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Decorating with a Mediterranean Influence: 30 Inspiring Pictures

If you’re like most people, when you hear the word “Mediterranean” you instantly begin salivating for deliciously flavorful cuisine and full-bodied red wines. You may think of white washed buildings atop steep cliffs and the blue lapping waves of Santorini. Maybe you think of the patchwork fields full of Tuscan wineries, the space age architecture of Valencia or the twinkling city lights of Monaco. You may even conjure up the images of the picturesque white sandy beaches and teal waters of the Turkish coast or the bold tapestries hung in a Moroccan marketplace. Whatever it is, the Mediterranean culture has had a profound impact on the world in the form of food, music and, of course, home décor.

luxurious santorini villa - mediterranean influences

Palisade Beach Road - Mediterranean house

From intricately woven wrought iron garden fences, patio furniture and wall art to popular stucco walls and terracotta flooring – the Mediterranean influence is everywhere. By adding a touch of this style of décor to your home, you can mentally transport yourself to some of the most beautiful vacation spots in the world.

This look is very present in everything from the simple details of homes – such as Spanish red clay tile roofing, to larger impacts like exposed wooden beams and gleaming marble flooring. It’s also an incredibly versatile style of decorating as it complements almost any color palette.

Luxurious white interior in santorini villa

luxury mediterranean villa interior design

One thing to keep in mind is that the people of the Mediterranean are especially mindful of their outdoor spaces. Because much of the region experiences warm, sunny weather throughout most of the year, people spend a great deal of time outside. You can emulate this by paying special attention to your own outdoor area. Native pottery, plush comfortable pillows, sheer curtains and plenty of outdoor seating are all important when adding a touch of the Mediterranean to your own backyard.  When you’re inspired by the Mediterranean in any way, it’s hard to go wrong.

luxury pool villa in santorini

mediterranean decorating style

mediterranean luxury villa design

mediterranean pool with patio furniture

white bedroom design - mediterranean influence

santorini villa

pool garden with mediterranean influences

birds eye view santorini - white luxury villa

Grace Hotel pool side - santorini, greece

Santa Barbara style home with Mediterranean influence

mediterranean living room design with fireplace and traditional furniture

mediterranean inspired dining area

mediterranean inspired kitchen

huge bathroom design with mediterranean influences

mediterranean style - outside patio

mediterranean influence - large bedroom design

mediterranean influence - outdoor spaces

mediterranean style - hallway furniture

mediterranean inspired bathroom design

mediterranean inspired bedroom

mediterranean kitchen

traditional mediterranean style design

mediterranean decoration ideas - wine room

mediterranean decorating ideas

mediterranean design inspiration - capri luxury villa

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