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55 Handsome Living Rooms With A Dashing Masculine Vibe!

When we talk of masculine spaces, most of our readers tend to think about either shabby bachelor pads that seem to exude a sense of chaos, or sterile spaces that borrow from an uber-minimal and almost futuristic theme. Yet masculine living rooms can be a lot more than these mere stereotypes, and they also can convey a sense of warmth, elegance and diverse styles and themes. A carefully curated masculine living room is far easier to create than ones with feminine touches, and the overall ambiance often seems more apt for public spaces.

Smart use of floor lamps in the urban living space [Design: Z Gallerie]

From the eclectic to the contemporary and from midcentury modern to industrial, today we have an amazing array of 55 living spaces that will dazzle you with their diverse charm. Practical and sensible, they are not mere untenable and at times bland renditions, relegated to catalogs. Here is a look at the best masculine living rooms from across the globe –

Invite the Outdoors Inside

We start our journey through these spellbinding masculine living spaces by taking a look at one of the hottest trends currently doing the rounds. Homeowners and architects across the world are eagerly turning towards the view outside to complete their living rooms, and bachelor pads and stylish homes with a masculine vibe are no different. It is one of the easiest ways to stay away from any sense of blandness or monotony, and the bright lights of the city skyline outside promise to add all the colorful flair that might be missing from the stoic, masculine space.

City skyline becomes an integral part of the living room [Design: David Rance Interiors]
Sophisticated minimal living room for the modern bachelor pad [Design: Utopia Lifestyle]
Spectacular view of NYC Skyline adds to the appeal of the living room [Design: Mark Cunningham]

If you happen to be fortunate enough to enjoy the view of the distant tropical hills or the dancing waves and the beach, even better! Nature instantly adds a balanced sense of softness to the room that complements the dark hues and simple straight lines ideally. Even if your living room offers simple framed views of the buildings down the street, flaunt them with panache.

Amazing modern living room with a contemporary touch [Chipper Hatter Architectural Photographer]
Stunning ocean view from the living room with coastal and tropical styles [Design: dRichards Interiors]
Smart coffee table and side table bring a touch of refinement [Design: Plush Couture Interiors]
Midcentury modern living room with a masculine color scheme [By: Kenneth Brown Design]
Industrial coffee table adds a unique dimension to the living space [Design: Caitlin & Caitlin]
Exquisite living room with a dash of red [Design: Jessica Lagrange]

Decor that Makes a Difference!

Remember that the masculine or feminine appeal of a room largely depends on two simple factors. One is the decor that you choose and the other is color. It is not too hard to understand why. Colors and shapes are the two things that we instantly identify, categorize and associate with each of these styles of decorating. A masculine living room must largely contain simple, straight lines, while a feminine space is filled with sensuous curves and wavy patterns. Yet do not take this too far by only sticking to plain squares and rectangles in the room! Throw in a gorgeous Noguchi coffee table or a fabulous Moooi Random light just to usher in some much needed contrast.

Custom rug accentuates the masculine vibe of the room [Design: David Scott Interiors]
LC4 and Eames Lounger in the hip living room [Design: Boutique Homes]
Give your masculine living room a midcentury modern touch [By: Toronto Interior Design Group]

Another interesting decor tip that many miss out on is the use of heavier objects! That’s right, by simply using heavier and sturdier looking decor items, you can bring in the masculine vibe more easily. An old metal coffee table or heavy wooden desks instantly give the space a more masculine appeal. It is amazing how such a simple addition can bring about such a huge change in the aura of the room.

Blue and brown living room with a rustic touch [Design: moss]
Custom made tree trunk coffee tables add rustic charm to the room [Design: Beyond Beige Interior]
Antique wingback chair in the tropical style living room [Design: Philpotts Interiors]
Masculine living room idea with a touch of soft coziness [Photography: Lucy Call]
Riverstone table in silver is the showstopper in this room [Design: Phillips Collection]
Masculine living room with an air of luxury [KuDa Photography]

Contemporary and Classy

We move on to taking a look at a style that is almost the ‘go to’ option for many homeowners who wish to create a masculine living room. Contemporary style with a hint of semi-minimalism is indeed cut out perfectly for a room with a masculine vibe. Yet it can quickly turn into a boring and monotonous affair with just grey, black and unimpressive decor! In fact, sacrificing comfort for style is never a good idea. Instead, create contemporary living rooms that are inviting, yet equally masculine with a touch of creativity. A hint of polished wood, frosted glass, natural greenery and chic rugs is a great way to get this done.

Cool coffee table steals the show in the living room [Design: Natalia Skobkina]
Frosted glass windows add inimitable style to the large living room [By: Jeffers Design Group]
Refreshing and airy living room with an uncluttered, masculine vibe [Design: Joshua Smith]

Bring in an accent chair or sofa in a vivacious, exciting shade to add color to the room while keeping in line with the sleek style. Modern wall graffiti, framed posters and carefully arranged books also add plenty of character to the living room without taking away from the masculine vibe that you are shooting for.

Wall art and ceiling give the room an urbane appeal [Design: SchappacherWhite Architecture]
Bertoia Diamond Lounge Chair in the minimal living room [Design: Amitzi Architects]
Living room of NYC home with clean, straight lines [Design: Axis Mundi]
Fabulous living room with an edgy, elegant appeal [Design: Paula Ables Interiors]
Eileen Gray Side Table adds timeless style to the stoic living space [By: Mark Ashby Design]
A touch of leather quickly gives a room the masculine vibe [From: Pilar Calleja – Draw The Line Design]

The Usual Suspects!

If decor is one big defining factor in determining the overall appeal of the room, color obviously makes up the other substantial chunk. One of the biggest boons in the last few years for those who love masculine living room ideas is the incredible popularity of grey and its continued reign as the king of neutrals! From the beige in the 90s, the many shades of grey have taken over as the ‘hip color’, and hence you can safely turn to grey for masculine living spaces. Black, white and red make up the most popular colors after grey, with brown managing to remain as popular as ever.

Deep, dark living room with cool textural contrast [Design: Leicht Hallandale Beach]
Trendy living room with a classy masculine look [Design: Inspire Q]
Gorgeous couch steals the show in the elegant living room [Design: bulthaup by Kitchen Architecture]

You can’t go wrong with dark, saturated colors and neutral hues when it comes to shaping interiors with a masculine aura. But add in some white, blue or even dark green to give the space a sense of airiness and cheerful ambiance. Make sure that in your quest for a trendy, masculine living room you do not end up with a dreary, heavy and almost depressing dark hub.

Grey, white and black living room with a Scandinavian touch [Design: Jamie Laubhan-Oliver]
Brilliant wall art adds chic style to the posh living room [Photography: Craig Denis / Miguel Fernandez Architect]
Black floor adds a sense of sleek sophistication to the living room [By: LUX Interior Design]
Stylish and smart living room with pops of black [Design: Oliver Burns]
Gold adds a sense of luxury to the living room [Design: ABRAMS / Photography by Eric Piasecki]
Chesterfield sofa is a great choice for the masculine living room [Design: Andrea Schumacher Interiors]
Contemporary living space uses simple, neutral shades [Design: DISC Interiors]

Small Space Ideas

While small living rooms with feminine overtones seem perfectly at ease, those trying to achieve a masculine vibe can quickly turn into cluttered affairs. It is precisely why we talked about using white and other lighter shades for visual balance, and this approach is a must for small living rooms. Yet, more than color, it is lighting that makes or breaks the ambiance of the room here. A blend of focused, ambient and natural lighting is a must for small living rooms that intend to embrace the masculine look. A sense of visual symmetry and the use of just two or three colors in the room also helps in reducing visual fragmentation of space.

All masculine rooms need not embrace modern minimalism [By: Scot Meacham Wood Design]
Dashing use of black in the living room [By: Dawna Jones Design]
Eclectic bachelor pad living room with industrial and street style influences [Design: LABLstudio]
Small living space with a crisp, modern style [By: Nicole White Designs]
Noguchi table adds beautiful curves to the masculine space [By: Angela Flournoy]
A perfect idea for the contemporary living room in gray [Design: Vanessa Brunner]
Acrylic coffee table and smart couch instantly add style to the small space [Design: Lindsay Pennington]
Posh Masculine living room with a cool, global style [By: RS3 Designs]

Ravishing Rugged Charm

When we speak of rugged style, we do not mean a poorly kept room with stuff flung all over the place, worn out leather chairs and paint starting to peel off of the wall at some corner. That is not rugged; it is just shabby and untidy. Instead, think along the lines of an exposed brick wall, a classic fireplace at the heart of the room or an industrial furnishing that becomes the focal point of the room. If you are more comfortable with a living room that blends a few subtle feminine elements with a predominantly masculine style to soften the look, then go for it! Do not let preconceived notions cut out your creative impulse.

Small living room benefits from visual symmetry [Leona Mozes Photography]
Brick walls give the masculine living room a classic, timeless appeal [From: Blinds]
Eclectic living room with a touch of Moroccan charm [From: Becky Harris]

The idea of a space being masculine or feminine should not take away from the practicality and comfort of the living room. But, by keeping the details simple, the colors basic and the decor sturdy in appearance, you can easily shape a trendy masculine living room that reflects your personality…

Masculine living space with a gorgeous fireplace at its heart [By: Pavilack Design]
Midcentury living room with a relaxed, masculine vibe [Design: Hufft Projects]
Contemporary masculine living room with plush seating [By: b+g design]
Fireplace becomes the focal point of this Tuscany Residence [By: KB Walsh Design]
A touch of yellow for the posh, masculine living room [Design: DesignHAUS 24]
B&B Italia sectional with a smart coffee table in the small living room [Design: SchappacherWhite Architecture]

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