones with a golden glint accentuate the existing color scheme of the room and lend some metallic magic! Whether it is serving as a centerpiece on the dining table or quietly hanging in the bedroom window, it makes for a beautiful visual.

Gorgeous dining room with an array of textures and shapes [Design: Andrea Brooks Interiors]
Decorative birdcages in the girls’ bedroom [Design: Cardel Designs]

With Halloween and Thanksgiving around the corner, birdcages can assume the role of showstoppers in your festive decor lineup. Just place them on the porch, fill them with some pumpkins (and a few plastic skulls and spiders down the line) or even with Christmas ornaments when the time is right! And once done, you can also use them as a decorative piece all year long.

Wall mural gives the room old world charm [Design: Anne Harris Studio]
Stylish use of birdcage at the entrance [Design: Laura U]
TV accented with a lovely birdcage in white [Design: PH Interiors]
Staircase landing seems both fun and elegant! [Photography: wasabi360]
Birdcage blends in with the color scheme of the porch [Design: Crisp Architects]

Ingenious Lighting

Birdcages are pretty easy to decorate with, and you can fill them up with a variety of items ranging from spooky Halloween creations to potted plants and lovely collectibles. But one trend that is gaining plenty of momentum is the use of birdcages as gorgeous lights! If you think about it, an old birdcage offers the ideal frame for an inimitable pendant light. Some people prefer to simply use candles along with the birdcage to turn it into a Victorian-style lighting option. Even if you cannot find them in the store, crafting such birdcage lights at home is not too difficult at all.

DIY Birdcage lighting idea for the eclectic home [Design: Madison Modern Home]
Birdcage with candle next to the bed! [Design: Agnes Blum]
Small birdcage light used for the reading spot [Design: Betty’s Room]
Unique birdcage pendant light in the dining room [Design: Sophie Burke Design]
Vintage birdcage draws your attention easily in the dining room [Design: Rizzoli New York]

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